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Does your business send out emails confirming an order, password recovery, membership renewal, and similar messages to your customers? Every day, businesses worldwide send out thousands of such emails, most of which are clicked, opened, and read. Even if your business sends such automated emails, you may not have much control over them, which can be a bane for marketers who understand such emails' latent benefits.

These emails, if optimized, can provide powerful marketing opportunities to your business. Here we are discussing transactional emails and how you can harness the ones you send out for your business's benefit. But first, the basics.

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What is a Transactional Email?

Also referred to as "triggered email," transactional emails are action-triggered emails that businesses have to send to a recipient pertaining to a transaction or interaction. We call them transactional because these messages are triggered when a customer or a prospect transacts or interacts with an app or a website. Confirmation emails, password recovery emails, invoice emails, etc., are some common examples.

What are the benefits of Transactional Emails?

Though transactional emails are different from marketing emails, these emails carry quite some potential for businesses. Here's how:

1. Boosting conversion

These are the messages that your customer considers a must-open in response to an ongoing transaction with your business. That's why these emails have 8 times more open and engagement rate than your usual marketing emails, all of which provide a solid ground for more conversion for your business.

2. Developing customer trust

Transactional emails provide your customers with important confirmation and communication throughout their buying journey. And so, these emails eliminate your customers' doubts and address their concerns at different touchpoints during the transactions, thereby helping them trust your brand for its exceptional cooperation and communication.

3. Improving brand recognition

Another benefit of transactional emails is that you can plant your brand's visuals and elements in your prospects' minds through these one-off messages. When they see your logo, colors, typography, etc., often, it'll be easier for them to remember your brand in the future.

4. Timing

One of the best benefits of transactional emails is that they are sent in real-time, which means that with effective email marketing, you can prompt the user to take any action and even turn them into buyers.

5. Relevance

With the help of transactional emails, you can garner behavioral data that’ll help you gain more perspective on how your user is responding. You can then create personalised emails that adds real value to the emails that you send out to your segmented customers and have them interact with your brand.

How to send transactional emails?

Today, there are tools for everything, including transactional email tools. Most marketers today opt for transactional email software for leveraging their benefits. Transactional email software helps businesses send more emails in real-time, faster, and ensures they are delivered to their customers. Once your account is set with best email solutions like Mailmodo, you can send promotional emails by-

  • Using SMTP

  • Using API or

  • Using Open Source and plug-ins

What to look for while choosing transactional email software?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to picking the right transactional software for your business. Consider if the software you are considering has:

1. Ready-made templates

Check whether your email software gives you ready-made email templates or the option to design your own email newsletters. A ready-made assortment of beautiful temples is a bonus.

2. Editing option for convenience

Are you able to seamlessly edit and personalize emails for your users? Editing feature adds flexibility which is a must if you are looking for creating dynamic email marketing campaigns.

3. User journey builder & email automation

It’s essential that your software lets you track user behavioral history and craft optimized campaigns. Another key feature which is a must-have in your email software is Email Automation that’ll automate monotonous tasks and save time on your end.

4. Integration with CRMs and other tools

Check if your email software is integrating with other marketing parallels and apps or online stores. Since the overall aim of email software is to optimize your online business, you don’t want a glitch in its integration.

5. Reports and dashboards

Does your email marketing software have an easy-to-understand interface? Ensure that it has a simplified dashboard where you can check all your activities and key performance indicators, and metrics that narrow down your business’s online performance in simple terms.

6. Flexible pricing

Perhaps the most integral factor while picking your email software is the pricing. Always check if the features you’re paying for can really take your business a notch up or not.

Best transactional email software and its features

1. Mailmodo

One of the most used email sending software, Mailmodo, is designed for the modern marketer. Apart from taking care of all the email hassle, it has some really cool features that make it stand out from the rest.

Key features:

The stellar software offers features like coding-free AMP emails, auto-trigger transactional emails, support all around the clock, flexible pricing options, and a simple build that seamlessly integrates with all your apps and other tools.


You can start your free trial with 3,000 emails per month after which, Mailmodo only charges you a modest $39 for a whopping 15,000 emails per month, making it one of the most affordable transactional email software out there.

2. SendGrid

Known for its scalability and deliverability, SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP email software. SendGrid gives you multiple integration options and provides feedback on your emails. The software also lets you create email marketing campaigns apart from just automating transactional emails.

Key features:

SendGrid lets you enjoy an array of features like the option to send large volumes of emails using a UNIX timestamp parameter, IP Warm-Up, 2-Factor authentication, and more.


You can send 100 emails for free with the essential package starting at $14.95 for 1,00,000 emails per month.

3. SendinBlue

Sendinblue is a cloud-based email marketing service that manages and automates marketing and email campaigns. Designed to be a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs, SendinBlue also provides SMS marketing service and insights on your transactional email performance.

Key features:

SendInBlue lets you choose your email template from the template library or design your own template from scratch. Adding to the personalization features are CRM, Marketing Automation, segmentation, and more.


You can send 100 emails per day for free with innumerable contacts, after which SendinBlue charges you $25 for the basic package.

4. Postmark

Postmark is one of the most affordable SMTP transactional email services out there. With its SMTP servers distributed worldwide, the software stands out in a fast email delivery to your contacts.

Key features:

This tool lets you keep tabs on the number of emails that were opened in a day and the amount of time spent on your emails, thereby providing you with crucial insights. Adding to the key features are Email templates, SMTP Service, Message stream, analytics, and more.


Postmark lets you send 10,000 emails for $10 in its basic package.

5. Campaign monitor

Just as the name suggests, Campaign Monitor helps you monitor all the metrics vital for your marketing campaigns, thereby helping you optimize them. You can also design your personalized emails with its drag-and-drop email builder.

Key features:

With Campaign Monitor, you can enjoy features that help you personalize your emails like contacts and segmentation, data analytics, and other marketing automation services.


Campaign Monitor lets you send 2,500 emails for $9 in its starting package.

Wrapping up

Transactional emails cover a significant spot in the world of email marketing. If you don't know where to start, then Mailmodo is the place to begin!

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