Must Know Email Segmentation Statistics in 2024

ByFalak Preet Kaur


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Email segmentation is considered one of the most effective strategies for email marketing campaigns. User segmentation is based on their geographic location, interests, purchase history, etc. can be a great tool for you to try for your campaigns. This guide covers email segmentation statistics that can help you discover the power of email segmentation in email marketing.

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Email segmentation statistics to know in 2023

Personalization and segmentation are very important and powerful to improve your email marketing ROI. Here are some email segmentation statistics that you should know if you want to pump up your email marketing numbers:

How effective is email segmentation?

  • According to DMA, 25% of revenue share comes from a segmented list of emails, and sending targeted emails to these segments brings 30% of revenue.

  • 15% of marketers need to segment their email list. So if you are not segmenting and targeting these segments to send personalized emails, you are ignoring a lot of revenue.

Source: DMA

How difficult is it to implement email segmentation?

According to Ascend 2 email marketing report,

  • Email list segmentation is considered one of the most effective email marketing tactics that are 51% effective and least likely to be difficult to execute.

  • It is also less likely to be outsourced.

Ascend 2

Basic vs. Advanced email segmentation

Here are some stats showing businesses leveraging email segmentation at a basic and advanced level:

  • Just 31% of businesses use basic segmentation to send out emails.

  • One reason could be that the platforms used to send emails do not provide advanced email segmentation options.

  • When using email automation, only 13% of advanced segmentation was used to send out emails, according to the GetResponse report.

Why email segmentation is important

Your subscribers are not the same, and one size cannot fit all, so it is important to cater to your customers' needs according to their interests and preferences. Here are some email segmentations statistics that will prove this:

  • According to Campaign Monitor, 74% of online consumers get frustrated when content like offers, ads, and promotions are not aligned with their interests.

  • According to DMA, marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

How personalization and segmentation go hand-in-hand

Segmentation and personalization together can be quite powerful.

  • While segmentation is important, sending personalized emails has shown an increase in open rate (82%), click-through rate (75%), decrease in unsubscribe rates (40%), etc. - SaleCycle.

  • While list segmentation (51%) is one of the top email marketing tactics, personalization stands at 50%, and triggered emails (45%). - Snov

Source: Snov


These were some super important email segmentation statistics to help you understand the state and importance of segmentation in email marketing. Email segmentation might be hard to execute but yields effective results worth the time and effort.

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