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Drive more engagement with Mailmodo than with Campaign Monitor

Looking for a Campaign Monitor alternative to get advanced personalization and segmentation features at the fraction of a cost? Switch to Mailmodo to drive more high-quality email opt-ins without any redirections. Our emails enable user actions inside the inbox, so no more drop-offs.

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Why Mailmodo is the preferred Campaign Monitor alternative

Leverage the power of interactive AMP emails with Mailmodo to improve your email campaign performance.

High conversions

Add interactive app widgets, forms, carts, and calendars inside emails to convert more users.

Dedicated support

Get 24/7 support from our deliverability and performance experts via email, chat, or phone.

More features, more savings

Empower your email marketing team with a large suite of features while keeping your costs low.

Say no to redirections

Make your user journey short and conversions frictionless to reduce drop-offs.

Lower friction, higher conversions


With Mailmodo

Long user journey


With Campaign Monitor

What you get with Mailmodo

Of the hundreds of reviews for Mailmodo and Campaign Monitor on G2, Mailmodo outperformed Campaign Monitor in 15 areas of customer satisfaction, including email deliverability management, email personalization, and high-volume sending.

No-code email builder

No-code email builder for both AMP and HTML emails

No-code, drag-and-drop email editor for HTML emails

AMP email interactivity

Supports AMP email creation and sending

MP email not supported

Transactional emails

Available on paid plans

Available on paid plans

Contact storage

10,000 on free plan

5 on free plan

Monthly send limit

10,000 emails/month on free plan

No limit

Dedicated support

Email, chat, and phone support 24/7

Email and phone support

Custom template import

Available on all plans

Available on paid plans

Reported data

A/B testing for subject lines, real-time campaign analytics, interactive data visualization

Campaign data tracking, subscriber tracking, data visualization

Automation workflows

Visual automation builder, branching points, drag-and-drop builder, multi-step custom automations, workflow tracking

Automation journey designer, branching points, drag-and-drop builder, multi-step custom automations

Supported integrations

Shopify, Segment, HubSpot, Calendly, Salesforce, Zoom Webinar, Mix Panel, Facebook, Zapier, Webhooks, Integromat, Google Sheets, Influencer Bit, Pabbly

Magento, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Google Analytics

Choose affordability with Mailmodo

Pay for what you send with Mailmodo. We only charge for email credits that a customer needs.

Contacts Mailmodo Campaign Monitor
500 Free $9/mo
2,500 Free $29/mo
5,000 Free $49/mo
10,000 Free $89/mo
40,000 $99/mo $299/mo
100,000 $249/mo $699/mo
300,000 $599/mo $989/mo

Our clients speak

Companies trust Mailmodo to deliver a great email experience.

Easy to use


We’re ramping up our email volume with Mailmodo as the platform is intuitive and collaborative."

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Saloni Rohatgi

Email Marketing

AMP email interactivity


Our campaigns saw a visible increase in numbers with Mailmodo’s interactive emails. The convenience of customer actions in the email is unparalleled."

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Ridhima Achaliya

Growth Marketing

Powerful integrations


With the Mailmodo-Zapier-Slack integration, each time a user fills up the AMP feedback form, responses are posted on our Slack channel. We got 6% CTR and 15% open rates."

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Pranav Goyal

Growth Lead

Mailmodo in the spotlight

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Companies trust us

Looking for a Campaign Monitor alternative?

Cut costs. Generate more sales with Mailmodo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Campaign Monitor for free?

You can create an account for free to try Campaign Monitor and send an email campaign to five contacts. If you exceed the contact limit, you will have to buy the paid plan starting from $9/month, where you can send emails to 500 contacts. For a more affordable alternative, you can consider using Mailmodo. Mailmodo has far more advanced segmentation features, and you can send 10,000 emails to 10,000 contacts free of charge.

Is Campaign Monitor HIPAA compliant?

Campaign Monitor is not HIPAA compliant. Although they’ve signed a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), Campaign Monitor won't allow you to utilize their service to send emails containing Protected Health Information (PHI). If you’re looking for a HIPAA compliant ESP, consider using Mailmodo.

Campaign Monitor vs. Mailmodo, which is better in terms of email deliverability?

Subscribers have frequently expressed frustration with Campaign Monitor for its high spam rates and occasionally blocked servers. Use Mailmodo if you want a higher deliverability rate. We assist clients with domain warming, stop spammers, and provide advice on increasing deliverability rates.

How much does Campaign Monitor cost?

If you use Campaign Monitor, you will be set back by $89 per month for sending emails to 10,000 contacts. If this sounds pricy, consider using a more affordable alternative like Mailmodo. With Mailmodo, you can send 10,000 emails to 10,000 contacts monthly for no charge. For 100,000 contacts, you pay Mailmodo $249 monthly and get access to a bevy of automation, deliverability, and segmentation features. Make the most of your budget with Mailmodo!

How do I move from Campaign Monitor to Mailmodo?

Import contact info into Mailmodo to ensure the data on Campaign Monitor you want to maintain will still be available when the migration is finished. However, only import clean lists, and for testing reasons, send an email to an engaged list right away.