How to Create Targeted Email to Generate Higher Engagements

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Email marketing has evolved over time and sending a generic email to subscribers will not generate higher returns.


Because each of your subscribers is unique and they are looking for emails that are relevant and offer value in exchange for the time they are giving you.

To fulfill user wants, you should send them targeted emails that are personalized and seem as if they got it from their close friend.

How do you create such emails?

In this guide, we will give you a step-by-step process to create emails to target the right users and enhance your email marketing performance.

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What is a targeted email?

Targeted emails aim to target the right user with the most relevant email at the right time. These emails are highly personalized and are sent to a segment of your audience.

Targeted email campaigns focus on nurturing the new users and retaining the older ones by sending them the most relevant and informative content.

How can targeted emails benefit your business?

Targeted email marketing will benefit you in the following ways:

✅ Higher engagements which lead to higher ROI

Targeted emails are highly relevant as they are sent to a segmented audience and are highly personalized. So, the emails resonated with the target audience as if they had been explicitly created for them. As a result, it leads to higher engagement and conversions, giving a higher ROI on your email marketing campaigns.

✅ Longer user retention

If users feel that you give them what they are looking for, they will return to your brand. It creates brand awareness and helps retain the users for a long time. The more consistently you fulfill their desires, the longer they will stay with your brand and become loyal customers in the long run.

✅ Build stronger relationships with your customers

When you send email campaigns that fulfill users’ wants and needs, they feel valued and heard. It creates a sense of belongingness among your subscribers and deepens their loyalty and trust in your brand.

Step-by-step process to create highly targeted emails

You can create effective emails and target the right audience by following the given steps:

Steps to create targeted emails

1. Gather the right data

Having the correct data is the foundation for targeted email marketing. Data offers deep insights into your customer type, behavior, and preferences, which will then help you target them with the correct email. But how do you gather this data? There are many ways to do that:

2. Divide your audience into different segments

Use the data collected in step one to segment your email lists. Segmentation is the key to creating effective email marketing campaigns to target the right user. There are various parameters to segment your audience, which are as follows:

Based on demography 👥

Segment your audience based on their age, gender, ethnicity, profession, income level, etc.

Based on geography 🌏

If you have a user base spread across different nations and time zones, then creating segments based on location, zip code, the time zone can be really helpful in targeting them with relatable emails.

Based on psychographic 📲

Segment your subscribers based on their lifestyle, values, attitudes, or interests.

Based on behavior 🔂

You can segment users based on their interests, hobbies, social media usage, and how they interact with your brand. You can also track users’ journeys to know which stage they are at - are they just signed up, or are they, potential customers?

Read in detail: 12 Actionable Email Segmentation Strategies to Send Highly Targeted Campaigns

3. Create emails using personalization

It’s time to create emails for the segment you will target. Every aspect of your email - subject line, email design, email copy, should resonate and provide value to your target audience.

How do you ensure that? Yes, with making these emails personalized.

For instance, instead of writing the subject line as Hey, we got an offer for you, you can write Hey Paul, Here is your gift card. The subject line is just one aspect that you can personalize.

Read about - How to Craft Email Subject Lines for the Win.

4. Don’t forget to A/B test before sending.

So, you have got the email ready? But, do not send it to your targeted email list yet.

Even though these emails are highly targeted, predicting users’ reactions is nothing less than gambling. So, to avoid that, you must a/b test your email by creating two slightly different variations of the same email and analyzing which one generates better results.

For example, you can send an email with two different CTAs - one with a link and another one with a button.

Start sending targeted emails today

Campaign monitors report that marketers saw a 760% increase in their revenue with personalized and segmented emails. And targeted email marketing is just the product of these two strategies.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start collecting your data and create value for your users with the targeted email marketing.

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