How to Book More Meetings with Mailmodo?


Discussions and one-on-one briefings are the backbones of any corporation. Conferences and meetings are essential to communicating with clients, team members, or higher authorities. But with the rising trend of remote work and maximum online interactions, it is recorded that 11 million virtual meetings are held each day.

The most useful tool at this time for booking meetings is through email. HTML emails have to be sent back and forth many times to discuss various aspects of a meeting like time, platform, etc. That's when AMP emails will come to support you. In this article, we'll look into the process of expanding and generating 3X more meeting bookings via emails.

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What are the pain points of using Html emails to book meetings?

The prevailing pandemic has forced the world to move online. 80% of respondents state that they use virtual platforms to conduct meetings with individual clients. A one-to-one meeting with your prospect can make or break a deal. Are you able to generate a high number of meetings by using HTML emails? Well, it's time to upgrade if you can relate to the following points.

1. Complex process

Booking meetings need the agreement of both the parties involved. Numerous factors such as the best time to meet, the preferred online venue for the meeting, and the number of participants involved differ from campaign to campaign. Hence you will need to send many plain HTML emails to decide on these aspects to suit each attendant.

2. Lack of functionality

The traditional HTML email does not adhere to responsive elements like checkbox, inbuilt feedback system, etc., in the email. You have to attach several links to guide your clients to meeting scheduling apps to get bookings done.

3. Hindrance in integration

These days appointment scheduling apps like Calendly have become a handy tool to book meetings, but HTML emails do not support the integration of these applications with your mail. JavaScript is commonly used for providing dynamic elements on websites, but almost all HTML email clients, block it.

4. Real-time update

It is universally known that once you've sent an HTML email, none of its already delivered elements can be changed. You might need to change the booking timing, the communication platform, etc., but again you'll have to craft a new email regarding the modification.

5. Painful redirects

Do you make your clients jump from one link to another to schedule a single meeting? Eventually, people might leave even before the links load.

Why reconsider your meeting booking process?

Lack of meetings leads to gaps in clarity and communication among organizations. Rethinking your meeting booking process can help you bridge that gap. Here is an example:


Max is the founder of a fitness start-up, and he is trying to connect with many renowned angel investors. He sends a well-written HTML email, asking over 25 investors to have a virtual meeting with him at a convenient time to discuss his venture. Unfortunately, He discovers that certain email clients were rejecting his email due to incomprehensible links. Many recipients withdrew midway before the links loaded, and hence he couldn't reach most of the prospects.


Only two interested venture capitalists reply to Max that they are available the following week. He sends another HTML email asking to reschedule the meeting. After a few back and forth emails the investors stop replying to Max. Even the two interested members left mid-way due to inconsistency and less engagement.

Max missed out on the deals that could have changed the direction of his start-up. Don't be like Max! Get a maximum meeting booked using this alternative and more advanced fix - Mailmodo!

What is the solution that Mailmodo has to offer?

Mailmodo can help you skyrocket your email booking process by offering the following advantages.

1. Dynamic content

Including an AMP feature in your email allows you to send dynamic emails to your recipients with actionable elements similar to apps like images, forms, carousels, calendars, carts, etc. within the inbox of your client. This will help keep your receiver interested in reading the entire mail and, in turn, get you sincere meetings.

2. Increased number of booking

With the help of interactive AMP forms, you can not only book meetings but also generate leads and conduct surveys inside emails. The inclusion of such interactive forms results in getting 3x more meetings in contrast to using regular HTML emails.

3. Real-time update

AMP emails are dynamic, meaning that they can be modified in real-time, unlike their static HTML counterparts. Dynamic data and API integrations improve this functionality, allowing marketers to update email data live. Hence, the participants are already informed if there are any last-minute changes.

4. Easy personalization

You can easily personalize your email, allowing for more engaging, targeted, and effective user interaction. You can upload your email list and have each email tailored with the names of your subscribers. 91% customers engage better with brands who recognize them. This is a way to gain their trust and get high-volume meetings booked.

Steps to book 3X more meetings with Mailmodo

1. Register with Mailmodo

Signing up on Mailmodo is a simple and free (no requirement of credit cards) process.

2. Choose an interactive email template

Once signed in, choose from pre-existing interactive templates.

Mailmodo's template library is extremely rich and features engaging market research templates relevant to a wide range of industries.

3. Customize the template

After choosing an AMP email template, you can customize it with the simple drag-and-drop editor.

4. Configure your integration

Next, you have to configure your Calendly or Meeting booking app integration and customize it to make your meeting booking process interactive.

5. Send your campaign

Once you're done, you can start sending out your email campaigns.

Wrapping up

Email is the main lead generation platform for over 89% of marketers. Therefore, booking meetings via email is an important strategy for marketers. You can draft, edit and send a meeting booking email campaign in a matter of minutes by using Mailmodo's AMP emails.

People usually book meetings with regular HTML emails and worry about not having enough bookings completed, but the viewpoint shifts with AMP emails. It is time to devise more with less hassle and stand out from the crowd.

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