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Is Mailjet really worth it?

Mailjet is a cloud based email marketing system that offers enterprises of all sizes affordable pricing plans. A number of features are also provided by Mailjet to enable users to build and send professional looking emails, administer their email lists as well as track the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Mailjet's free plan has limited features and is not suitable for businesses with large email lists. Businesses that need to send more emails to their subscribers may be limited by the maximum of 6000 email messages per month and 200 mails per day. Moreover, A/B testing, email automation and priority support are not included in the free plan.

One frustrating thing for businesses is that they don't get the customer support on time to solve their email queries. Some users have reported that Mailjet's customer support can be slow and unresponsive at times and they have to wait for days to get a reply and solve their problems, when they are spending a huge amount out of their budget on the email service providers.

@mailjet guys, can you fix the issue thats raised 3 days ago?
Your workflow is stuck and its not working and your support team is sleeping. If you cant do it, refund my money. Thanks

-Nityananda Rao, Founder of ACTouch

In addition, Mailjet is lacking in some of the most significant features such as segmentation and automated email sequences. This makes it difficult to develop more targeted direct marketing campaigns which address customers at an individual level. A good collaborative email editor that allows multiple people to edit an email at the same time is it's only saving grace.

Updates in Mailjet pricing

There are four plans in Mailjet: free, basic, premium and custom. The Free plan is completely free, while the Custom Plan has a custom cost based on how many emails you're planning to send.

Free Essential Premium
15k $0/month $15/month $25/month
50k $0/month $35/month $50/month
100k $0/month $0/month $95/month
250k $0/month $0/month $225/month
500k $0/month $0/month $425/month
500k+ Custom plan Custom plan Custom plan

You can send up to 6,000 messages per month, but only 200 emails per day with Mailjets free plan. All emails users send on this plan have the Mailjet logo, which doesn’t look as professional. Users' ability to market their products is further constrained by a short list of features in the free plan. The free plan does not include automation or segmentation, so users will have to spend a lot of time choosing recipients and scheduling messages manually.

You'll get a segmentation to target subscribers on location, behaviors and other factors as part of an Essential plan that starts at $15 per month. But standard features such as automation, A+B testing and multi user access are missing from this plan. You will have to upgrade to an expensive plan if you wish to send over 50,000 messages a month. Only 50,000 email messages per month can be sent under the Essential plan. You will be charged a further fee for each 1,000 emails you send.

In the Premium plan, users can create automated messages to welcome new contacts, celebrate anniversaries, or target engaged subscribers. Although this functionality meets the basic automation requirements, users are complaining that it's too cumbersome to use and does not allow them to take advantage of visible workflows.

Priority support for email tickets is included in the Premium plan, as long as you have paid a minimum of 50,000 mails per tier to make sure users can use every feature correctly. However, this plan doesn’t include phone or live chat support. The premium plan gives users access to an additional IP which improves their deliverability. Only users who can afford at least 100,000 emails a month will be able to benefit from this feature, starting at $95 a month.

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Mailjet provides a number of important features for any email marketing tool, helping to increase your email deliverability. It is a good choice for email needs of large and smaller enterprises active in e-commerce due to its ease of use. In addition, it does not cover basic tasks such as meaningful automation and hassle-less list management for a tool offering tons of advanced features.

Moreover, some small enterprises may find it difficult to accept MailJet because of its restricted features in the Free Plan and potential problems with customer support. Before making a decision, it is important for businesses to examine carefully their needs in the field of email marketing and make comparisons between MailJet's pricing plans with those of another email marketing service.

Frequently asked questions

A free plan that allows you to send up to 6,000 messages per month with a daily limit of 200, is offered by Mailjet. Some of the more important features, like marketing automation, AB testing and segmentation, are not included in a free plan. It doesn't include the ability for multiple users to edit emails at once as well.

While both platforms offer email marketing features, Mailmodo's focus on interactive and engaging email experiences sets it apart from Mailjet. Mailmodo offers a range of features and capabilities that Mailjet does not, such as interactive elements like polls and surveys, customizable lead forms, and personalized countdown timers.

Mailjet's customer service is generally considered to be slow or unresponsive. The platform offers support through email and live chat, and phone support is available for certain pricing plans. However, some users have reported that they have experienced long wait times to receive a response from customer support.

Mailjet's automation triggers may be more limited compared to other email marketing platforms. Some of the limitations include a lack of advanced triggers, such as social media engagement or lead scoring, and limited options for conditional branching and dynamic content and the automation sequences aren't very useful. So, if you rely heavily on email automation, you should consider other ESPs.

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