Email Marketing Interview Questions You Need to be Ready for

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Email marketing is a key method to build brand value, create a loyal database, and generate revenue. As per DMA 2021, each dollar spent on email marketing gets you an ROI of 51.52 USD. This is why organizations pursue the right candidate to oversee email marketing startegy. In fact, the interviews for email marketing positions are always tough to crack.

This guide will cover tips gathered from great interviews that can help you ace your email marketing interview.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of sending electronic mails sent to potential leads to form a relationship and generate revenue. It is a direct marketing approach that marketers use to promote their service/product. The main aim is to keep leads interested and engaged.

Which companies currently do email marketing well?

With this, the interviewer aims to assess your knowledge of the current trends and recent developments in the email world. By stressing "recent developments," they don't mean information that you got from Amazon five years prior. Rather, they want a simple narrative of your understanding of the brand and the email marketing strategies that you admire.

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What do you think is the perfect time to send emails?

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This is one of the fundamental email marketing interview questions. You can respond to these questions based on your own experience.

But, if you are a newbie and don't know much about email, we recommend you read our guide - How to Find the Best Time to Send Emails.

What number of emails should you send to your subscribers?

To answer this question, you can talk about email cadence. It is a strategy to identify the best timing, frequency, and content to send to subscribers. The aim is to optimize these three tactics to avoid making users annoyed and offer them relevant content when they are most active.

Similarly, you can form the recurrence of sending messages. You should have a tight check over open and unsubscribe rates. You should try to lessen your mail sending frequently if you notice a decrease in engagement.​

What is the difference between hard and soft bounce emails?

An email bounce happens when the email can't be conveyed to the email address you expected to send it to. There are two types of bounces: Hard and Soft bounce.

Hard Bounce: Hard bounce is an email message with a permanent delivery failure. It could be because of an inaccurate or invalid email address, old domain, and so on.

Soft Bounce: Soft bounce is an email with a temporary delivery failure. This could be a brief issue with the recipients' server like a full mailbox, typed wrong email address, etc.

What are the metrics used to quantify the accomplishment of an email campaign?

The choice of metrics here would rely on the objectives of the campaign. Other than those, the regularly utilized measurements to quantify the achievement of a campaign are:

  • Open rate

  • Click through rate

  • Click to open rate

  • Bounce rate

  • Conversions rate

  • List growth rate

  • Delivery rate

  • Deliverability rate

  • Email ROI

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How can you grow your email list?

The achievement of email promotion is related to the email list you make. Growing an email endorser list is a basic request question for email display. The perfect technique to create an email endorser rundown is:

  • Making awesome email content.

  • Engaging your current email subscribers with an offer and forwarding your messages.

  • Revive an old email list with a deciding campaign.

  • Make another lead magnet — like a free ebook or checklist. Besides, optimize the landing page coy for higher conversions.

  • Use social media channels to promote and distribute updates and other relevant content.

  • Association with offers that catch email data trades all through your site.

  • Accumulate email addresses at disconnected occasions like public events. Then, import them into your email list.

How to prevent an email from ending up in spam?

You can do the following steps to prevent email from getting into spam:

  • Never use heaps of text styles.

  • Just utilize one exclamation point at a time! For the most part, abstain from utilizing the expressions to unsubscribe and to be removed in the message body.

  • Check if your area name has been blacklisted.

  • Spam filters hope to perceive what number of messages you are sending at once.

  • However, you need to convey a basic message to various gatherings better to use the BCC function.

  • Keep the length of your subject under 45 characters.

  • Avoid using all caps and spam-triggered words in the email subject line and coy. These words are - JACKPOT, 100% FREE, SALES, etc.

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How would you handle deliverability issues?

Any individual who's obtained a lifetime of experience with email marketing comprehends that even if you send someone an email, it doesn't mean it will land in their inbox. Instead, it could wind up in their spam or promotional section, or it could never show up.

You should show information on the sender and how it influences email deliverability. Bonus points on the off chance that you can talk about few instances of how you fixed deliverability issues.

You can get brwonie points if you point out these email authentication techniques and how they ensure email deliverability:

They ought to win enormous points if they've utilized an analytics dashboard, like Postmaster tools from Google, to troubleshoot deliverability issues at a more profound level.

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We hope that these above questions have helped you understand what you can expect in the interview. We're cheering you on! Go get that job!

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