17 Best AI Email Marketing Tools for All Use Cases

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Written by:Falak Preet Kaur


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Email marketing can be a handful and requires a lot of effort. AI email marketing tools can help you maximize your efforts by providing automation services like copywriting, email personalization, and automating various email marketing tasks. This article will cover some of the best AI email marketing tools that make your job 10x easier.

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How is AI used in email marketing?

Email marketing is a hectic portion of marketing with a lot of potentials to be automated. Thanks to AI, this process can be automated and yield good results from it.

  • Create compelling email copies.

AI writing tools can be useful when you want to generate compelling email copies. These tools assist in writing personalized and eye-catching content for an email that can increase open rates.

  • Design stunning emails

To make your emails attractive and to add beautiful imagery to them, there are many AI design tools that you can make use of. Check the list here.

  • Automate email marketing tasks

Email automation tasks like sending, responding, and optimizing emails can be easily automated using AI automation tools.

  • Contact management

It's necessary to always build a healthy and consistent relationship with your audience or customers. Many AI contact management tools easily clean up, manage and segment the data.

  • Send personalized emails

AI email personalization tools like Rasa and Lyne can assist in segmenting your email list and sending customized content per the users' tastes and preferences.

  • Provide email insights

Many AI email marketing tools also track email campaigns quickly by collecting huge amounts of data and helping you discover what is working and what is not.

10 AI email marketing tools

There are tons of AI email marketing tools in the market, and we know how much work it is to pick the right one for your business. We have curated a list of some of the best AI email marketing tools.

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AI Email Outreach tools

Cold email outreach can be a hassle when you are not getting enough positive responses, even after much effort. AI can be your coach in your email outreach activities.

1. Instantly AI

Instantly is an AI tool that helps you scale your outreach email campaigns with limitless email-sending accounts, warmups, and smart AI. It also optimizes and gives insights to help you understand what is working and what's not.

Key features:

  • You can clean and verify your leads lists and ensure the domains are set up properly for cold outreach.

  • The campaign builder lets you use variables, sequences, and smart scheduling to increase the deliverability and response rates.

  • To save time and effort, you can add separate campaigns for each sending account and add them all to one campaign.

  • With its campaign analytics feature, you can pause the campaigns that need work and scale the ones performing well.


Instantly comes with a free trial. If you want to scale and want to access more, there are two plans you can choose from, growth and hyper-growth. You can access the growth plan at $37 per month. Learn more about the pricing here.

2. Postaga

Postaga is an all-in-one link-building email outreach tool that assists you with backlinks and increases traffic to your website and shares. It comes with AI-assisted tools that help you analyze your content, find outreach opportunities, create campaigns, and send them.

Key features:

  • Postaga's Content Hub and Campaign Generator help you analyze your website and content and find the most effective campaign ideas designed specifically for you.

  • It also has an Opportunity finder tool that finds the best opportunities for getting backlinks, shares, and promotions relevant to your campaign type.

  • Content analyzer helps you run successful campaigns by providing insights on outbound links, key contacts, and information to include in the emails.

  • It also has AI-assisted features for personalized emails, a contact finder, email automation, and outreach assistance.


Postaga comes with a 14-day free trial for all its plans.

It has different pricing plans; Pro and Agency. The pro plan can be accessed at $99 per month. However, you can get it for $89 if you pay yearly. Check the two pricing plans here.

3. Smartwriter AI

Smartwriter is an AI email marketing tool that helps generate personalized emails that can get positive replies faster and cheaper. It automates email outreach, so you don't have to research constantly.

Key features:

  • It collects the prospect's data and helps you create tailored emails.

  • Helps you build 1-on-1 relationships with the customers. At scale

  • It has a Chrome extension that finds verified emails and LinkedIn data that can be used to personalize the emails.

  • AI helps you read blogs, understand the context, and generate personalized backlink requests using the data from blog content and upscales your link acquisition.


Smartwriter comes with 3 different pricing plans; basic, popular, and pro. The basic plan starts at $59 per month. However, you can save 20% if you choose to pay yearly. Here's the full pricing plan.

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AI Email writers

AI email writers can help you with the content of your emails. These tools use AI to write the best and high-quality content quickly.


YAMM is an easy-to-use AI email writer that lets you write subject lines and emails and analyze sentiments, grammar, and tone fixer. You can send an end number of emails and increase your chances of landing in your prospects' inboxes.

Key features:

  • You can integrate Gmail and Google Sheets to speed up email sending.

  • You can personalize subject lines, email body, links, images, and attachments to make your emails effective.

  • In real-time, you can track open rates, clicks, responses, bounce rates, and unsubscribes from Google Sheets.

  • You can schedule your mail merge to go out at the right time to increase your chances of getting it opened.


YAMM comes with a free plan under an individual category that you can try before committing to the product. It comes with a limit of only 50 recipients per day. You can try out the personal and professional plans to scale. The personal plan is priced at $25 per month. They also have plans for teams. Check the full pricing plan here.

2. Botowski

Botowski is another AI email writer that helps you write amazing email copies by providing them with a few lines of description. It also offers a range of automatic content generation tools which generates catchy slogans for branding purposes, email templates, and blog content.

Key features:

  • It helps generate increased quality ideas for a professional or personal email; the AI Email Writer can help get your creative juices flowing.

  • You can even set up a tone for your email. You need to provide a description and pick a suitable tone, and it will generate a well-written email for you in minutes.

  • It provides you with various copy templates. So, if you don't like the first copy, you can generate multiple copies and pick whichever you like.


Botowski comes with a free plan with a limit of 15,000 words per month and 500 words per day. But if you want to upgrade, there are a starter, pro and premium plans. The starter plan is priced at $19 per month. Check the full pricing plan here.

3. Flowrite

Flowrite is an AI email writer that writes your emails and messages for you and helps you hit your targets in less time and effort. This AI-powered email writer can write messages for teams like sales, marketing, leadership, customer support, etc.

Key features:

  • You need to provide a few line instructions, and it uses imagination to write you the best email copy for your business.

  • You can use it for Gmail, LinkedIn, and Outlook to reach your prospects and increase the success rate.

  • It provides you with three different high-quality versions that are personalized to the recipient. You can pick the one that suits the best.

  • You can also give a brief about your role to Flowrite, which helps you write the best copy per your designation.


Flowrite has 4 different plans, with a 14-day free trial. The basic plan starts at $4. Learn more about the pricing plans here.

Tons of AI copywriting tools provide email writing assistance. To know more, check out this guide.

AI email subject line generator

Subject lines matter a lot as they are the ones that attract the viewer to open the email. There are many AI email subject line generators that you can use to create compelling subject lines.

1. Reply

Reply is an AI-backed tool designed to help users generate catchy and compelling subject lines for cold emails. It provides fresh and creative email subject lines in minutes.

Key features:

  • Maximizes open and reply rates with compelling and eye-catching subject lines.

  • It also assists with quality checks after you've found the subject line for you.

  • It also helps you send and add people to whom you send emails.


Reply comes with a free plan which has limited credits. You can upgrade to other plans as well. The starter plan is priced at $60 per month. There are other plans that you can discover here.

Salesblink is an email outreach platform. Its subject line generator is specifically designed for sales emails. All you need to do is feed the service you offer and the name of the company, and it generates some great subject lines for you.

Key features:

  • Generates good email subject lines that can help attract the prospect's attention and convert them faster.

  • If you don't like the subject lines, you can generate many more to pick from.

  • It also mentions the possible open rate for each subject line to help you pick the right one.


This feature is free-to-use.

3. Encharge

Encharge is an AI-powered tool that creates unique subject lines based on GPT-3 technology. You have to enter some context, company name, and tone, and it helps you generate seven compelling email subject lines.

Key features:

  • Provides more than 20 tones of voice, including assertive, appreciative, informative, convincing, friendly, and urgent.

  • If you prefer something other than the first set of subject lines, it keeps generating more subject lines.


The tool is free-to-use.

Write winning subject lines with our free ebook

Proven subject line framework to get higher opens

AI email responders

Responding to the same queries from your clients can be a hassle and a lengthy process. AI email responding can help you automate this task. AI Email responders are AI automation tools that automatically respond to queries or messages like emails.

1. Mailytica

Mailytica's email bot organizes incoming emails and uses artificial intelligence to suggest responses automatically. The text understanding is based on more than keyword recognition. Instead, it understands the context of the emails by using NLP models, making it stand out from regular email automation tools.

Key Features:

  • Automatically replies to emails with quick and customized responses.
  • The email bot understands the keywords and the context of the incoming message.
  • The AI learns and improves its accuracy and effectiveness with every new email.
  • Comes with integrations like Outlook, Gmail, API, etc.


You can have a small demo before committing to the tool. The pricing starts at $106 for up to 1500 emails per month. You can check out more plans here.

2. OMQ Reply

OMQ Reply understands and analyzes the customer emails and automatically responds to the general known questions. You can integrate OMQ Reply as a plugin in other ticketing systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc. It helps you keep track of different types of upcoming emails, which can be a lengthy procedure if done manually.

Key features:

  • It understands the context and intent of the message with AI models,

  • It helps you keep track of all the different types of queries or messages from your customers.

  • It filters out individual questions, highlights them, and automatically generates a response.

  • It automatically updates the progress of the tickets to document better and keep track of open and closed tickets. So, you always send a reply to your clients.


The starter plan is available at $161. There are also business, corporate, and enterprise plans that you can check out here.

3. Nanonets

AI email writers and autoresponders by Nanonets can help you automate replies and save work hours. It can respond to recurring emails and send personalized emails automatically.

Key features:

  • Reads and responds to emails you want it to respond to; these can be your frequently received emails.

  • With its powerful email writer, you can write compelling email content by providing it with a few keywords.

  • AI email autoresponders use NLP and machine learning to understand emails, context, and intent and generate personalized responses.

  • Provides various email automation services to automate outbound email campaigns and customer service email replies.


Nanonets AI Email Autoresponder is completely free-to-use.

4. Email Tree

Email Tree is an AI email marketing tool that helps you reply effectively to your emails with its Smart Reply and AI-Powered suggestion engines so that you respond to the most complex questions with increased quality and the most relevant answers.

Key features:

  • Automates email responses with an easy-to-use AI feature, enhanced with real-time responses.

  • Lets you focus only on the important tasks by automating the most common responses and processes.

  • Helps you generate personalized messages with faster response times that will increase revenue and keep customers connected.

  • The AI will help simplify complex conversations by letting you edit and train its knowledge base in real-time.


Email Tree comes with five different pricing plans. The starter plan is available for $75. Here's the whole pricing plan that you can check out.

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AI Email personalization and analytics

Personalization is the key feature of AI in email marketing. Personalized emails can help you reach prospects and convert them as they provide content based on the users' preferences.

1. Optimove

Optimove is a CRM software that helps you to automate and personalize your emails. Additionally, it guarantees email deliverability, provides performance data, and monitors the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Key features:

  • Helps increase customer engagement and revenue through personalization.

  • Offers an email personalization feature called Optimail that allows you to send personalized emails to customers.

  • It leverages AI that helps track promotional emails and improves the success rate.

  • Ensures that each prospect sees the most relevant message, product, price, and offer, even if they open it after being sent long ago.


Optimove comes with various features and has different plans for different types of users. You will have to contact the sales team to get the demo and pricing for this product.

2. Rasa is an AI-powered newsletter tool that helps you to send personalized emails to your subscribers and help them stay engaged. Every email you send out with this tool is completely personalized to each of your prospects.

Key features:

  • Helps increase the click-through rate of your emails by sending each prospect-tailored email.

  • With their automation tools, you can still take charge of your strategy while simultaneously saving time and effort.

  • Analyzes previous prospect data and suggests the most suitable email content for every user.


Rasa has three different pricing plans; you can easily find the perfect fit for your business. The Plus plan costs $140 monthly for small to medium businesses. Check out all the plans here.

3. SeventhSense (For Hubspot and Marketo)

SeventhSense is a unique AI email marketing tool that helps drive maximum engagement and performance. It acts as an extension or a booster to your existing email marketing program.

Key features:

  • Increases engagement and improves the effectiveness of current email marketing software.
  • Leverages AI to optimize and personalize email delivery times for each user in the database.
  • Helps in increasing open rates, email deliverability, and click-through rates.
  • Helps you increase conversations and engagement through constant improvement in deliverability and personalization.


For Hubspot, Seventh Sense comes with a business and enterprise plan. The business plan is priced at $80 per month. However, you can get it for $64 monthly if you pay yearly. Check the Hubspot pricing plan here.

If you use Marketo, the business plan will cost you $450 per month, and you can get it for $360 if you choose to pay yearly. Check the Marketo pricing plan here.

"I love seventhsense. It has many positives. My favorite is the staggered send. When SS sends for you, it staggers and drips the emails throughout the day so that you have higher deliverability - especially when you are sending to a lot of contacts in the same company."

  • Chandler R. - Marketing Program Manager at Biotech

4. Lyne AI

Lyne AI is an AI email marketing tool that combines AI and email to help you send hyper-personalized emails at scale and boost your deliverability and open rates. It improves the success rate of your cold outreach emails by leveraging AI.

Key features:

  • It helps you personalize your emails based on the user's online activities.

  • Lyne helps you scale generating leads for your business or agency with its AI-driven features with no extra effort.

  • It has a feature called AI icebreakers that allows you to connect easily with your prospects by researching and providing insights quickly.

  • It also has a sales navigator that helps you scrap targeted leads from LinkedIn.


Lyne has a free plan with only 50 email credits, and if you would like to scale, they also have three different plans starting at $39 per month. You can get it for $32 per month if you choose to pay yearly. Check all the plans here.


These AI email marketing tools, including email responders, outreach tools, email writers and personalization, etc., can help you improve open rates, reach your prospects, scale the responses and automate many email marketing tasks that would take hours and even days to be executed.

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Frequently asked questions

There are various AI email writing tools that can write compelling email copies, like Yet Another Mail Merge, Botowski, Flowrite, Hypotenuse, Smartwriter, Lola AI, Lavender AI, Jasper, Jarvis, Copy AI, etc.

You need to use an AI email writer to create an AI email. Most AI email generators ask you for a few keywords related to the topic, and it automatically generates an email for you.

AI can be used in email marketing in various ways, including writing email copies, personalization, email automation, email analytics, cold email outreach, etc.

You can benefit from AI in email marketing with several benefits like personalization, audience segmentation, email automation, analysis, email copy generation, cold email outreach, etc.

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