How to Write Persuasive Email Copies for Higher Conversions

persuasive email copy for higher conversions

Email copy is the most crucial step that decides whether your email converts or not. It is what makes the recipients read and ingest your message or just trash it. So writing an engaging and persuasive email is not just a valuable skill but an indispensable requirement for an email marketer. In this guide, we discuss how you can craft successful email marketing copy to achieve higher conversions and engagement.

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The value of your email copy

The ultimate goal for marketing is to get your product to reach your customer. However, even though you may have done all the background work, crafted a killer subject line, and got a good open rate, but if you are not persuasive enough with the email body, there will be no conversion. Thus good email copies are essential to your business.

Now creating such persuasive and awesome email copies might look a bit difficult but it can be done with some practice and if you keep the following points in your mind while writing the email content.

Identify the objective of your email

The first important step for your email marketing campaign is to identify your objective.

  • You should write an email copy that delivers precisely what you want them to do

  • Avoid including unnecessary information or options as it can to lower clicks

  • The best way to simplify your email copy is to create a specific campaign conversion objective before you start writing in this area.

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For example, consider this email campaign from Flipkart. They have made the objective clear, which is to get their recipients to buy kitchen essentials. They have mentioned the subject line's objective and give the "shop now" options, redirecting the recipients to the cart.

Know your target audience

One of the main factors for effective email marketing is writing to every potential consumer or prospect about your product or service. The more the emails are targeted, the better they are converted. But you can't persuade everyone at a time. If you do, you end up writing a copy that does not appeal to anyone.

Marketing in a segmented list increases the click rate drastically. Make sure you know everything about your audience's demographics, past purchases, past email opens, source of lead/email opt-in. It would help define the prospects' interests, site activity/cart abandonment, social media cues/life events, new opt-ins, and other psychographic data.

For example, if you have a brand for baby care products, it would not work if you promote your new product, baby oil, by talking about parenthood to people in the age group of 18-24 who are highly unlikely to be parents. Hence, you should always be mindful of your target audience while writing an email.

Make your email copy conversational

It's often recommended to build a personal connection with your audience. This can be done if you mind the following points.

  • Concentrate on keeping it conversational.

  • Ensure the content consists of something you would like to say to your friends when you create an email copy for your new product or feature announcement.

  • Avoid jargon to ensure that the reader can understand your emails.

  • Use your emails to captivate subscribers' imagination by sharing your product, customer stories, or even personal stories from an insider's view.

When you develop a connection with your users, they also start seeing things from your perspective.

Below is an example of Jio Saavn to help you understand how you can make an email conversational.


Underestimate the power of pre-header text at your own peril

It is not only the subject line that tells people to open your email with modern email clients. It is also the text of the preview which informs subscribers about your email content. It reflects the part of the email's first line or might be entered separately in many ESPs. Therefore it is crafted very carefully by most email copywriters.

Check out the below example of the emails marked in red and the pre-header text for it. Though they have written a killer subject line, the pre-header text contains something one would not take an interest in. On the other hand, if you see the non-marked mails, they have tried to arouse the recipients' curiosity by hinting at what's inside the email and thus worth everyone's time.


Proofread your email copies

After you've drafted the first copy, proofread it for errors. You can even offer it to someone else to be read once you've revised it yourself. Many marketers suffer from the burden of their product knowledge. They forget that their audience has no information and eventually compose copies, which only they understand. By showing your copy to someone not as close as you are to the product, you can see where others struggle. Thus you can try to fix it and reframe it in a more understandable form.

Create different email versions and test it

The only way to know which email copy version performs well is to check it, and fortunately, it's easy to set up A/B tests with the email marketing campaigns. It not only improves the efficacy of your campaign but also gives you some insight into what works best for your audience.

If you use credible email marketing tools like Mailmodo, you can easily pick the A/B test option and write two interactive versions of your email copy with the added features of interactive AMP emails.

During the stated period, the software will track both versions and then send the highest converting email to the rest of the list.

Keep your email copy short and relevant

Email copy should be preferably easy to ingest. If the copy is too wordy, it must be read many times to absorb the details, or if the reader needs a dictionary to understand your reference, they might choose to ignore it. Try the other way around; use simple terms. Keep it short, sweet, and relevant. In content marketing, a perfect copy means getting to the point and not going overboard.

Avoid generic advertising for the targeted market. Customer avatars have large segments, but smaller segments are also included in them.

Place a suitable call to action or CTA

In addition to the subject, email CTA is the most significant part of your email marketing strategy, as it pushes the subscribers to take the action that you want them to take. All the tips we have mentioned above will also help you build the ideal call for subscribers' action.


Mailmodo is a no-code platform that helps you create dynamic and interactive AMP emails where you can embed interactive widgets inside the emails. Mailmodo can help you enhance your email copies by making them more engaging with interactive elements. This will further increase your conversion rate.

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