A Complete List of Email Marketing Statistics for 2021


With so many emerging marketing platforms, is email marketing worth the hype? Does it generate good returns on investments? Or can we engage users with just emails? I would say yes to all these questions.


Look at these statistics: DMA report 2021 says that 72% of marketers prefer emails to engage with their customers. Moreover, the ROI for email has increased year on year from 47.75 USD (£35.41) to 51.52 USD (£38.33). These numbers show that email marketing is not one of the most prevalent and beneficial forms of marketing, and you leverage it to achieve your business objectives.

So, to help you, we created this guide of all email marketing statistics, which you can use to understand the importance of email marketing and develop your strategy.

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General email marketing statistics

  • 72% of the brands prefer email to engage with consumers across the customer journey - DMA, Marketer email tracker 2021.

  • Sales (24%) and relationships building/ loyalty (16%) are two primary objectives of email marketing campaigns by marketers - DMA, Marketer email tracker 2021.

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  • By 2025, the number of global e-mail users is expected to reach a total of 4.6 billion - an approximate six hundred thousand increase in users, up from 4 billion in 2020 - Statista 2021.

  • Gmail dominates global email volumes with 72% of the total emails sent to Gmail inboxes with the highest deliverability of 95% - Netcore, Email Benchmark Report 2020.

Email ROI and conversions statistics

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  • Large businesses are more likely to see higher returns that is 59.44 USD (£44.08), than small/micro-companies that is 41.28 USD(£30.61) for every 1.35 USD (£1) spent - DMA 2020.

  • B2C are slightly more likely to see a higher return on their investment of 51.56 USD (£38.24) - DMA 2020.

  • The average conversion rate for 2021 stands at 15.22%, slightly lower than the previous year that was 15.67% - Barilliance 2021.

  • Conversion based on campaign types are: Browse Abandonment Emails: 4.10%, Email My Cart Emails: 24.58%, Cart Abandonment Emails: 18.54% - Barilliance 2021.

Average email benchmark for all industries

Getresponse, Mailchimp, and DMA measured the industry average for all email metrics. The table below is what they found:

Metrics↓GetresponseMailchimpDMA (2016-2020)
Average delivery rate--94.9%
Average open rate22.02%.21.33%28.0%
Average click-through rate2.13%.2.62%3.8%
Average click-to-open rate10.12%-14%
Average unsubscribe rate0.12%.0.26%-
Average spam complaint rate22.02%.--

Also, Netcore and Campaign Monitor tried to find out the average statistics of all industries. Here's what they found:

Metrics↓Netcore 2020Campaign Monitor 2021
Average delivery rate--
Average open rate10.28%18%
Average click-through rate0.5%2,6%
Average click-to-open rate-14.1%
Average unsubscribe rate-0.1%
Average spam complaint rate--

Deliverability rate

  • Global inbox placement rate stands at 83% in 2019 Q4, while the spam placement rate was 7% - Validity report 2020.

Email client statistics

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B2B email marketing statistics

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  • 59% of B2B marketers cite email as their top channel for revenue generation - Backlinko.

B2C email marketing statistics

  • Open rates increased 2X for brands in the retail sector when they used to send time optimization (STO) for their audience - Netcore, Email Benchmark Report 2020.

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  • Media and Publishing brands have the highest open rates (75%) followed by the insurance industry with a 70% open rate. - Netcore, Email Benchmark Report 2020.

  • The overall average open rate for cart abandonment emails is 40.14%, with a click-through rate of 28.64% - Sales cycle.

Email content statistics

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  • 91% of consumers want interactive content, but only 17% of marketers provide it. - Litmus 2020.

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Email accessibility statistics

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Email performance tracking statistics

  • 48% of the businesses are focused on ‘Sales’ as the key metric in evaluating their email marketing effectiveness, and this is closely followed by ‘Click-throughs,’ ‘Conversions,’ ‘Brand awareness’ and ‘Engagement (active and inactive subscribers)’ – all at around 40% - DMA, Marketer email tracker 2021. email messages_content help you.png

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Best day and time to send emails

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Email frequency statistics

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  • Americans spend an average of 143 minutes checking email weekly. - Adobe Email Usage study, 2019

  • Deals/e-coupons brands send 36 campaigns monthly that is the highest frequency of email campaigns sent.

Email sign up statistics

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Unsubscribe statistics


Email personalization statistics

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Automation and segmentation statistics

  • Only 37% of emails sent to users are automated, while 395 are segmented - DMA, Marketer email tracker 2020.

  • 23% of the small/micro organizations are more likely to be missing ‘Automation’ while only 7% of large businesses are less likely to be missing ‘Automation' - DMA, Marketer email tracker 2020.

  • The Entertainment industry shows double the open rates when the campaigns have been targeted to segmented audiences - Netcore, Email Benchmark Report 2020.

  • Automated emails get 152% higher click rates than broadcast emails - Myemma.

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  • PC users have the highest click rate (72%), followed by mobile (18%) and tablets (9%) - Mailchimp 2019.

  • Responsive email templates get higher click rates on all devices. However, they are particularly effective on mobile users, where the increase in unique clicks from 2.7% to 3.1% represents a 15% increase in actual clicks - Mailchimp 2019.

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AMP email statistics

Email performance tracking statistics.gif

  • Indeed, a job-seeking website got 2X more job clicks on active jobs alert - alite international.

  • Guru, a knowledge-based system, increased their card comment actions by 2.5x and card verifications by 75% with AMP emails - AMP Fest 2020.

  • AWeber, a marketing automation software, included a poll in their newsletter in October 2019. Over the last five months, their engagement on AMP for Email skyrocketed to 225% - AWeber.

A/b testing statistics

  • Companies that A/b test every email see email marketing returns 37% higher than brands that never include A/B tests - Litmus.


Open Rates: Pre and post Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP)

  • Sparkpost has witnessed an increase in open rate after Apple MPP went into effect. Earlier open stands at 38%, but the opens shoot up to around 46% after the MPP policy.

Wrapping up

With these statistics, you can bolster your lead gen efforts even further as you now have data to back your claims. And in the future, whenever you feel like you need a good list of email marketing statistics, you can always refer to this article.

We will also keep updating this regularly whenever there is something interesting to add. So keep an eye out for those.

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