11 Innovative Email Design Examples From Different Industries


We are living in a world where people's attention span is reducing day by day. So it's unrealistic to expect your audience to read everything you've sent them when people scan their content. It is where email design comes to the rescue. With a proper design, you can make the email easy to understand even with a quick scan, direct them to CTA, and achieve your email campaign goals.

However, it can be hard to choose which kind of design is suitable for your business and how to get promising results from your campaign using email design. So in this article, there are 11 examples of email designs for different industries to help you discover the right design for your email marketing needs.

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11 email design examples

Here are some examples of email design you can take inspiration from:

1. Real estate

As a company dealing with real estate, it can send several types of emails to its leads. They can send anything from emails showcasing top available establishments to newsletters talking about responsibilities that come with homeownership, etc.

But you can do much more using AMP when creating your email templates. AMP helps you make your emails dynamic. You can use it to collect data from readers in real-time through surveys within the email like in the example below.

AMP email for real estate industry

Why did we select this design?

  • Simple design

  • Uses AMP factor

  • Clear CTA button

2. Banking and financial

Financial organizations send their prospects transactional emails, promotional emails, etc. They provide their leads information about the services and policies available they don't know about.

You can use hybrid or multiple-column layouts when designing your emails. It would help you segregate and organize your emails more efficiently than a single column or inverted pyramid layout.

Multiple-column layout for banking and financial industry

Why this design stood out for us?

  • Clear layout
  • Good readability
  • Clear CTA

3. Entertainment

Entertainment is another creative field where any email layout can be used to create a beautiful campaign because the content will catch the eye no matter what.

Here, Netflix uses the multiple-columns layout to show their top trending shows. They use AMP for emails to add a feedback form to know more about their readers' interests and find out what they like or dislike.

Multiple-column layout for entertainment industry

Why this design stood out for us?

  • Interesting layout
  • Cohesive colors and fonts
  • AMP factor


The automotive industry uses emails to send updates about product launches, events, product details, etc. However, they don't use it to get any sales directly from the email apart from pre-booking.

So for the automotive industry, it's beneficial to use either a single column or inverted pyramid layout like in the example below.

Use images at the top to capture the audience's attention. Then, you can provide more information about the product further in the email below the call-to-action.

Single-column layout for automotive industry

Why we selected this design?

  • CTA grabs attention.
  • Images are stunning.
  • Layout is straightforward.

5. E-commerce

E-commerce businesses send all emails from product announcements, offers, to cart abandonment. Still, they mainly use email marketing to send promotional emails to help increase sales. So to get the most amount of sales, it's best for e-commerce companies to use a single-column or inverted pyramid layout for their email design.

You can also switch up how you send product recommendation emails to your audience by making it an amp email. By using AMP emails, you provide users the ability to buy products directly from the email.

AMP email for e-commerce

Why did we select this design?

  • AMP factor
  • Simple layout
  • CTA grabs attention

6. Home & Interiors

The home and interiors industry comprises companies producing furniture, appliances, decor, etc. Hence, the hybrid layout will be perfect for this industry as they have the versatility to showcase a top product and other similar products.

Hybrid layout for a home appliance company

Why we chose this design?

  • Minimal design
  • High readability
  • CTA grabs major attention
  • Simple and clean imagery

7. Education

The education industry uses emails to get people to sign up for courses or showcase popular classes. They can use standard or more intricate templates based on their audience. They can keep the email design minimal for a mature audience and colorful for younger audiences.

They can use AMP emails to get people to register for their courses within the email itself. It helps to keep people engaged in the email rather than redirecting them to a separate web page.

AMP email for education industry

Why this example?

  • Simple layout
  • AMP factor
  • CTA is clear

8. Fashion

Nowadays, the fashion industry has been more focused on the online platform, so they use emails to promote products and drive sales.

Previously the fashion industry used single-column layouts to create their promotional emails. But nowadays, you have more options available to you, and for getting more sales, you can use the inverted pyramid layout.

A hybrid layout can also be used to create promotional emails, as in the example below. Here, Forever 21 gives a discount and uses dynamic personalization to show them products that interest them.

Hybrid layout for fashion industry

Why we chose example?

  • Clear CTA
  • Great layout
  • High readability
  • Captures attention with the images

9. Gaming

The gaming industry has similar email marketing needs as the automotive industry. They help with new releases and provide more information about the new product. But, they also use emails to drive people to download or buy their games.

The gaming industry can take the liberty of using multiple high-quality images in their emails. It can be the most crucial element to help the subscribers visualize what the game would be like.

Single-column layout for gaming industry

Why we selected this design?

  • Stunning imagery
  • Simple layout
  • Uses bold fonts to draw attention
  • Vibrant color palette

10. Art

The art industry is undoubtedly a creative field. Depending on the art, they can use a standard single-column layout or something more complex like the zigzag layout.

Here, Tattly has taken the creative liberty to use zigzag elements in a single-column layout, making it more interesting. Also, they have made sure the design of the email is minimal so that the artwork stands out.

Single-column layout for art emails

Why we picked this design?

  • 🔥Lit layout
  • High readability
  • CTA grabs major attention

11. Food and Beverages

Usually, the food and beverages industry sends out emails containing coupons or special offers. So, a single-column layout will be suitable for such offers or promotional emails. Besides, a single-column email makes it simple and easy to understand the email as it has one main image followed by a single call-to-action.

For example, Starbucks has sent out an offer email to its subscribers telling them about their exclusive one-day offer. They have used a single image showcasing the featured product along with its call-to-action.

They have made their call-to-action more suitable for their offline business. So if you are also a brick-and-mortar shop, then you can use a similar call-to-action.

It shows that you don't necessarily have to use a button to solicit a call-to-action in emails.

Single-column layout for food and beverage industry

Why we chose this design?

  • Beautiful imagery
  • High readability
  • Unique CTA

What's next

Now that we have covered a few examples of different email designs, it's up to you to decide which layout and design best suits your email marketing needs.

If you don't know where to start, then check out Mailmodo. They provide ready-to-go templates for creating AMP emails, from surveys to abandoned cart emails.

You will be able to modify any of the templates to fit your needs.

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