The Sendgrid alternative you've been looking for: Mailmodo vs Sendgrid

Tired of complicated email platforms that demand technical expertise? Looking to switch to a marketer-friendly one? You’re in the right place. Here’s why fast-growing teams pick Mailmodo as their Sendgrid alternative.

Is Mailmodo the best Sendgrid alternative for you?

The right email marketing tool can make or break your marketing process, so it essential that you pick the right tool to power your business. In this page, we give you a detailed breakdown of both platforms to help you pick the right one. A quick summary if you're new to the domain.

Mailmodo builds on the power of interactive and dynamic emails with AMP to create unique email experiences with a complete suite of email marketing features..

The Mailmodo platform is designed to improve email conversions, increase engagement and help businesses to grow.

Sendgrid is a popular choice for high-volume and transactional email marketing. Started as an API company, SendGrid was built for developers to help companies send emails faster, better, and more efficiently regardless of the environment.

The cloud-based email infrastructure helps manage the technical details involved with email servers.

Feature wise comparison

As much as we'd like to be your marketing partner, we want nothing but to see you get the best results. It's okay if we're not the right choice for you. So here's a fair comparison of Mailmodo and Sendgrid.

Email creationNo code (drag and drop) AMP email editor
No code (drag-and-drop) HTML email editor
Supports sending of AMP email
Forms that can be filled within email
Conditional logical inside email forms
Personalization in emails
Importing custom-coded email templates
A/B testingA/B testing subject line
A/B testing content
A/B testing from name
A/B testing send time
Email sendingSMTP preferences available
Whitelisting assistance for AMP email
Dedicated IP address
IP and domain warm-up
Add your own custom domains
Email validation
Timezone sending
Sub user management
Contact managementUnlimited free upload of contacts
Segmentation and filtering of contacts
Advanced segmentation
Unlimited filtering
Unlimited number of audience of contact lists
Suppression management
Transactional emails and workflowsTrigger-based email campaigns
API email triggers
Webhook triggers
CRM and app-based triggers
Email automation sequences
Visual email automation builder
Conditional logic in email sequence
IntegrationsIntegration with Shopify for e-commerce
Integration with Magento, WooCommerce
Integration with Zapier
Integration with Hubspot CRM
Integration with website builders
Integration with marketing analytics tools
Additional marketing featuresLanding page builder
Signup form builder for client’s webpage
Forms inside emails
SupportEmail and chat support
Phone Support
Ticket support
Knowledge center

When to choose which - Mailmodo vs Sendgrid

Mailmodo comes with a slightly different value proposition when compared to Sendgrid. Here's a fair assessment of which platform serves best when.

  • You want to centralize all your email marketing efforts through a single tool complete with integrations to your system.
  • Mailmodo fits you better if you are looking for a host of email marketing features (like bulk emailing, email automation, transactional emails and more) all packed into one.
  • You want to send interactive and dynamic AMP emails.
  • You have several and growing lists of subscribers.
  • SendGrid is built by developers for developers which means your tech team will probably love it. Your marketing team, however, may not be comfortable navigating without tech intervention.
  • You have complex requirements beyond what a flexible ESP can provide.

What all you get with Mailmodo

We stand apart in some of our features which has our customers picking Mailmodo as the best Sendrgid alternative.

AMP Emails

No code AMP email creation and sending

AMP email not supported

Transactional emails

Available on all plans

Transactional emails come in Email API plans and is priced differently

Contact list management

Get unlimited contact list with Mailmodo

Sendgrid pricing plans come with contact list limits, 2,000 new contacts/per month on free plan. The pricing varies according to the contact list on higher plans.

Dedicated support

Get 24x7 support on email, chat or phone

Available on higher plans only

Available on higher plans only

150,000 sending limits/month on basic plan

Sendgrid has a limit of 6,000 emails/month on free plan. The pricing varies according to the send limits on higher plans

Is Mailmodo right for you?

250% Increase In Response Rate

We saw a massive 250% increase in responses to our NPS survey emails. Our merchants loved the email as it enabled them to share their thoughts with us without even getting redirected once.

Subhash Dash

Marketing, Razorpay

Mailmodo as a marketing platform can accommodate an exhaustive number of use cases and requirements. However, based on our experience and customer interactions, here are the major use cases and requirements that are best served by Mailmodo.

  • Improving the ROI of your email marketing campaigns is your priority
  • You want to leverage the power of AMP emails to send interactive and dynamic emails without any coding
  • You want to send high-volume email to engage your subscribers and prospects
  • You want to build agile email automation workflows for lead engagement, customer retention, and transactions
  • You want to use APIs to integrate your system with the email marketing tool
  • You want to support your sales teams with an email marketing tool designed for booking more demos and calls
  • You are a Shopify owner looking to improve your sales with email marketing
  • Conducting surveys or collecting feedback is essential for your business
  • You are looking for a scalable email marketing tool that can grow with your business.

Why Mailmodo is the preferred Sendgrid alternative

Leverage the power of interactive AMP emails with Mailmodo to boost your email campaign performance. Here's what it means for you.

High conversions

Mailmodo lets you add forms, carts, calendars, and app widgets within emails to make it interactive and actionable leading to higher conversions

Dedicated support

Get support when you need it the most, via email, chat or phone. Our deliverability and performance experts will ensure better email marketing ROI.

More features, more savings

Well-tailored plans suited for all your growing needs. Get a large suite of features to empower your email marketing team to explore growth like never before.

What product experts say about Mailmodo

Our clients speak

Companies Trust Mailmodo to Deliver Great Email Experience

250% Increase In Response Rate

We saw a massive 250% increase in responses to our NPS survey emails. Our merchants loved the email as it enabled them to share their thoughts with us without even getting redirected once.

Subhash Dash

Marketing, Razorpay

2X Meeting

With Mailmodo, we get meetings booked right inside email without to & fro messages. This has doubled our meeting booking rate & ROI from emails.

Vikas Kaushal

Co-founder & Head, Growth Foyr

Amazing Customer Support

Mailmodo team has always been very supportive and their customer success team took extra measures to get better results from our campaigns.

Karanpreet Bandra

Head - Marketing, Rupeek

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