8 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns That Can Skyrocket Growth

Types of email marketing campaigns

There are over 3.9 billion active email users in the world today, sending and receiving nearly 300 billion emails each day. This is a staggering statistic and what it represents is a massive opportunity. If you’re someone who is sitting on an email list but doesn’t know how to tap into the power of email marketing or if you’re simply looking to figure out what kind of emails will work best for your customers, keep reading.

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Types of Email Campaigns

Several new forms of communication have emerged in the last decade but the popularity of email has remained steady. If these numbers are anything to go by, email marketing is here to stay. Strategic email marketing campaigns have great potential. Through this article, we’ll explain 8 different types of email marketing campaigns and when you should use them.

Before we dive deep into this, it is important to understand the difference between two broad categories of emails: Transactional & Promotional Emails.

Transactional emails

These are generally automated emails sent in response to a customer’s action or inaction. Order confirmations, shipping notifications, password resets and account updates are some examples of transactional emails.

Promotional emails

These emails usually contain a commercial message aimed at driving purchases or other conversions. These can be automated or sent manually. Emails announcing exclusive offers, new products, deals, and giveaways are some examples of promotional emails.

These two kinds of email campaigns form the conceptual bedrock for defining your email marketing strategies. Promotional emails are oriented towards achieving sales and marketing objectives for a business. Here, we present eight types of promotional email campaigns which you can use to boost growth and build an engaged customer base for your business. For each campaign, we also mention how you can do it better with interactive AMP emails.

The Newsletter Campaign

Newsletters are used to keep your subscribers updated about your business, products, and services. They are sent periodically and their primary purpose is to provide useful and relevant information to your audience rather than be one of the primary selling tools.

As per studies, newsletters are the most popular type of email with more than 83% of companies sending them. In fact, 81% of B2B marketers say their most used form of content marketing is newsletters.

Newsletters with AMP Emails

With AMP email, you can send newsletters that are visually appealing and interactive. You can include fun layouts that will make your newsletter look like a web page rather than basic, static text. You can add dynamic ratings for your content pieces. What’s even better is that your subscribers can read your blogs within the email, thereby improving engagement and reducing churn.

2. The Classic Promotional Campaign

As the name suggests, these emails are used to promote your products and services. The objective is to increase awareness about your business, generate sales, and build customer loyalty. If done well, promotional emails can be incredibly effective.

Studies suggest that over 77% of people prefer to get promotional messages via email. In fact, customers who make product purchases via email spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers.

Promotional Emails with AMP Emails

AMP emails are a boon for businesses because they allow your customers to make a purchase and complete the order within the email, without having to open another tab. This increases the probability of people making the purchase considerably higher, leading to an increase in revenue. AMP also allows you to depict your products better and provides dynamic updates of price, quantity, and other important information to the customer.

3. The Onboarding Campaign

This email sequence is used to welcome new subscribers, users, and customers. The objective is to introduce yourself to them, tell them more about your website, business, or event in order to inform them of their journey with you. These emails are very important because they help build a rapport between your business and your users.

Welcome emails are very effective. As per reports, they have an open rate of 91.43% and an average read rate of 34% which is 42% higher than the average read rate of any other email.

Onboarding with AMP Emails

Since welcome emails introduce your brand to your customer, it is very important to ensure they are done right. AMP allows you to include onboarding demos and articles within the email. Your readers can also get any additional information they require with interactive forms. With an AMP email, you are bound to make a great impression and provide a better onboarding experience.

4. The Lead Nurturing Campaign

This email campaign consists of a series of emails with content that is aimed at moving a lead through your sales funnel and ultimately converting them into a customer. These emails can consist of content about your product, testimonials from customers, and videos that can gently nudge your user into buying the product.

As per Hubspot, lead nurturing campaigns have a higher click-through rate of 8% as compared to general emails.

Lead Nurturing with AMP Emails

With AMP emails, you can embed videos, testimonials, and surveys in your emails without making them heavy and difficult to load. You can also include an interactive calendar for demo bookings and appointments as well as add dynamic ratings for campaigns, features, and products. With superior quality interaction, your brand image will be enhanced and your leads will move faster through the sales funnel.

5. The Seasonal Campaign

These emails are designed around major festivals and holidays. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, you can capitalize on several opportunities throughout the year to engage with your users, generate a buzz around holiday offers, and boost your sales.

People tend to spend more around festivals and holidays. As per data, the five-day period around the festival of Diwali accounts for nearly 40% of annual consumer spending in India. Similarly, the average American spends about $1200 in the holiday period. If you plan your campaigns strategically, you can generate great revenue through these seasonal campaigns.

Seasonal Email with AMP Emails

Since these emails need to be vibrant and festive, AMP email can help you by allowing you to experiment with various layouts and styles. You can sell within the email with interactive carts and product displays. You can also provide dynamic updates of price and quantity, making it super convenient for your customers to make a purchase, hence improving your conversion rates.

6. The Abandoned Cart Campaign

These emails are sent when someone visits your website, adds a product to the cart but doesn’t complete the purchase. The objective is to nudge the user into completing the purchase. You can even offer an incentive for completing the purchase, such as a discount or cashback.

Cart abandonment is very common. The average rate for online cart abandonment is nearly 70%. Sending a follow-up email, reminding the customer to complete the purchase can boost conversions. In fact, if sent in the same hour, these emails can increase conversions by 6.3%.

Abandoned Cart Recovery with AMP Emails

With AMP email, you can provide your users with an interactive interface and presentation of e-commerce products. They can complete the purchase without having to open a new tab or leave the inbox. This leads to an improved recovery rate of abandoned carts.

7. The Survey Campaign

There are many occasions when you need to hear from your customers. Whether it is for technical research, collecting customer feedback, testing product concepts, or gathering data for Customer Satisfaction, surveys are a great tool to collect information. Survey emails allow you to get your customers’ thoughts, insights, suggestions, and feedback to improve and expand your business while making them feel valued.

The average response rate for email surveys is around 25%. However, this can go as high as 85% if the survey is executed properly.

Surveys with AMP Emails

AMP email allows you to send interactive, multi-step forms to your customers inside the email itself. They can respond to such a survey without having to go to a landing page. The convenience offered by this feature leads to higher response rates and hence, better feedback and engagement.

8. The Invitational Campaign

These emails are used to invite your users to events, product launches, webinars, special promotions, conferences as well as milestones and festive celebrations. They may also invite the user to test out a new product or book a demo to understand a product or service better.

According to Eventbrite and Emma, 40% of event creators say that event invitation emails are the most effective event marketing materials.

Invitations with AMP Emails

With AMP email, you can send interactive calendars and forms within the email to collect user preferences. You can even update event dates, locations, and times dynamically. Your customers can RSVP for events or book demos at the click of a button, leading to improved acceptance rates.

Apart from the above, there are a few other popular terms that are used to refer to email campaigns which we are mentioning below. These terms are mostly derived from the nature of prospects and sequence and frequency of interaction.

Drip Campaign

This refers to a set of pre-written, automated emails that are sent to customers over a period that gently motivates them to complete an action such as making a purchase.

Cold Emailing Campaign

This comprises emails that are sent to prospects who have had no prior contact with you, in an effort to build relationships with them.


Email marketing can be the most effective tool in your arsenal of marketing strategies. If you’re still on the fence about investing in an email marketing strategy, consider these statistics: Emails generate $42 on average for every dollar you spend, giving a massive return on investment. While the software and technology industry sees an average ROI of 40:1, for industries such as Travel & Hospitality, the return can be as high as 53:1.

Developing strategic email campaigns for your business can really boost your growth. AMP email can not only simplify this process for you but also make your email marketing campaigns incredibly effective. Harness the power of email marketing to not only grow your business but also build strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

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