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Is SendGrid really worth it?

SendGrid provides businesses with the possibility to send and track transactions and marketing messages via its email delivery and management platform. Sendgrid is becoming a favorite choice for businesses of any size, thanks to the features such as email automation, realtime analysis and email validation.

While the platform offers a range of affordable plans for businesses of all sizes, more sophisticated features and higher email volume can rapidly become expensive. In addition, some users have claimed that the costs of other features like email verification or Dedicated IP addresses can quickly add up to an increasing total cost.

Its user interface is another potential drawback of SendGrid. As the platform offers a wide range of features and customizations options, some users have reported that its interface is confusing and difficult to use. Users with no experience in email marketing or who lack technical expertise may find this particularly difficult.

Not really. Sendgrid's pricing is good imo but their feature sets are not super updated and UI is crappy

-Nilan Saha, Advisor at Juna

SendGrid's features are a mixed bag. The email deliverability capabilities, its analytics and reporting functionality, and the email editor are excellent, but the contact management, segmentation, and autoresponder features are limited.

Updates on SendGrid pricing

This tool offers four pricing plans. The price of each of these plans depends on the number of emails you want to send and the number of people you want to send it to. Depending on the number the price of every SendGrid plan will differ. Also, the features of every pricing plan are different too.

Contacts Free Basic Advanced
2k $0/month - -
5k - $15/month $60/month
10k - $25/month $60/month
20k - $50/month $100/month
45k - $120/month $250/month
80k - $200/month $250/month
100k+ - Custom plan Custom plan

Under Marketing Campaigns, you can choose from three pricing categories – Free, Basic 100K, and Custom Pricing.

The Free Plan provides up to 2,000 contacts and sends a maximum of 6,000 emails per month. Here are the features that are offered in the free plan: Design and code editors, Contact segmentation, A/B testing, Automation,Ticket support and Up to 3 email testing credits. For a free model, the plan provides all the essential tools needed to build email marketing campaigns. However, you cannot access dedicated IP addresses or other security features under this plan.

Under the basic plan, you can get up to 100,000 contacts and send up to 300,000 emails per month. It costs $200 per month and has the following features:10 email testing credits, 5 signup forms, Ticket and chat support, Content personalization, Email scheduling and Expert services.

One of the advantages of the Basic Plan is that the pricing remains the same whether you want to send 15,000 emails or 300,000 emails every month. But it does not include email automation tools or dedicated IP access. To avail of such tools, you need to upgrade to the Custom Pricing Plan.

Advanced plan includes all “Basic” features + marketing automation + dedicated IP + customer support via phone. The plan starts at $60 per month

Email API pricing is based on the number of emails you send monthly.

Emails per month Free Essential Pro
- Can send upto 100 emails per day forever Can send upto 100k emails Can send 1.5M+ emails
Upto 60k - $19.95/month -
60k to 100k - $34.95/month -
Upto 200k - - $89.95/month
Upto 650k - - $249/month
Upto 1300k - - $449/month
Uptp 1500k - - $749/month

The Free Plan allows you to send up to 100 emails daily and has key features such as Delivery optimization tools, Dynamic template editor, Deliverability insights, and Ticket support. The Free Plan is ideal for individuals and those who are new to the SendGrid platform and have limited requirements. However, it lacks security features, such as dedicated IP addresses, email validation, and SSO.

Under the Essentials Plan, there is a monthly sending limit of 50,000 emails and costs $19.95 per month. Once you exceed the 50,000 sending limit, the plan will cost you $34.95 per month.Some of the features which users will get in essential plans are Insightful email analytics, Guaranteed response times on ticket and chat support and all features of free plan. When compared to the forever-free plan, the Essentials Plan does not offer much in terms of additional tools. You can only avail of faster customer service and a higher email-sending limit. If you are looking for enhanced security features, it is best to upgrade to the Pro Plan.

The Pro Plan starts from $89.95 per month and allows you to send up to 1.5 million emails monthly. However, if your sending limit exceeds 1.5 million, you can avail of a customized plan. Some of its main features are Up to 2,500 email validations, Subuser management, Single sign-on (SSO), and Single dedicated IP address. This plan provides a wide range of tools that ensure high deliverability of your emails as well as increased security of your emails. But if you want to seek expert advice on your email marketing campaigns, you will need to purchase the Premier Plan.

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In a nutshell, SendGrid is a bit behind in terms of advanced features compared to other ESPs in the market. One key feature that every email marketer looks at in any ESP is the quality of email automation, and this is where SendGrid fails spectacularly. The trigger and segmentation options are next to nothing, making creating advanced and targeted email automation sequences hard.

The limited email design templates, reporting features, and deliverability issues are some of the disadvantages of SendGrid. If you are a small business or startup looking for an affordable email marketing and delivery service with comprehensive features, you may want to consider other options.

Frequently asked questions

You can send up to 6000 free marketing emails free to up to 2000 contacts monthly and 100 transactional emails per day forever.

Yes, SendGrid offers a free plan called the "Essentials" plan. With this plan, you can send up to 100 emails per day for free. It also includes access to basic email delivery features and limited access to analytics. If you require higher email volumes or additional features, SendGrid offers paid plans with more extensive capabilities.

SendGrid has a strong reputation for high email deliverability rates. However, achieving optimal deliverability depends on various factors such as email content, sender reputation, recipient engagement, and adherence to best practices.

Some potential limitations of SendGrid include limitations on the number of free emails per day in the free plan, potential deliverability challenges if not properly configured, and certain advanced features being available only in higher-priced plans.

Mailmodo offers several advantages over SendGrid. With Mailmodo, businesses can create interactive and engaging email experiences using its interactive email capabilities. It also provides advanced personalization features for dynamic content. Mailmodo's user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop editor make it easy to create customized email campaigns. Additionally, Mailmodo offers real-time analytics and reporting for tracking campaign performance. These features make Mailmodo a more comprehensive and effective email marketing solution compared to SendGrid.

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