Digital agency Pixl gets 137% higher real estate leads with Mailmodo

Pixl, a UAE-based digital marketing agency, handles performance marketing for its clients. Its clients are predominantly from real estate, expanding to e-commerce and BFSI verticals.

The problem statement

For real estate clients, the email team sends campaigns to potential buyers.

Real estate is a dynamic industry with high expectations and critical timelines for marketing teams. The market has seen tremendous growth in recent months, making it fast-paced. There is a lot of activity with new project launches and following campaigns. This meant faster timelines for Pixl's team.

Three teams work together to launch an email campaign. The content team creates landing pages and email copies, the design team builds the emails and the email team sets up the campaigns. The teams work at breakneck speeds to schedule the campaigns in two days to stay on top of the deadlines.

This was not the problem the Pixl team set out to solve, but they found a solution to it regardless.

The solution

The team follows marketing trends and were familiar with interactive AMP emails. They were keen to experiment and on the lookout for a supporting ESP when they were referred to Mailmodo.

The team loved the experience, their own words.

We got a walkthrough of the product, examples and use cases, creating templates, and so on. We loved it so immediately signed up and started exploring Mailmodo.
- Saloni Rohatgi, Data Analytics and Email Marketing Lead, Pixl

They were creating campaigns in thirty minutes! A task that used to take them a few days before Mailmodo.

Interactive emails enabled user actions within the email which made landing pages redundant. The design team was also able to build beautiful emails in no time with the drag and drop template builder.

Apart from being a unique offering with a strong USP, the platform is intuitive and easy to use.
- Saloni Rohatgi, Data Analytics and Email Marketing Lead, Pixl

The results

Pixl saw 137% higher conversions with Mailmodo over other email platforms. Needless to say, the team is happy with us.

They are generating 5% of email marketing leads through Mailmodo with a fraction of the total email volume. The average open rates increased by 2x and the click rates saw a 1.5x spike.

Going forward

Pixl got a huge boost in conversions and is looking at other use cases with Mailmodo.

We’ve dabbled with a lot of ESPs and we must say Mailmodo is a great experience. We’re ramping up our email volume as well as exploring potential use cases from Mailmodo.
- Saloni Rohatgi, Data Analytics and Email Marketing Lead, Pixl


higher conversions


increase in open rates

Pixl saw better KPIs across the funnel with Mailmodo. These KPIs sustained as we increase our email volume and contact volume on the platform.

saloni rohatgi.png

Saloni Rohtagi

Data Analytics and Email Marketing Lead


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