Conducting Surveys with Interactive AMP Emails

conducting surveys with AMP emails

AMP technology has brought in a new era of email marketing where you can create a comprehensive survey experience inside a mailbox. From collecting feedback to completing multi-step surveys in the emails, AMP emails provide a higher survey response rate. Let's explore how you could conduct surveys effortlessly with AMP.

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Conducting Surveys with emails

One of the easiest ways to conduct online surveys is digitally through emails. This way, your online survey reaches your customers' inbox directly and would only require a few minutes of their time. Yet, the response rates vary.

What could be the reason behind a customers' dwindling interest in online surveys? Exactly why do email surveys fail? Is there a way to ensure that your online surveys get reasonable response rates? In this article, we will try to unpack this and more! To start off this analysis, let's explore what might be holding the recipients back from responding to your online surveys.

Disadvantages of conducting surveys through traditional email

The traditional HTML emails enable marketers and surveyors to send links to survey forms. A respondent has to navigate through the email, click on the CTA with the survey link, wait for the website to load, sign up or log in with the survey host and then finally fill the form. Some of the disadvantages of this arduous process are obvious. The most important disadvantages for this process are as follows:

1. Lengthy process

To embed a form or a survey poll in your traditional email, you will need third-party software like Google Forms, and SurveyMonkey to create a survey and then, share the link of the survey on the email. This process takes more time and doubles the efforts as the user has to open another tab to access the survey.

2. Low response rate

Users don't engage with a long arduous process. You need to take the user experience a notch up to improve response rates.

3. Boring UI

A traditional email doesn't contain dynamic elements. As a result, your survey emails end up being plain and non-interactive. With traditional email, you have limited creativity options, resulting in an uninspiring, dull UI, and it fails to connect with the users. Moreover, you end up spending time on two different UIs - once on the form and then, on the email.

4. Additional steps and redirects

As we have mentioned earlier, embedding a survey form in a traditional email would require you to sign up with third-party software. What's even more interesting is that some of this software may require additional sign-up from the user. Too many steps may discourage users from taking the survey at all!

How interactive AMP Emails improve the survey experience?

AMP for email has revolutionized the email experience for both the receivers and email marketers.

  • It allows interactivity to slide in an email inbox, making email communication engaging, interesting and impactful.
  • AMP for emails also enables email marketers to integrate surveys into the email content and reduce dependency on third-party software and technology.
  • AMP technology helps you create better surveys if you're a marketer. Instead of creating a survey on a different platform, you would only need a few more coding steps to integrate into the email.
  • It also helps improve your response rate and makes it easier to track it.
  • Also, the respondents would have a better experience with surveys powered by AMP emails. They can participate in an engaging survey right from their inbox without switching to another tab or getting into lengthy sign-ups.

Benefits of conducting surveys with Mailmodo

Mailmodo is a comprehensive Email Marketing Software that can revamp your marketing campaigns with AMP Email power without the hassle of coding. If you're thinking about ways in which Mailmodo can help you create a better survey and perform other functions, here's a small list of its features

Create surveys and AMP-backed Emails without coding

With a variety of pre-designed templates, all you need to do is set up your account and start creating your first email with a simple drag-and-drop methodology.

Get unprecedented survey response rates

Mailmodo brings surveys closer to your audiences to enable them to respond easily without any redirections. This interactivity has shown to be a game-changer. Our clients have recorded around 3X survey response rates with AMP emails than with the traditional emails.

Send bulk and triggered emails

Mailmodo supports email automation and segmentation without limiting the number of emails sent. Thus, you can send out bulk surveys and derive actionable insights from the response.

Integrate with your apps

If you're already working with marketing apps, you need not worry about adopting a different software. Mailmodo can easily integrate with your existing app and help you enjoy AMP emails without any fuss.

Mailmodo ensures adherence to email marketing survey best practices and helps you take your marketing game a notch higher.

The future of surveys is interactive

Digital surveys can help you understand your audience better, and AMP for email can help you engage better with the users, thereby, garnering a better response and impactful data for your decisions. Only AMP for email can help you stand out and grab your customer's mind in this age of short attention spans and catchy content with its interactiveness. So, join the bandwagon of highly-interactive communication and engaging digital surveys with Mailmodo.

Bring life to your emails

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