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Looking for Campaign Monitor Pricing

Compared to Campaign Monitor pricing plans, Mailmodo has a better price to performance ratio, backed by limitless customizations, interactivity email and better integrations.

Contacts Mailmodo Campaign Monitor
40,000 $99/mo $299/mo
100,000 $249/mo $699/mo
300,000 $599/mo $989/mo

Meet Mailmodo, improving email conversions one email at a time

Fix all your email marketing problems and convert it into your most powerful growth channel.

Managed deliverability

Get amazing inbox placement with concierge support

Affordable pricing

Scale your email marketing with an affordable and easy pricing

Reliable customer support

Get human support whenever you need including onboarding and migration customer support

How Campaign Monitor compares with Mailmodo

Here’s a summary and non-biased comparison between Campaign Monitor and Mailmodo on the basis of email marketing features

Mailmodo Logo
Email editing and creation

Provides a flexible email editor software with text till image editing capacity. Editor can create HTML as well as AMP emails.

Provides a basic email editor, HTML editor and a text editor. Editor can create HTML emails only.


Has a visual email journey builder. Automation has a number of triggers including API/Webhook/Integrations, actions and conditions

Automations have basic email handling cabability along conditions to perform basic email marketing.


21 integrations

107 integrations

Transactional emails

Included in all plans


Ease of Access

Easy to setup and create campaigns with clear navigation and detailed dashboards

Basic email marketing software with every other requirement but lacks at places where we expect automation triggered from 3rd party. Also, creating email editing capability is low

Customer Support

Email, chat, phone, video call support

Email Support, In-App dedicated support, In-App Knowledge base, Customer Support

Interactive emails

Create and send interactive AMP emails with widgets such as carts, forms, surveys, quizzes, etc. to improve engagement and submission rate


Other marketing features

- Forms inside emails - Ecommerce integration with Shopify - Dark mode email tester - Smart template suggestion

Has the following tools on marketing: - Signup forms for pages. - SMS marketing

Mailmodo is your one-stop email marketing need

Mailmodo can help you with any email marketing use-case you have. It’s a complete email marketing platform.

Visual Journey Builder

Build a user journey to send automated emails triggered by events, webhooks, integrations, CRMs, etc.

Easy Integrations

Integrate with CRMs and marketing tools like HubSpot, Zapier, Google Sheets, Calendly, Zoom

Transactional emails

Send bulk transactional AMP emails using API & webhook triggers based on user behaviors.

Contact List Management

Segment users based on attributes or past campaign activities like Open, Click & Form Submissions

Complete Email Analytics

Analyze all your data- Delivered, Opens, Clicks, Subject line A/B tests, etc. for both AMP & HTML emails

High Deliverability

Get high deliverability & opens with well managed & dedicated IPs and advice from our deliverability team

Do more with emails - bring in the interactive email experience

Mailmodo helps you use AMP emails without any developer or designers help.

No redirects

Get amazing inbox placement with concierge support

Unique email experience

Get amazing inbox placement with concierge support

Higher conversions

Get amazing inbox placement with concierge support

Try Mailmodo today to send interactive emails.

Many folks have migrated from Mailmchimp to Mailmodo and seen amazing results

“We saw a massive 250% increase in responses to our NPS survey emails. Our users loved the email as it enabled them to share their thoughts with us without even getting redirected once.”

Subhash Dash

Subhash Dash


“We moved from Mailchimp to Mailmodo because of interactive emails and direct checkouts. Our campaigns saw a visible increase in numbers.”

Ridhima Achaliya

Ridhima Achaliya


“With Mailmodo’s fragmented batch scheduling, controlling the size of each batch of recipients was possible and open rates shot up from 12% to 38%”

Pragya Choudhary

Pragya Choudhary

Project Pro

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Frequently asked questions

Campaign Monitor is not free, but it offers a free trial of 14 days for new users to test the platform and its features. After the trial period, users must select a paid plan based on the number of subscribers they have and the features they need. Campaign Monitor's pricing plans start at $9 per month for up to 500 subscribers and the price will go up from there based on the number of subscribers and additional features you require for your business.

There are some limitations of Campaign Monitor which includes limited customization options, a lack of integrations with third-party apps, and limited support. Additionally, the platform can be more expensive than some other email marketing platforms.

While Campaign Monitor is a robust email marketing platform with a range of features, Mailmodo's interactive email templates, advanced personalization options, cost-effective pricing, integrations, and deliverability make it a strong contender for businesses looking for an email marketing solution.

Campaign Monitor offers several customer support options, including email support, live chat support, phone support, and a knowledge base. However, some users have reported slow response times and less-than-helpful support experiences.

Is Campaign Monitor really worth it?

The Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that's been recognized for its advanced features and ease of use. It is an online email marketing tool that enables businesses to develop email campaigns easily with automations, deliver those campaigns using A/B testing, monitor using analytics and reporting dashboard, but many users are concerned about the high price plans of the platform.

“I’m also now paying £30/month for campaign monitor as well as the costs of Zapier (and possible cost increases for Wix automations) and it seems like a lot of expense for the sake of download forms and newsletter subscribers 🤦‍♀️”

The high pricing plans are one of the main problems with Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor's plans are significantly more expensive than those of some of its competitors. Mailchimp, for instance, offers a free plan for businesses with less than 2,000 subscribers, and its paid plans start at $9.99 per month. Similarly, Constant Contact's subscription rates start at $20 per month which is significantly less than the basic plan of Campaign Monitor.

In spite of its excellent user interface, some users reported that Campaign Monitor can be quiet hard to use. It might be difficult for the users to use the sophisticated automation features of this platform, and may need some time to adjust to its working process and create campaigns.

On top of that there is no free trial of Campaign Monitor available – the best that you’ll get is a so-called ‘free account’ which allows you to try out everything the system can do except, importantly, send any mass mail outs (you can only send emails to 5 people using the free account).

Updates in Campaign Monitor pricing

The Campaign Monitoring Plan is divided into three types: Basic, Unlimited and Premier. The price is based on a combination of the number of subscribers and the features offered to you. With Unlimited or Premier plans, you can send all your emails in one go. The cheapest is the basic plan, billed at $9/month, for 500 subscribers with a limit of 2500 emails. A "pay per campaign" plan, which costs $5 per campaign and 1 cent per recipient, is also available.

Campaign Monitor pricing

As a matter of fact, if you first think that these prices are too high, they are!

The Basic plan costs $9 per month for 500 contacts and includes basic email marketing features such as email design tools, basic automation workflows, and reporting. The Unlimited plan costs $29 per month for 500 contacts and includes all the features of the Basic plan, along with additional features such as unlimited emails and advanced automation workflows.

The Premier plan costs $149 per month for 500 contacts and includes all the features of the Unlimited plan, along with advanced features such as email previews, A/B testing, and advanced reporting. Finally, the Custom plan is designed for businesses with specific needs and requires a custom quote.


While Campaign Monitor has its advantages, for many small businesses, such advanced automation features and detailed reports may not be worth the extra costs associated with a Platform's high pricing plans or limited feature set for its basic plan. In addition, some users may have a problem with the difficult user interface of this platform and its lack of flexibility in terms of refund policy.Apart from this, the tool offers two pricing structures: contact-based pricing and pay-per-campaign pricing.

Campaign Monitor’s key strength lies in the quality, flexibility and robustness of its templates. But the product is extremely expensive by comparison to its key competitors in the marketing.

Before committing to the plan, businesses must make careful consideration of their email marketing needs and examine whether Campaign Monitor is comparable with competitors.

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