Why Are Your ActiveCampaign Open Rates Low?

BySuryanarayan Pal


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Having low open rates is the last thing an email marketer wants to see after spending hours creating a perfect email. If you're in the same boat and suffering from a low ActiveCampaign open rate, we’ve got you covered.

Let us unravel the reasons for your low ActiveCampaign open rate and effective ways to fix them.

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What are open rates?

The percentage of people who opened your email out of the total number of people who got your email is the open rate. Use the following formula whenever you have to calculate the open rate.

Open rate = ( Number of people who opened your email / Total number of people who received your email ) x 100

Why are open rates important?

Open rates can reveal a lot about your marketing efforts and whether you're headed in the right direction. Here is how.

Having great open rates means that your audience likes what you send. This means that you're sending them personalized content and great subject lines. But on the flip side, having bad open rates indicates your audience isn't liking your content. Your content is different from what users are interested in.

So you may use this signal and start personalizing your email content and writing great subject lines. Read how SBNRI got 16% more open rates with Mailmodo.

You are on this guide because you have bad ActiveCampaign open rates and want to improve them. But what is the ideal open rate you should aim for? Well, there isn't a one size fits all solution. Here is how to set your expectations.

What is a good open rate in ActiveCampaign?

It depends from industry to industry. But a 17% open rate is considered the average for all industries. Here are the open rates of a few popular industries.

Industry Open rates (%)
Electronics 19
Business 20
Software 20
Health 21
Retail 23
Newsletters 21

If your industry is present in the above chart, you can consider the respective open rate as a benchmark. Or, if it isn't present in the table, you can consider the overall open rate across all industries (i.e., 17%) as your benchmark.

So if you have lower open rates than your industry rates or the average of all industries, here are the likely reasons for this cause.

Why are your ActiveCampaign open rates low?

Here are the possible reasons for your low ActiveCampaign open rates.

1. Poor deliverability rates

If you have great deliverability rates, you'll likely have great open rates. But from a study done by Email Deliverability Report, the ActiveCampaign had an 86.38 % deliverability rate while 10.68 % of emails ended up in spam. While that deliverability rate is good, it can be noticeably better. And if you send high-volume campaigns regularly, losing around 10% of customers can have a noticeable effect on your open rates.

2. Lack of personalization

Do you send the same email to your entire list of customers every time? It is no wonder that your open rates aren't improving. Everyone wants personalized content nowadays. From media giants like Netflix and YouTube, everyone is serving personalized content, and if you fail to do the same, your open rates will suffer. So start segmenting your list and personalize content for each segment.

3. Sending with untested subject lines

Your subject line is the most important part you need to pay attention to if you're serious about improving your open rates. You've to check whether it is personalized, emotionally charged, has the right character length, etc. A good way to shortcut your way through a great subject line is by using subject line testers. These tools will analyze your subject line based on the past data and suggest many ways to improve it.

How to improve your open rates with Mailmodo?

Here is how you can drastically increase your rates with Mailmodo.

✅ Expert consultation on email deliverability

We will guide you through the best practices of email deliverability with our experts. You can ask all your questions at any stage of your journey, and our experts will help you resolve the issue ASAP.

✅ Advanced personalization tools

Sending personalized emails has never been easier with dynamic images, names, buttons, live updating content, etc. And you can build personalized emails without knowing how to code with a simple drag and drop editor.

✅ Easy segmentation features

We know how important segmentation is for personalization. So we made it easy and flexible to create email list segments in Mailmodo. You can segment your list based on their activity, like whether they've opened your emails. Or based on predefined properties like name, age, gender, etc.

✅ AMP emails that keep your users excited

Users are frustrated with the old ways of emails where they have to travel out of their inboxes to complete their goals. AMP emails charge this game and allow users to complete the tasks within the email itself.


Improving your open rates is no easy feat to achieve. But with the steps outlined in this guide and switching to an all-in-one solution like Mailmodo, you can expect to see improvements in no time.

Curious to know more strategies to improve your open rates? Then, check out our guide, 10 effective ways to increase your email open rates, discussing subject lines, pre-header text, responsive design, and much more.

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