6 Tips to Write Cold Email That Gets You Response

Aquibur Rahman
ByAquibur Rahman

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You expect a response when you email someone without any prior conversation with a goal of assistance or conversion. (Spoiler alert- Your potential clients might not be interested in your emails.)

But here’s the roadblock - people receive an overwhelming number of emails daily. And many of these land up in the spam or trash folders before getting opened. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent emails from going to spam in Gmail, Yahoo, or any other ESP you use.

Some people might advocate that sending cold emails results in adverse publicity, while others might suggest that these are spam. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Cold emails work. But only if you know how to make it work. So, this guide will discuss how to send cold emails for higher responses.

Table of contents

  • What are cold emails?

  • Tips for cold emails that work

  • Scaling with cold emailing

What are cold emails?

Cold emails are the emails you send to potential clients with whom you’ve had no prior connection. The goal is to warm cold leads gradually and build relationships from strangers to business alliances.

When done consistently, with the right words and the proper structure, cold emailing helps create awareness about the product or service amongst the masses and lets businesses witness connection, growth, and ROI.

Tips for cold emails that work

If you want genuine leads and more conversion, you need to draft and send cold emails that are attractive, inducive, and draw attention. Sure, it is challenging to master, but you can surf this wave with the correct strategy. To help you through, here are a few tips:

✅ Use a catchy subject line

You should never judge a book by its cover, but in email marketing, most people judge you by your subject line. As the subject line reflects what lies inside, it should spark the recipient’s interest. Here are some tips to do that:

  • Keep the subject line relevant and direct.

  • Keep it within the character and word limit.

  • Pique the reader’s curiosity and give the impression that there’s something in it.

  • Use emojis to make it creative and fun only if it seems relevant.

To know in detail, read our guide on How to Craft Email Subject Lines for the Win.

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✅ Do your research and personalize the message

Cold emailing is a fantastic way of outreach. But sending the same email to everyone is not the way to do it.

Research your prospects and get information about their backgrounds, lifestyles, interests, companies, etc. Then, use this information to create a personalized email to connect with the prospect much deeper. It will help improve your chance of getting a response.

Using mail merge software can be beneficial for personalizing cold emails since you can replace fields such as names and company names at scale.

✅ Provide reference to a mutual friend or some commonality

Humans are wired to trust people with whom they share common ground. So calling out acquaintances in your email will increase the chances of a reply.

Scan social media profiles, directories, or corporate profiles of your prospects to find out the details you can relate to, and include these common grounds in your email.

✅ Address the recipient’s pain point

How happy I am that you pinpointed my pain point GIF

A statement that talks about the prospect, his company, and the problems he faces is the silver bullet of your email. Additionally, when you include a good value proposition about how your product can resolve these problems, it shows that you care and develop a favorable spot in his mind.

✅ Keep email copy precise, legible, and intriguing

Don’t make your prospects read an essay. A big block of content is hard to digest and makes your message off-putting. What works the best is a short, factual, and creative copy that talks about benefits, not features.

For instance, take these two formats of write-ups:

Sample 1: Cold email is a technique for sending emails to people without prior contact. It helps in creating awareness amongst people about a particular product or service. Cold email gets your potential customer’s attention and facilitates the lead generation and conversion with the right tone. To know more, visit us.

Sample 2: You can grab people’s attention and score meetings, grab contracts and finalize deals by sending cold emails to people. Using the right strategy, you can convert real leads into real sales. To know more, visit us.

Sample 2 looks more engaging as it is crisp and talks about how you can benefit the recipient. Thus, making them take the action.

Related guide: How to Write Persuasive Email Copies for Higher Conversions.

✅ Include a compelling email call-to-action

The subject line is the key to getting your emails opened, but call-to-action is the key to encouraging people to reply. So your CTA should be clear and compelling to the recipient. It should prompt the recipient to take action you want them to take.

Related guide: How to Create an Email Call to Action to Get More Clicks.

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Scaling with cold emailing

Cold email is the best way to get more conversions if your marketing budget is tight. But, you must be consistent and ready to hear ‘no’ from your potential prospects.

You can use the tips you have learned in this guide to further up your game. Besides, you can check out Mailmodo’s interactive template to get a higher response.

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