12 Ways to Increase Your Email Deliverability

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Email deliverability is essential for the success of your email campaigns. So, how do you ensure that your emails land in the user's inbox? What if your emails don't reach your recipients?

This guide will discuss proven ways you can use to increase your email deliverability rate.

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What is email deliverability?

When your emails land in the subscriber's inbox, instead of promotion or spam folder, it's known as email deliverability. This leads to conversions and sales if your email can convince your audience.

However, all your efforts can go in vain if the email you are sending doesn't reach your subscriber's inbox. So, it becomes crucial to maintain good email deliverability. The higher the email deliverability, the higher are the chances of the conversion rate. As a result, your domain reputation will go up.

Now that you understand email deliverability, let's look at how to increase it.

How to increase your email deliverability

There are 12 different ways that we've listed to help you increase your email deliverability.

1. Authenticate your email with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Email authentication tells your subscribers that the email is from a verified sender. Hence, email authentication is necessary, so your email doesn't land in a spam folder. There are different ways through which you can authenticate your email as follows.

  • Using Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

SPF is an email authentication method that doesn't let spammers use your domain. It sends emails on your domain by comparing the sender mail server's IP address with the list of authorized sending IP addresses.

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  • Using DomainKeys Identified Mails (DKIM)

DKIM ensures that no alteration is made in the message while transmitting it. Public-key encryption helps in encrypting a particular message. It involves linking the digital signature with the domain name in the DNS. The recipient system can verify using the public key to decrypt the signature. It ensures that the message is not modified while transmitting, and thus the email is authenticated.

  • Using Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)

DMARC is an authentication method that ensures that the email is not a spam or phishing attack. DMARC uses both SPF and DKIM techniques to authenticate the email. In addition, it blocks all fraud messages sent from any specific domain.

2. Warm up your domain and scale up email send volume gradually

To build your IP and domain reputation, send emails to a limited number of users. Then, gradually increase frequency as new IP addresses tend to have a low reputation. This process is known as domain warmup. However, building reputation and trust takes time.


3. Keep a check on sender reputation and blacklisting

A good sender reputation is a prerequisite for higher deliverability. You can measure sender score based on:

  • Complaint rate

  • Message filtered rate

  • Sending volume and frequency

  • Spam complaints

  • Bounce rate

  • Spam trap hits

Follow these practices to get a high sender score:

  • To achieve a high sender score, you can use double opt-in, conduct email audits, and avoid spammy words. It will help you increase email deliverability and build trust among your target audience.

  • Avoid blacklisting by creating an effective email cadence strategy.

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4. Use double opt-in

Use double opt-in to ensure a good quality email list with the correct email addresses. You can ensure that your email address is legit by sending a confirmation email and adding them to your list. In addition, it can help you send emails to the verified people interested in your product, thus, increasing email deliverability.

5. Simplify the opt-out process

You need to ensure that your subscribers don't have any issues when opting out. If they decide they don't want to receive your emails, provide them an easy to unsubscribe link. It helps you send emails to interested subscribers and targets them with relevant content.

6. Identify and avoid spam trap email

A spam trap is a honeypot to identify spammers. These are email addresses set up to track spammers and identify them. Sending emails to such addresses will increase bounce rate and reduce deliverability. This will further damage your domain reputation. You can use an email validation and verification tool to identify spam trap emails.

Another way to verify an email address is by using email finder tools. Read our Guide to Email Lookup and 6 Best Email Finder Tools to know more.

7. Don't use spammy words in the subject line or email body

One of the most important ways to improve deliverability is understanding why emails land in spam and avoiding these reasons. Here are two things you must avoid:

  • Avoid words that trigger spam filters. Some spam-triggered words are "free," "discount," "%," "solution," etc.

  • You must avoid punctuation marks ( !,?) and ensure that your subject line doesn't start with Re: or Fwd: as it can come under spam.

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8. Avoid using purchased email lists

Buying email lists might seem the easiest way to reach a wider audience. Still, it may decrease your email deliverability as the emails might not be appropriate. In addition, there may be false emails included in the list, apart from the various legal repercussions this might have. This can have a significant impact on your domain and your business reputation.

9. Clean your lists regularly and use segmentation

  • Have an active sunset policy in your email user journey. A sunset policy will help you suppress users non-active and non-engaged users. Besides, you can add users who opted out of your emails. In this way, you can avoid sending emails to such users, thus increasing deliverability.

  • Segmentation of lists is essential to target the right users with the right content. Doing so will also help you keep your existing customers engaged, thus increasing the customer retention rate. All this will improve your email deliverability over time.

10. Send relevant emails to your subscribers

If you send relevant and engaging emails, users will open and interact with your emails. It will help email deliverability and conversions of your email campaign.

  • Send emails that people like to read and relate to them. Be clear about your message.

  • There are high chances that people would buy your product if the email can convince them.

  • You can approach them in a friendly way, give them the correct and best advice, and be empathetic,

  • Value their time by giving necessary information.

11. Maintain ideal sending frequency and timing

You must send consistent emails at the right time with the right content. To do that, you must test different frequencies and timings to find the one that works for you.

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12. Monitor performance metrics and fix issues

  • You must keep checking your email metrics regularly to increase email deliverability.

  • You should check if your bounce rate is minimum and the email deliverability rate is up to the mark, and if it is not up to the mark.

  • You need to find out the issues and fix them as soon as possible.

  • You should check what needs to be done and take action to maintain your company's reputation.


These are how you can increase your email deliverability and build a superior email marketing funnel.

If you want to learn more about email deliverability, please reach out to the Mailmodo team. At Mailmodo, we ensure that our users get the best deliverability and send highly converting email campaigns.

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