How to Get ~3X Insurance Quote Inquiries with Mailmodo

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As per the latest stats, the Insurance emails have an average click rate of 2.13%. This means of the 1000 emails you sent, only 21.3 got clicks, of which only a few people will send quote inquiries.

As an insurance provider, email marketing is your best bet to get in touch with your audiences. You can share the information about your plans, send proactive reach-outs based on the existing plans, etc. However, it is not the number of emails you send but the number of people that respond to your CTAs and buy your plans. Let's find out how just a simple switch from basic email to interactive email can help you increase these figures manifold!

  • What are the pain points of using HTML emails for insurance?

  • Why should you rethink your quote inquiry process?

  • What is the solution that Mailmodo has to offer?

  • Steps to get ~3X more quote inquiries using Mailmodo

  • Look beyond the clicks: Use Mailmodo's AMP emails and get quotes

What are the pain points of using HTML emails for insurance?

HTML emails allow you to interact with your clients and send marketing pitches via newsletters, invites, CTAs, and proactive marketing content. However, they fail to deliver what's essential and suffer from the following pain points.

1. Lesser quote inquiries

While you can share information about one or two of your insurance plans via email, send CTAs for insurance renewal, check the plan details, and send quote inquiries, your customers have to exit their email inbox. They are taken to an online form that asks for their details and might even ask for registration before showing the details of the exact plan they chose to learn more about.

The problem is, every such redirect and form that collects data instead of offering desired information takes you away from a potential client closure. Your client suspects your emails being spam and feels that you are only collecting their precious personal data. Hence, they don't respond, and you get few or negligible quote requests.

2. Lesser lead generation

As HTML email fails to offer a dynamic experience right inside the email, such as calculator forms, customized insurance plans, etc., it generates lesser leads. While the existing customers can take the extra step like clicking the CTAs to know more about the insurance plan add-ons and specific plan riders, the potential customers might think it's a tedious task. Hence, they don't even read your email thoroughly and delete it or unsubscribe from your mailing list.

3. Negligible ROI

Email marketing ROI is very small or negligible, and the average email click-to-open rate is 14.10%. Even if email marketing is affordable with such low ROI, it fails to deliver the expected performance and reach the ultimate goal - maximizing the quote inquiries.So, does this mean that email marketing is no longer effective? The answer is NO!

This means that you have to RETHINK your quote inquiry process!

Why should you rethink your quote inquiry process?

Let us take an example

Suppose you are a pet insurance provider that sent an email for travel insurance for pets. Now, Lilith (a person on your mailing list) saw your email, and she wishes to know more about the plan details. However, when she clicks on the link, She is taken to a website that asks her to fill a form with details. After filling the form, she's taken to another website to sign up. She gets frustrated and closes the window! She even unsubscribes from your mailing list by choosing the "Our mails are not relevant to you" option.

But why did this happen? This happened because you failed to offer what Lilith wanted to see! You chose email marketing as it was the best way to get people to "click" your CTAs, but it failed to accomplish the primary task - getting "quote inquiries." When you offer them website-like functionalities inside your email, they don't have to go through the misery of online forms, multiple redirects, and sharing personal information to browse through your insurance plans.

Using the quote generator can significantly speed up the process of providing insurance quotes, allowing you to respond to customer inquiries more efficiently.

While an HTML email fails to offer a dynamic and interactive experience to your audience, the AMP email allows you to offer all of that and much more right inside your email!

Read how Mailmodo's AMP for email allows you to get a 300% more response rate, and look beyond the clicks!

What is the solution that Mailmodo has to offer?

Mailmodo's AMP email marketing helps you conquer all the HTML email pain points and allows you to offer a website-like experience inside every single email. Interactive emails from Mailmodo work because:

1. Higher lead generation

Mailmodo allows you to generate five times more leads and nurture them. You can send AMP emails to your leads for better sales and engage your prospects to fast-track the conversions. Using Mailmodo, you can also warm up your cold leads and nurture them for closure.

2. Dynamic content served in the inbox

Interactive email tools allow you to offer dynamic functionality in simple emails. You can make your emails as interactive, content-rich, and personalized as you want. You can send specifically designed emails to a particular email list segment to maximize your response rates and convert them into sales.

Your audiences can instantly check the plan details, access functionalities, such as premium calculators, and book a meeting or send instant quote inquiries for a plan they find suitable. There are no context changes, no online forms, and no questionable personal data collection to access an insurance plan!

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3. Better ROI, as the entire focus is on customer experience and customer journeys

In AMP emails, the entire focus is on customer experience and customer journeys, instead of standalone touchpoints like "arousing customer's curiosity and getting a click on your CTAs." You can deliver a delightful customer experience and offer a thorough peak at all your brand offerings! Subsequently, the AMP emails outperform the HTML emails.

Given below is a step-by-step process to send AMP emails using Mailmodo.

Steps to get ~3X more quote inquiries using Mailmodo

1. Register with Mailmodo

Signing up on Mailmodo to try it out.

2. Choose an interactive email template

Once signed in, choose from pre-existing interactive templates.

Mailmodo's template library is extremely rich and features engaging market research templates relevant to a wide range of industries.

3. Customize the template

After choosing an AMP email template, you can customize it with the simple drag-and-drop editor.

4. Add and customize your AMP form

Next, you have to add your AMP form and customize it to make your quote inquiry form as interactive as you want.

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5. Send your campaign

Once you're done, you can start sending out your email campaigns.

Look beyond the clicks: Use Mailmodo's AMP emails and get quotes

Mailmodo allows you to deliver dynamic content to your existing and potential customers via interactive emails and allows you to leverage that experience. It allows you to bypass the entire redirecting and form-filling process and talk "business" to your audiences.

Instead of getting email clicks, you focus on providing streamlined, dynamic content to different mailing list segments and getting quote inquiries. You can track and monitor all your email data in one place and automate your emails as well. Choosing Mailmodo allows you to make much of your email marketing efforts as compared to the HTML email. Want to learn more about Mailmodo's AMP email marketing? Please reach out to us or schedule a demo now!

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