Sending Interactive Email Newsletters With AMP Emails

ByAquibur Rahman


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AMP-powered email newsletters let you create dynamic and interactive content directly inside emails. With AMP-powered newsletters, users can interact with live content inside the email without opening a link. Here's everything you need to know to create an interactive AMP email newsletter.

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What is an email newsletter?

Email newsletters are the type of emails that inform users of news about a business or an organization's updates or milestones in a bulletin format sent out periodically. It generally covers one main topic. These newsletters may also carry industry news, tips, anecdotes, and marketing snippets, there are no constraints to what a newsletter can include.

They have many forms and are utilized according to the particular need. For example, some of the most popular newsletters are weekly digests, company updates, promotions, etc.

Why do we use email newsletters?

The use of an email newsletter is to keep in touch with your subscribers to motivate them to buy a service/product or increase website visitors. It also helps in sending relevant content to potential users. Over the past decade, email newsletters have been more successful than social media marketing.

Let's look at some of the enduring benefits of email newsletters.

1. Generates traffic

Email newsletters are a constant source of website traffic. If your email newsletters are personalized and well designed to contain relevant content, it will greatly enhance the chances of the reader clicking on the CTAs or calls-to-action.

2. Cost-effective

An email newsletter is one such email marketing tool that saves marketers a fair amount of money. Banner advertising, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, affiliate marketing, and all other paid advertisement channels are more expensive than email marketing.

3. Enables understanding of user-behavior

Email newsletters are much easier to track. Email statistics provide you with all the information like open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, bounces, CTAs, which users opened the newsletter and when etc. These metrics help understand user engagements and behavioral trends, which you can use to improve and enhance marketing strategies.

4. Autonomy from third parties

By creating a newsletter, you are independent of other third parties like service providers or software. Publishers, influencers, social media platforms, and Google are much more likely to increase ads cost than an email service provider is.

Moreover, email newsletters are a better medium to engage an audience since you will always keep the list of email subscribers with you, a more durable list than followers on a page.

This isn't possible with social media engagements where influencers and brands might lose contact with their audience or subscribers at the behest of the social media admin.

5. Easily linked to other marketing channels

Newsletters are easily linked with other marketing channels such as social media. They can reach their users from anywhere. This simplistic and ubiquitous technology required for accessing newsletters is a game-changer.

What ails present HTML email newsletters?

While email newsletters have their benefits, some major drawbacks reduce their effectiveness. Let's look at some of the most important ails present in HTML email newsletters.

1. Low engagement

Since newsletters are sent at periodic intervals, they no longer interest most people, which results in less readability and a low success rate.

2. Content limitations

Unlike regular emails, email newsletters have certain content limitations where you cannot add Carousels or Forms. HTML newsletters are limited in this way.

3. CTAs create poor user experiences

With HTML newsletters, the user has to visit another website to perform specific tasks, which results in a poor user experience.

4. Personalization is done for an average user

Email newsletters are personalized for an average user. It might not appeal to everyone, which leads to a low open or reading rate.

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Sending email newsletters with AMP emails

AMP for email based email newsletters allow users to make dull email newsletters more dynamic with content that can be updated in real-time and interactive elements can be added, all within the comfort of an email. Below, we present a small compendium of what this AMP newsletter will feel and read like to you and your subscribers.

• Make your newsletters come alive with interactivity

Unlike HTML newsletters, you can now include interactive forms and calendars in your AMP-powered newsletter. With such interactivity, you can capitalize on the strength of your content and the easy access of forms and calenders to generate more leads or book more meetings.

• Engage your users with interactive forms inside emails

You can include interactive ratings, comments, and feedback widgets alongside the content pieces right inside the email. This changes the face of a newsletter and provides much-enhanced user engagement. Your subscribers can even comment, rate or submit feedback inside the email without being redirected to another page in some corner of the World Wide Web.

•The 'Wow' factor for your newsletter

When your users receive these interactive AMP emails, they will be wowed. Since these are AMP-powered email newsletters, the newsletter would look more appealing.

• Cut out all redirections from your newsletter

Your users would no longer need to jump from one website to another to attend your CTAs. They can now read blogs and engage with your calls right inside the email. E.g., if you write a newsletter on 'Customer Engagement' and then ask your subscribers to attend a webinar, you can include the webinar registration form right inside the email with AMP newsletters. Getting more conversions is now easy-peasy.

• Some more nail-biting advantages of AMP email newsletters

There are many other advantages of sending email newsletters with AMP emails. Some of these are as follows:

  • As an email marketer, you have made your newsletter interactive and thereby more engaging. As a result, your number of reads, clicks, and conversions will increase, and your newsletter churn will decrease.

  • AMP-powered email newsletters help create interactive media that makes it interesting for the users.

  • AMP email newsletters are safe and secure since they don't use user data. Also, the best advantage is that it's free of advertisements.

  • AMP-powered newsletters provide you with an improved user journey to perform all CTAs, promotional activities within an email.

These experiences are aside from the enormous advantages that you can reap from using an AMP newsletter.

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Benefits of using Mailmodo for sending interactive newsletters

Mailmodo allows you to create and send interactive AMP email newsletters without a single line of coding on your part. Let us see the major benefits you can derive by using Mailmodo to send interactive email newsletters.

  • Mailmodo helps users create easy-to-build email newsletters with AMP elements without any coding. It provides you with better UI/UX using carousels, accordions, videos, forms, carts, etc.

  • Mailmodo provides users with a rich library of AMP email newsletter templates.

  • With Mailmodo, you can now send triggered automated AMP email newsletters whenever you want.

  • Mailmodo lets you add dynamic ratings for individual content pieces within email newsletters.

  • Mailmodo provides better deliverability for your email newsletter.

  • With Mailmodo, you can integrate your email newsletters with essential CRMs.

  • You can also increase your personalization to make AMP emails more relevant for each subscriber/user with Mailmodo.


AMP-powered email newsletters not only help you create dynamic email newsletters, but the features it offers can help you gain important insights for better and improved email marketing.

With Mailmodo as your medium, you can send as many engaging newsletters as possible to your users within a short period. So sign up today and unleash a world of actionable and interactive emails.

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