How to increase open rates of an email?

Understand how to increase open rates of your email

Higher email open rates are a sign of growth for any company as it will generate sales, so it becomes essential to increase the email open rate.

To reach the maximum potential customers, we can do the following things:

Make Fresh Lists

You need to keep our list updated since many customers are inactive or shifted to other brands. You also need to collect the latest data of the recepients that are interested and who check their email often. In this way, you will be able to reach the right people and save our time by not sending the message to the wrong emails. When the email arrives at the right target audience, there are high chances of opening that email.

List Segmentation

By segmenting the list, we can categorize different types of customers like new customers, regular customers, irregular customers, etc. To the new customers, we can offer discounts or other incentives to attract and make them regular. In contrast, for regular customers, we can come up with alternatives so that they don't go for any other brand.

User friendly

Since most of the customers use mobile phones to check their emails, we need to make sure that the content we send is visible in mobile phones as well. The text should neither be too small nor too big, giving proper spaces between text, keeping the message as short and precise as most users don't prefer reading long messages, and the graphics should not be too large, since it takes longer time to load.

Choose the best time

There is no use of sending emails when people are not able to view it, so it is vital to choose the best time according to your target audience and send the email at the right time. Usually, the best time to send the email is in the afternoon on weekdays as people are more active on weekdays as compared to the weekend. However, it can vary depending upon the people you are targeting and what schedule they follow. For example, if the target audience are students, then the best time would be in the evening or weekend. If the target audience is employees working in an organization, then the best time would be in the afternoon and weekdays. The best time can also be decided based on your product. For example, if the product is earphones, the best time to send emails would be the weekend or at night when people are free and need to listen to some music.

Avoiding spam

To reach the maximum audience, make sure that your emails are not going to spam because then people won't be able to see any content.. To avoid spam, you can ask your customers or subscribers to whitelist your email address or get permission to send emails. You should follow all the laws governing email marketing and proofread the emails. Apart from that, you must send the emails regularly so that your existing subscribers won't unsubscribe. Using an appropriate subject line and email address that doesn't come under spam will help you to reach more people without going into spam.

Use better subject line and sender name

The first thing that pops up when you check any email is their subject and sender's name so they can grab the attention of people in seconds and can convince them to read your mail. The subject line and sender's name should be as short as possible and should not consist any inappropriate words or characters. An inappropriate subject line or sender's name may not reach the target audience as it can go into the spam folder, so you need to make an attractive, concise, and unique.

Pre-header text

It is the text which is visible just after the subject line. This text is also be visible in the notification if a customer is using a mobile phone to check your email. The pre-header text gives a brief of what you are offering to your customer or what your motive is. Pre-header text can influence people to read your whole message and can be converted into sales if the customer finds it meaningful and worth the money. It should be in a personalized form which would make your customers would want to read the email.

Double opt-in

Double opt-in ensures that you have a good quality contact list, and this will help your email to reach the maximum people with the right email address. This option confirms the email by sending a confirmation email and then adding them to the contact list. It can help you send emails to the people who are verified and are interested in your product, which will further increase the email open rate and conversion rate.

Create relevance by using the latest viral trends and local news/festivals

Most people are familiar with the latest trends. So it is better to use the trending topics which can easily attract your target audience. Local news and festivals can click the mind of most people resulting in getting an immediate response to your email.

Provide value not just information

For building long term relationships with your customers, you need to provide value so that the customer can connect with your products, and creates the right image of your business. For example, if you have a product - juicer, then you can start by telling the importance of fruits and how the nutrients are helpful for our body. In this way, you are providing value to your customers and also promoting your product. In that scenario, they might not buy, but they can recommend your product to their family and friends that will result in the growth of your business in the long run.

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