Increase Email Deliverability

What is email deliverability?

All of your efforts can go in vain if the email you are sending doesn't reach to your subscriber's inbox. When the email reaches your subscriber's inbox, then it is called email deliverability, i.e., it ensures that email is appearing in the mailbox. It enables a viewer to see your email in their inbox, which can further lead to conversion into sales if your email can convince your audience. So, it becomes crucial to maintain email deliverability. Higher the email deliverability, the higher are the chances of the conversion rate and, consequently, higher chances of success of the organization.

Ways to increase email deliverability:

Authenticate your email with SPF

Authentication of email conveys to your subscribers that the email is from a verified company/individual, and it is not a fraud. Hence, authentication of email is necessary so that your email doesn't end up landing in a spam folder and reaches directly to the inbox of your subscribers. There are different ways through which you can authenticate your email :

Using SPF ( Sender Policy Framework):- SPF is the technique that doesn't let spammers use your domain and send emails on behalf of your domain by comparing the sender mail server's IP address with the list of authorized sending IP addresses.

Using DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mails):- DKIM is the technique that makes sure that there is no alteration made in the message while transmitting it. Public-key encryption helps in encrypting a particular message. It involves linking the digital signature with the domain name in the DNS. The recipient system can verify by using the public key to decrypt the signature. It ensures that the message is not modified while transmitting, and thus the email is authenticated.

Use the Domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC)

This method of authentication makes sure that the email is not from a spam or phishing attack. DMARC uses both SPF and DKIM techniques to authenticate the email. It blocks all fraud messages sent from any specific domain.

Warm up your IP and slowly scale to the peak number

To build the trust and reputation of your IP address, you need to send your emails to the limited number of people and then slowly and gradually increase the number of emails as new IP addresses don't have any reputation at first. However, you can build both reputation and trust with time. It ensures that your email reaches the inbox of your target audience.

Use double opt-in or confirmed opt-in

You need to be sure that your email doesn't end up landing in the wrong inbox or invalid accounts. So, double opt-in ensures that you have a good quality contact list and ensures your email reaches the maximum people with the right email address. This option confirms the email by sending a confirmation email and then adding them to the contact list. It can help you to send emails to the people who are verified and are interested in your product, which will further increase the email deliverability.

Simplify the opt-out process

You need to make sure that your subscribers don't have any issues while they opt-out, and when they don't want to receive your emails, they should be able to unsubscribe easily. It helps in sending emails to only subscribers and target only those who are interested in your information.

Avoid spam trap email

Spam trap emails are not the verified emails, and it can be fake id and not the real person or maybe incorrect email id. You need to eliminate spam trap emails from your contact list as sending emails to these emails can increase the bounce rate and decrease the email deliverability and reputation of your company; thus, you need to avoid spam trap emails.

Don't use spammy words in subject line

The first thing that pops up when you check any email is their subject so they can attract the attention of people in seconds and can convince them to read your mail. The subject line should be as short as possible and should not consist of any inappropriate words or characters. Your email can go directly into the spam folder if you have chosen the wrong subject line for your email. So you need to avoid words that influence customers and can be treated as spam words like "free," "discount," "%," "solution," etc. You have to avoid punctuation marks ( !,?) and also make sure that your subject line doesn't start with Re: or Fwd: as it can come under spam.

Avoid buying email lists

Buying email lists might seem to be the easiest way to reach the maximum people. Still, it may result in decreasing your email deliverability as the emails are not appropriate, and there may be fake emails included in the list. You don't know the people to whom you are sending your email, so it may not be effective and can have a significant impact on the reputation of your company.

Clean your lists regularly and use segmentation

You must keep updating your lists regularly and eliminate the contacts that no longer check your emails, the people who are not interested, and showing zero response and those who longer use that email account. In this way, you will not send emails to the wrong people and will be able to increase email deliverability. Segmentation of lists is important as there are different ways to deal according to the type of customers so we can get the different types of customers like new customers, regular customers, irregular customers, etc. To the new customers, we can offer discounts or other incentives to attract and make them regular customers.

In contrast, for regular customers, we can come up with other options so that they don't go for any other brand. Segmentation also helps to keep your existing customers connected and thus resulting in high email deliverability.

Send emails that people prefer reading

There are high chances that people would buy your product, and if the email can convince them through emails. Send emails that people like to read and be able to relate to them. You can approach them in a friendly way, give them the correct and best advice, give useful information, be empathetic, value their time by giving necessary information, and be clear about your message. It will not just increase email deliverability but also increase the conversion rate and reputation of your company.

Get the frequency and timing right

You need to make a consistent schedule for sending your email with the right frequency and right timing so that your email doesn't get ignored by people. There is no use of sending emails when people are not able to view it, so it is essential to choose the best time according to your target audience and send the email when people can check and have some free time. Usually, the best time to send the email is in the afternoon on weekdays as people are more active on weekdays as compared to the weekend. However, it can vary depending upon the people you are targeting and what schedule they follow. For example, if the target audience is office going women, then the best time would be in the afternoon on weekdays. If the target audience is working in fields, then the best time would be in the night or the weekend. The decision of the best time can also depend upon your product. If the product is a 'speaker' so the best time to send emails would be the weekend or at night when people are free and want to enjoy dancing.

Keep a check on sender reputation and blacklists

It is essential to have a good sender reputation or sender score. The sender score can be measured based on complaints filed against you by the user, the total number of spam reports of your company, the email history of your company to date, your company domain's reputation, and the bounce rate. You can provide a confirmed opt-in option in your email, regular email audits, and avoid spammy words to achieve a high sender score, which further helps you to increase email deliverability and build trust among your target audience. You need to avoid blacklisting as blacklisting decreases the email deliverability, and your message does not reach the inbox of your subscribers. You can avoid blacklisting by fixing a consistent schedule so that your subscribers don't forget you and don't mark you as spam, and along with this, you need to be clear and concise about your message so that your subscribers find it useful.

Monitor metrics regularly and fix issues

You must keep a check on your metrics regularly to increase email deliverability. You should check if your bounce rate is minimum, and the email deliverability rate is up to the mark, and if it is not up to the mark, then you need to find out the issues and fix them as soon as possible. You should check what needs to be done and take action to maintain the reputation of your company.

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