How Whop’s Automated Email Journey Resulted in a 9% Conversion Rate


"The Journeys run on autopilot, it's really easy to check stats and performance. We don't even have someone focused on emails full time, because we can quickly create and optimize campaigns."

Ike Baldwin

Account Manager at Whop


Goal: To provide more value to sellers, by helping them with their revenue goals.
Approach: Automated custom upsell email sequences triggered by customers’ actions.
Outcomes: An impressive 9% conversion rate for their sellers.

What can you get out of this

  • How to use email automations to engage with customers in different moments of their journey.
  • How to effectively use email iautomations to generate more conversions – and revenue.

The Focus-

The Approach-

The Outcome-

Journey Forward-

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The Goal

Whop, the bustling marketplace for all things digital, set out to find a way to provide more value to their sellers, by helping them with their revenue goals.

The Approach

Whop automated custom upsell email sequences triggered by customers’ actions.

The Outcome

Whop witnessed an impressive 9% conversion rate for their sellers.

The Company

Whop is a marketplace where sellers and entrepreneurs can list and sell digital goods and services. This vibrant marketplace encompasses diverse digital products, ranging from 'Notion templates' to 'exclusive Discord communities,' catering to the needs of digital creators and consumers alike.

The Problem

Is there anything more important to a B2B2C platform than the success of the B in the middle? For Whop, those are the sellers. The B in between their B2B2C acronym are the entrepreneurs who create and sell digital products on Whop. As sellers’ revenue grows, Whop grows, too.

After an intense period of high-touch account management and learning from their sellers’ needs, Whop realized one way to provide clear value to sellers was to help them… sell more. But how?

The Approach

Email. But not just any email. An automated email flow with interactive widgets that showcase options of products based on each customer action. This journey empowered customers to navigate through a selection of products and choose to make more purchases based on their previous choices.

Of course, Whop didn’t have to come up with that solution by themselves. Our support team in Mailmodo has been with them in every step of the process.

We tried other platforms before and would not have any sort of human support at all. Of course, we appreciate an easy-to-use interface, and Mailmodo offers that, but being able to also chat with an expert, give feedback, and get solutions to our needs is next level.”
- Ike Baldwin, Account Manager at Whop

The outcome was sellers reaching their revenue goals with a little help from Whop: on average, 7.5% of the people who click on those emails will move forward to make an extra purchase. The most successful email in that journey is the Win-back email, which is triggered when customers have made a purchase not long ago, and offers them a deal for another product. That email alone has an 8.9% conversion rate between those who click on it.

That’s possible due to the smart segmentation Mailmodo allows Whop to have for their subscribers. They customize experiences to every segment and make sure that the right person receives the right offer. And the high conversion rates are also boosted not only by the interactive widgets they use but also with managed deliverability by Mailmodo, which guarantees high delivery rates.

“Sending great emails at the right time is key but our smart journeys wouldn’t matter if people didn’t get our emails in the first place. With Mailmodo, we experience a 99%-100% delivery rate every time.”
- Ike Baldwin, Account Manager at Whop

And their journeys keep on evolving. The integration of email data-driven insights has empowered Whop to make informed decisions and optimizations, eliminating the need for costly surveys. With their email journeys in place, a quick check of the dashboard reveals actionable insights for an even better customer experience. When they need more information, AMP survey emails seamlessly provide feedback from sellers.

“One funny thing to note is that in our Churned Seller Email Journey, we would expect to get lower than usual open rates and CTR. But that’s not the case. Even that email flow has a whopping 65% average open rate. And that directly impacts our seller’s LTV.”
- Ike Baldwin, Account Manager at Whop

What Whop loves about Mailmodo

By harnessing the power of interactive email journeys with Mailmodo, Whop’s seamless transition resulted in:

  • Success Boost: They went from a marketplace that showcases products to a platform that helps sellers increase their sales using email marketing.
  • Tailored Experience: They smartly use triggers to send customers the right message at the right time.
  • Data-informed optimization: Gathering invaluable client feedback by using AMP emails, while also utilizing email data to continuously fine-tune their onboarding experience.

Journey Forward

Whop’s story demonstrates the art of repeated selling on autopilot, employing automated email journeys to reach customers. Fine-tuning such journeys has been a game-changer in enhancing customer success and fostering growth. Right now Whop is testing out ways to create better emails more efficiently by using Mailmodo AI assistant copywriter and customizing templates from Mailmodo’s Templates Library.

We hope you’ve learned from it and get to apply such learnings to your challenges. Let us know if you’d like to use Mailmodo for your onboarding journey — we’re happy to help

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