20 AI Design Tools to Optimize Your Design Workflow

ByNupur Mittal


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From finding the right color palette to inspirations for the layout, a designer's job is filled with the ability to generate creative ideas. The pressure to deliver exceptional designs within tight deadlines is ever-present; that's why delegating and automating minor tasks could be a saving grace.

And what could be better than leveraging AI tools?

So, I've handpicked ten fantastic yet underrated 20 AI design tools to craft compelling designs, boost your workflow, and impress your clients.

Table of contents

How does an AI design tool work?

Most AI design tools work in the same pattern. You give the tool a prompt based on your imagination, and then these tools turn your text input into an image as best as possible.

AI tools can assist you in generating images, from artwork to avatars to posters, flyers, and even book covers. They can support your design and marketing tasks by providing creative assets for you instantly.

💡 Pro tip: Make your prompt as descriptive as possible, as this would help the tool develop an accurate image.

AI design tools for modern designers

These 20 AI design tools have a range of features to explore. I have given a comprehensive description of each tool with its pricing.

AI design use case AI design tool Best for
Landing page/Website builder Uncody Creating landing pages
Uizard UI/UX designers to design website mockups
Fronty UI/UX designers to generate websites Product teams, UI/UX designers to develop 3D and animated sites.
Image generator Generating unique artwork
Microsoft designer Day-to-day basic design requirements
Magestic Figma users to generate icons and images Designers for creating professional artworks
Scribble Diffusion Converting hand-drawn sketches into digital art. Creating quizzes, stories, graphics for mobile devices. Creating ads and social media posts
Editing tools Lunacy Editing images and avatar generation
Runaway Generating or creation of multimedia
Let’s Enhance Enhancing the image quality
Branded content generator Ecommerce brands to develop compelling product images. Create branded content such as product display.
Logo design Looka Designing logos and business cards.
Color palette generator Khroma Generating color palettes Generating videos and voice overs in multiple languages.
Own tool stack developer UI and graphic designers who wants to code their tool stack.

The following sections will give you a comprehensive list of 20 best ai tools for designers.

Website and landing page builder AI tools

Make web design easy with these 4 AI design tools:

1. Uncody

Best for: Creating landing pages

Uncody AI website generator

Uncody is an AI-based landing page builder that creates the entire landing page based on your prompt. It works like any other landing page builder, but unlike those, it creates a customizable landing page in under a minute.

Key features

  • Create responsive landing pages without any coding skills. The tool does it all by itself.

  • Publish a website using a custom domain for paid plan users.

  • Browse and add icons from the prebuilt icon library.

  • Option to optimize websites for search engines.

Pricing: Starter $0/month, Pro $9/month, and Pro+ $39/month.

G2 rating: NA

Here’s what Rowan Cheung, an AI expert, said about this tool:

“This new tool is like ChatGPT for generating professional websites in seconds.”

2. Uizard

Best for: UI/UX designers to design website mockups, wireframes, and layouts.


Uizard offers AI designers for creating text-to-mockup functionality, wireframe creation from hand-drawn sketches, and real-time collaboration.

It's helpful when you want to develop a website but do not know where to begin. So, you can feel some web design ideas (such as Airbnb, Amazon, or eBay) and let AI curate a similar design for you to work on.

Key features

  • Scan your hand-drawn sketches and get a professional-looking wireframe in minutes.

  • Real-time collaboration with your team to collect feedback and improve the design.

  • Upload images and generate themes and layouts based on the content of that image.

  • Upload screenshots of well-designed websites and create your own using Uizard.

Pricing: Free: $0/month, Pro: $19/month, and Business: $39/month (billed yearly)

G2 rating: 3.8/5

"I've been using Uizard for a while now, and I can proudly say it has been an amazing platform for transforming my ideas into prototypes, and not only this, since Uizard has a wonderful community that helps you improve your design skills and answer your questions about its use." - Joel, self-employed.

3. Fronty

Best for: UI/UX designers to generate websites


Fonty is an image-to-HTML CSS converter tool. You need to upload an image in the tool, and it will generate a website in HTML CSS versions. So, next time you like a website, take a screenshot and generate your version using Fronty.

Key features

  • Launch your website, set up the domain, and optimize for search engines.

  • No-code editor to customize the website you create using this tool.

  • Convert images into HTML CSS code. No coding skills are needed.

Pricing: Freemium, Pro: $4.25/month, and Advanced $9/month.

G2 rating: NA


Best for: Product teams, UI/UX designers to develop 3D and animated sites

DoraRun AI website and landing page generator helps you generate creative 3D and animated websites with text-to-website functionality. Whether you’re building a website for your client or your business, this tool will help you speed up the process. Let AI do the groundwork, and you can edit it later.

Key features

  • Convert static designs into the 3D format with their 3D interaction generator.

  • Add various animations to your design.

  • Text-to-website generator.

Pricing: Free

G2 rating: NA

AI Image and artwork generator

Don’t want to use stock images anymore? Create unique images and artwork with these 7 AI image and artwork generator.


Best for: Generating unique artwork AI design tool is a superb text-to-image generator with the highest accuracy and reliability. I asked it to create a painting with Tulips (Check out the above image), which delivered mindblowing results.

Key features

  • Options to choose the preferred style and theme to make unique art.

  • Generate new and unique art forms from existing images.

  • Royalty-free images for commercial and personal use.

  • Prompt Enhancer that makes your prompts 10X better.

  • High-resolution 2k px images.

Pricing: Creator: $45/month, Teams:$125/month, and Business: Custom pricing

G2 rating: 4.7/5

"Jasper saves me so much time. When I discovered it, I felt like I had teleported 20 years into the future. I like that it makes my life easy." - Hannah B., Bed and Breakfast

6. Microsoft designer

Best for: Day-to-day basic design requirements especially for Microsoft 365 users.

Microsoft Designer AI design tool

Designer is a Microsoft AI graphic design tool that helps you design high-quality digital postcards, graphics, invitations, and more to share on social channels or websites. Its intuitive interface and powerful features give 1-click design suggestions for your ideas and can even help you create custom images.

Key features

  • Generate compelling headlines, hashtags, and social media captions.

  • Build your brand kit and use it to fasten your design process.

  • A vast collection of images, fonts, and color palettes.

  • Generate images with AI-based prompting models.

Pricing: Free

G2 rating: NA

7. Magestic

Best for: Figma users to generate icons and images with prompts.

Magestic AI Figma plugin

Magestic AI is a Figma text-to-image plugin that allows you to create compelling and complicated design assets in a few minutes. The interface is also intuitive, even if you’re a beginner designer.

Key features

  • Generate icons and images of all kinds.

  • Super easy to use and set up.

  • Option to remove background.

Pricing: Sorcerer: $5/month, Wizard: $18/month, and Druid: $50/month.

G2 rating: NA


Best for: Designers for creating professional artworks

I fed this prompt in Playform and it gave me this output. Create a whimsical pastel artwork portraying a child with butterfly wings, surrounded by a garden of pastel-colored flowers and magical creatures.

The tool did a good job with the prompt.

Playform AI image generator is a cutting-edge AI design tool allowing designers to create stunning visuals easily. With its intuitive interface and powerful algorithms, users can produce high-quality designs in a fraction of the time it would take manually. is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to streamline their design process, from logos to illustrations.

Key features

  • Generate new and multiple faces or edit specific facial attributes with FaceMix.

  • Train models to create your program from scratch by uploading image sets.

  • Upload your sketches and generate artwork from them.

  • Replicate the style of an existing image.

Pricing: Free: $0/month, Plus:$10/month, Pro:$30/month, and Studio: $50/month.

G2 rating: NA

9. Scribble Diffusion

Best for: Converting hand-drawn sketches into digital art

Scribble Diffusion AI image generator

Do you struggle to create impressive sketches by hand? Let AI do it for you. Upload your sketches' pictures in Scribble Diffusion. Describe your image, and the tool will create a well-refined sketch, just like the image above.

Key features

  • Super straightforward to use and navigate.

  • Create icons, illustrations, art, wireframes, and more.

  • Upload your sketches, no matter how bad, and it will convert them into compelling designs.

Pricing: Free

G2 rating: NA


Best for: Creating quizzes, stories, graphics for mobile devices. AI design tool for designers

Piggy is a mobile app that helps you create stories, quizzes, albums, greetings, and invitations based on the prompt you feed into it. Apart from this, you can also ask the tool to summarize text for you. The tool is still in beta, so it’s free to use.

Key features

  • Simple to use as you have to enter a single-line prompt.

  • App versions are available for Android and iOS users.

  • Summarize text of up to 2500 words.

Pricing: Free

G2 rating: 4.9/5

"This app is amazing in every way!!! The design and already-made content and templates are all useful and amazing! Such a great great app!" Gray Tecson, Freelancer


Best for: Creating ads and social media posts

Adcreative AI design tool helps you create high-quality, custom ads and other graphics in just a few minutes. also offers a range of features to help you optimize your ad for maximum impact, such as A/B testing and ad performance analytics. Overall, the tool is a great option for businesses looking to create effective, professional ads quickly and easily.

Key features

  • Generate conversion-focused headlines for ads and social media posts

  • Generate compelling ads and social media posts with text-to-image generators.

  • Connect your ads account with the tool to get insights into your ad performance.

Pricing: 7-days free trial. Starter: $21/month, premium: $44/month, Ultimate: $74/month, and Scale-up: $111/month.

Please note: All the prices mentioned above are after deducting the 25% discount the company offers. If this changes, we'll update this page, or you can always check their pricing page.

G2 rating: 4.4/5

AI editing tools

Edit your images like a pro with the help of AI with these 3 easy to use tools:

12. Lunacy

Best for: Editing images and avatar generation


Lunacy is a free design software launched by Icons8. It has AI components that can help you edit your images, such as background remover, image optimizer, and more. So, next time you need to create an illustrated avatar for yourself or your client, use Lunacy.

Key features

  • Remove the background of the image.

  • Enhance the quality and resolution of the image.

  • Generate a user avatar to put next to testimonials, contact lists, etc.

  • Generate placeholder text for your interfaces. (Helpful when creating similar posts but with different content)

Pricing: Free

G2 rating: 4.4/5

13. Runaway

Best for: Generating or creation of multimedia — images, videos, or audios.

Runaway AI design tool

Runaway offers a collection of AI-based tools for generating and editing images, videos, and audio. The tool is affordable and offers top-notch functionality.

Key features

  • Create a new video from an existing one with Gen-1 — use an existing image, write a text prompt, or pick from one of Runway’s preset styles.

  • Easily train your own AI image generator for endlessly customized portraits and more.

  • A vast library of AI-based tools for editing and creation:

  • Upscale image

  • Frame interpolation

  • Image variation

  • Super-slow motion

  • Motion tracking

Pricing: Forever free plan, standard $15/month, pro $35/month, and custom plan.

G2 rating: NA

14. Let’s Enhance

Best for: Enhancing the image quality

Let's Enhance AI image editor

Let's enhance the image's quality by fixing its color, lighting, brightness, pixels, etc. No more low-quality images. And if you want to generate images for your design project, this AI design tool can help you.

Key features

  • Text-to-image generator for stunning illustrations and images.

  • Enhance the look of your image by improving its resolution.

  • Get 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) to print the best images.

Pricing: Free: $0/month, 100 credits: $9/month, 300 credits: $24/month, and 500 credits: $34/month.

G2 rating: 4.6/5

Branded content generator

Strengthen your brand identity and products with these AI branded content generator


Best for: Create branded content such as product display

Flair AI design tool is a drag-and-drop editor that helps you present it in a compelling manner. Add your product image and accessories, such as icons, and enter a prompt to add a relevant background.

Key features

  • Smart prompt recommendations that offer prompt examples and autocomplete features.

  • Editing options include removing blemishes and background or adjusting the color contrast.

  • Browse through their user-generated gallery for inspiration.

Pricing: Free trial, Professional $10/month, and custom plan.

G2 rating: NA


Best for: Ecommerce brands to develop compelling product images

Mokker-AI-Instant-AI-Background-Replacement is a text-to-image tool that develops image backgrounds within seconds. You need to upload a few product images, enter the background you want, and you will be ready. The tool will generate many variations for you to choose from.

Key features

  • Intuitive dashboard and super easy to use.

  • Multiple background ideas to choose from.

Pricing: Free

G2 rating: NA

"Super easy to use and really quick after the initial training of my product (which took about 40 min). Some photos are not completely realistic, but overall I'm amazed how good the photos look!" - Christian Blomberg, G2M advisor

AI logo generator

Generate logo and create your own brand with this AI logo generator tool.

17. Looka

Best for: Designing logos and business cards

Looka - AI logo generator

Looka is an affordable logo generator that is super easy to use. You need to add your company name, choose the industry and color palette, and it will generate many logo options.

You also get a super diverse customization dashboard, allowing you to try out different colors, fonts, backgrounds, and icons to make it pop. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out!

Key features

  • Logo preview on different devices and digital marketing essentials – banners, social media channels, ads, digital flyers, posters, and more.

  • Build your brand kit for social media, marketing, business promotion, and more.

  • Logo printing on clothes, mugs, bottles, and stationery.

  • Super easy and quick to use.

Pricing: Basic: $20 and premium $65 – both are one-time purchases. Brand kit: $96/year, and Brand kit web $192/year.

G2 rating: 3.0/5

"The site itself is fairly streamlined and simple to use, and the user interface is decent. On the actual branding side of the equation, if you take your business seriously and are looking to create a brand that resonates with your target audience, this is like a cheap bandaid." - Alexandra J., Art Director

Video and voice over generator and editor

Edit your videos and do voice overs with these two affordable AI design tools.


Best for: Generating videos and voice overs in multiple languages.

DesignAI design tool

Design.AI is a complete toolkit to design different assets such as posts, banners, videos, voiceovers, brand kits, logos, and content. It’s helpful for designers, content writers, or beginner marketers.

Key features

  • Transform articles, posts, and text scripts into videos in more than 20 languages.

  • Generate images with text-to-image features.

  • 10k+ templates and icons to get inspiration.

  • Generate voice overs in 15+ languages.

  • Generate a logo and your brand kit.

Pricing: 30-days free trial, Basic: $29/month, Professional $69/month, and custom plan.

G2 rating: NA

"I have been using this tool for 2 weeks and so far I have found that this tool is very suitable for new entrepreneurs like me who are intensively promoting on social media to get new customers. The Background remover & Bulk edit features are the features I use most often. Keep it up!" - Husni M., Product Marketing Analyst

AI color palettes generator

Generate multiple color palettes in a few minute with these free AI color palette generator.

19. Khroma

Best for: Generating color palettes

Khroma AI color palette generator

Khroma generates hundreds of color palettes automatically. The tool asks you to choose 50 colors, based on which it develops hundreds of color combinations.

Key features

  • Preview each palette in dark or light mode.

  • Generate hundreds of color palettes based on your color preferences.

  • Get gradients, fonts, and image backgrounds using the same color palettes.

Pricing: Free

G2 rating: NA

Own tool stack AI developer

Want to build you own design tool stack? Use this easy to use AI tool.


Best for: UI and graphic designers who wants to code their own tool stack

ComponentsAI design tool is an open-source coding tool that helps designers to build different design components such as layouts, pages, logos, icons, and more.

Key features

  • Import the theme of your existing website and get its CSS analyzed for color, typography, fonts, motion, and spacing values.

  • Design a digital interface with a vast library of modular scales for color, shadow, typography, and fonts.

  • Generate colors for your design and develop relevant color pallets.

  • Library of premade custom designs.

Pricing: Creators $0, Pro $24/month, and custom pricing for enterprise

G2 rating: NA


AI design tools have already changed how designers approach their work and will continue to change. Rather than seeing these tools as replacements, they should be viewed as virtual assistants. They save time that would have been spent on menial tasks such as removing image backgrounds, improving image quality, or creating wireframes for prototypes. With proper guidance, AI excels at these tasks.

Incorporating these tools into your workflow can help streamline minor tasks and empower you to invest your valuable time in high-impact work. The outcome? Faster, more efficient design generation and better results all around.

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