18 Best Free and Paid Shopify Themes to Use in 2024

ByAparna Seshadri


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Your e-commerce store's success depends upon many factors, and one of the most crucial ones is the look and feel of your website. Choosing the perfect Shopify theme can be daunting, as many options exist.

This guidewill help you understand the important things to consider while selecting a themes for your Shopify store and list 18 of the best Shopify themes that you can choose from.

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How to choose the right Shopify theme for your store?

The essence of Shopify themes lies in their ability to shape your online store's visual identity, influencing the first impression of potential customers. They play a crucial role in two key aspects of your online store - Brand representation and user experience.

Here are some things to consider while choosing the ideal Shopify theme:

1. Budget: Carefully plan your expenses, including Shopify subscription costs, add-ons, domain fees, and the theme. Factor in potential expenses for customizations or additional features.

2. Necessary features: List and prioritize the functionalities crucial for your store, such as landing pages, navigation, search filters, and more. Explore themes that cater to these specific requirements.

3. Industry alignment: Explore themes categorized by industry within the Shopify Theme Store. Choose a theme that aligns with your business sector, offers mobile responsiveness, supports large inventories, and is SEO-friendly.

4. Official Shopify theme store: Prefer the Shopify Theme Store for high-quality themes, regular updates, and reliable, professional support, ensuring a solid foundation for your site's design.

5. Conversion focus and user experience: Assess how a theme impacts conversion rates by checking for effective CTAs, fast page loading, and user-friendly features that convert visitors into loyal customers.

6. Responsive design: Given the increasing mobile shopping trend, select a responsive theme that renders properly across various devices, especially mobile platforms.

18 Best Shopify themes

While pinpointing the absolute best Shopify themes can vary based on individual needs, some popular and highly regarded themes for Shopify in 2024 include:

1. Mojave

Mojave presents a sleek, contemporary design with customizable pages and responsive layout options. It provides flexible layout customization, distinctive headers, and standout product pages.

Conversion-optimized product page design featuring multiple images allows you to showcase your products exactly as you wish. Design that heroes were letting products stand out as large imagery, minimalistic fonts, and contemporary design. Visual storytelling is designed to showcase images to support visual brand storytelling.

Who is it for?

Individuals are proficient in managing high volumes of transactions and those interested in establishing stores specializing in fashion, health, and beauty.

Pricing : $ 350

2. Retina

The Retina theme helps feature a clean and uncluttered layout with sharp visuals, making it perfect for showcasing products in a sophisticated way. The theme is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your brand identity easily. It is optimized for speed and performance, ensuring a smooth customer shopping experience. Also, it is well-suited for stores with long-form text sections, editorial content, and high-volume product offerings.

Some of the highlights include, offering stunning testimonial sections, highlighted product callouts, and additional functionalities fostering brand trust and enhancing the shopping experience. The sleek, mobile-friendly design makes the brand look polished and professional. The theme provides an intuitive editing interface and uncomplicated layout choices, ensuring an effortless process to create a professional-grade store.

Who is it for? This is suitable for stores that indulge in in-person selling and are designed for stores that process many transactions in a given period.

Pricing: $220

3. Flow

With its dynamic online store capabilities, Flow offers social media and app integration for enhanced user engagement. Its modern design, color swatches, and responsive layout provide a seamless user experience. The theme's customization options, including different demos, parallax effects, and menu options, make Flow highly adaptable to various ecommerce needs.

Some key features include customizing effortlessly with its intuitive settings and engaging sections to represent your store's brand authentically, ensuring a superior shopping experience with optimized page speeds.

Who is it for?

Flow's clean and minimalist design with large visuals is ideal for showcasing mouthwatering food and beverage products. It helps prioritize product imagery, making it perfect for stores where visual appearance is a priority.

Pricing: $350

4. Paper

With its responsive design and free trial, paper seamlessly integrates with social media for online stores. The Paper Shopify theme offers diverse options for e-commerce websites with various styles catering to different aesthetics and niches. The themes are designed to improve conversions as customers enjoy browsing, take advantage of promotions and checkout fast. Since it is rich, this theme brings your brand to life using the many expertly designed drag-and-drop sections.

Who is it for?

Paper's clean and organized design helps businesses with large product catalogs and those focusing on product merchandising. However, it might not be a great fit for businesses on a tighter budget.

Pricing: $320

5. Parallax

With its modern design and responsive features, Parallax offers a sleek user experience. The theme's quick-view options and editorial content enhance usability, while color swatches and custom pages provide flexible product display. Features such as a slideout cart, quick shop, promotional banners, and persistent dropdown navigation streamline customer checkout. This distinctive scrolling style will give your store's long-format home page a creative and visual intrigue.

It includes a specific style called ‘Aspen’ that offers a distinct design tailored for businesses that captivate a parallax scrolling effect on their website. The scrolling images, slideshows, and videos create an impactful and dynamic visitor browsing experience. This theme supports full-width parallax scrolling, adding depth and a dynamic visitor browsing experience.

Who is it for?

The parallax effect captures attention and draws viewers into the product experience. This is ideal for stores selling visually appealing products like artwork, photography, or handcrafted goods.

It helps the product stand out, making it a good choice for stores with a curated selection or those focusing on high-value items.

Pricing: $240

6. Taiga

Taiga boasts a responsive design with seamless category and product pages. It prioritizes large product images and minimalist layouts, making it ideal for showcasing products beautifully. The theme's sleek design and contemporary feel cater to customers who appreciate a stylish and sophisticated online shopping experience.

Who is it for?

Taiga theme is for visually focused brands and prioritizes large product images and minimalist layouts. The clean design helps each product stand out, making it a good choice for stores with a limited inventory or those focusing on premium products.

Pricing: $350

7. Testament

Testament theme offers a range of styles catering to various business niches and design preferences. It features visual storytelling elements and is designed to showcase images supporting brand storytelling. These diverse styles within the theme cater to different industries and aesthetics, providing ample options for businesses looking to create an impactful and sales-driven online presence.

Some of the key features include high-volume stores, physical stores and visual storytelling.

Who is it for?

It is well-suited for fashion-oriented businesses focusing on fashion, modern design, and conversion-driven features. Its responsive and conversion-focused design makes it adaptable for stores selling various products beyond fashion items.

Pricing: $300

8. Prestige

With its focus on high-end and luxury e-commerce, Prestige is a premium Shopify theme offering extensive customization for the homepage, product, and collection pages. The theme boasts dynamic product filtering, product zoom, quick view features, mobile optimization, and fast page load speed. Additionally, it provides robust customer support and comprehensive documentation.

**Some of the key features include finely crafted to provide the ultimate luxury high-end aesthetic with elegantly designed features, packed with new features and 30+ highly configurable sections. With the ultimate tool for creating stunning stores and promoting your brand.

Who is it for?

This is tailored for merchants who want to establish a sophisticated and elegant brand presence online. Ideal for fashion boutiques, luxury products, and high-end retail stores, aiming to showcase premium offerings.

Pricing: $380

9. Impulse

Impulse offers extensive design and layout options, prioritizing conversion optimization with quick buy and predictive search features. It integrates seamlessly with social media, supports multiple languages and currencies, and ensures mobile responsiveness. Customer reviews laud its flexibility and user-friendliness, making it a top choice for e-commerce store owners.

Some of the key features includes, 20+ sections are available everywhere, including product sales points & metafields, multiple landing, product and collection templates, and more. While keeping your customer's shopping and maximizing product awareness with our versatile custom promotion designer — now available on all templates. Quick view, sales points, metafields, size & price sidebar filters, subcollections, engaging video, product page tabs, and a modern design.

Who is it for?

The impulse theme is tailored for brands seeking a modern and vibrant online presence, thereby emphasizing custom promotions video integration while engaging animations to enhance their visual identity. Also, it's ideal for businesses that require a high degree of flexibility in customizations to create eye-catching promotions aligned with their target audience.

Pricing: $380

10. Motion

With a strong emphasis on mobile optimization, Motion offers various features like animations, parallax scrolling, and video backgrounds for an enhanced user experience. The theme's multiple layout options and easy customization through the Shopify visual editor allow for unique and modern designs. Additionally, features like product filtering and quick view enhance navigation and browsing.

Some key features include that every part of your store can smoothly animate into view, capturing customers’ attention and conveying a premium look and feel. While quickly and effectively promoting collections with our beautiful and flexible collection collage options on our list and callout sections.

Who is it for?

The theme is tailored for brands that focus on storytelling and visual impact. This is ideal or those seeking a minimalist yet visually engaging theme, allowing animations and video integrations to highlight their products or brand.

Pricing: $360

11. Symmetry

Symmetry is a multi-purpose theme catering to diverse industries and products. A grid-style design offers a clean and organized layout, ideal for large inventories. The theme ensures mobile responsiveness and fast speed for seamless user experiences. Symmetry also supports third-party app integration, making it a worthy investment for any e-commerce store.

Who is it for?

Symmetry’s sleek and stylish design makes it well-suited for clothing, accessories or footwear brands aiming for an elegant online presence. Its layout and customizable options favor showcasing and highlighting product images, making it ideal for businesses that rely on visual appeal to sell their merchandise.

Pricing: $360

12. Envy

Envy stands out with its sleek and modern design, catering to diverse businesses. Its versatility makes it a great choice for ecommerce stores in different industries. With the best features like mobile responsiveness and fast load times, Envy ensures a seamless shopping experience. This theme integrates seamlessly with third-party apps, enhancing its functionality and performance.

The key features include specializing in time-sensitive promotions aiding in brand prominence.

One-click style exploration, adapting pages to your unique brand identity. Tailored elegance for clothing, jewelry, health, and beauty brands, ensuring lasting trendiness.

Who is it for?

Envy theme caters to those seeking to expand by venturing into online retail. Ideal for businesses desiring a clean, proficient design with customization features. It’s suitable due to its minimalistic design.

Pricing: $350

13. Atlantic

The Atlantic theme presents a modern design with a parallax effect, enhancing visual appeal. It offers custom pages, color swatches, and quick view options for improved customization. The theme's responsive design is well-suited for fashion stores and accessories, with social media integration and editorial content display. Users can explore its features with a free trial before purchase.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for businesses looking to engage customers effectively and guide them to find desired products. It is suited for businesses desiring a unique and attention-grabbing visual layout to attract customers.

Pricing: $280

14. Modular

With layout and template options for product and collection pages, the Modular theme caters to diverse needs. Customizable headers, blog posts, and pages offer unique store designs. Ensure the latest features and optimizations with free theme updates. Engage customers with responsive design and color swatches. Social media integration and quick view options enhance user experience.

Some of the key features include enticing your customers and building your brand with captivating layouts, striking designs, and large images. Incorporates robust sales-focused elements like dynamic checkout, color swatches, back-in-stock notifications, and quick view for maximizing conversions. Featuring exquisite pre-designed layouts, hassle-free setup, and intuitive usability, it enables swift product launches, letting you concentrate on selling your merchandise.

Who is it for?

It is designed to showcase images to support brand storytelling through a statement collage-style layout. It is tailored for stores selling fashion apparel and accessories, offering responsiveness and user-friendly features.

Pricing: $300

15. Empire

Empire integrates with third-party apps to enhance store functionality. Its customizable layout options effectively showcase various products, offering an immersive online shopping experience through responsive design and color swatches. Additionally, quick view and customizable menu options on product pages, along with its modern design and parallax effect, elevate the store's visual appeal.

Some key features include taking charge of any catalog size with strong features dedicated to product discovery, comparison, and enhancing conversion rates. Maximizing every order using potent tools for effective merchandising, upselling, and cross-selling products.

Who is it for?

The Empire Shopify theme caters to businesses aiming for a professional and high-volume ecommerce platform. It is designed to manage and showcase a vast array of products efficiently. The theme is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for customers accessing the store via smartphones or tablets.

Pricing: $340

16. Pipeline

The Pipeline theme offers customizable homepage sections, ideal for showcasing products and content. Its responsive design, color swatches, and product page customization options enhance the visual appeal. The parallax effect and modern design further elevate the store's aesthetics. Customizable headers, blog posts, and quick view options are essential features of this theme. Users can experience its offerings with a free trial.

Who is it for?

Owing to the pipeline’s minimalist design, it is crafted to suit businesses in the makeup, skincare, and clean beauty niche, providing the necessary features and aesthetics for these industries. Also, this theme caters to clothing and beauty brands that offer a luxurious design, as it allows merchants to show case their products effectively and attractively.

Pricing: $360

17. District:

The district offers diverse layout options, ideal for creating visually captivating online stores. It boasts a modern design, responsive features, and color swatches for immersive product presentation. The theme's parallax effect enhances visual appeal, while quick view options, social media integration, and customizable product pages elevate the ecommerce experience. Customized menu and page options allow for personalized store design.

Who is it for?

The theme caters to those new to running an online store, providing user-friendly features and settings that are accessible and understandable for beginners. It’s a tool that offers a unique, dynamic, and transformative experience for online businesses, aiming to maximize product engagement and enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

Pricing: $220

18. Icon

The Icon theme boasts visually engaging demos, responsive design, and customizable color swatches for an immersive online store. It offers quick view options, social media integration, and editorial content display, enhancing user experience. The parallax effect and modern design elevate the store's visual appeal, while a free trial allows users to explore its features.

Some of the highlights of this theme include driving upsells and emphasizing complementary products while elevating the average order value of products. Enhance product visibility using integrated OS2 filtering with color swatches, enabling customers to organize extensive collections into more manageable sections.

Who is it for?

This theme is specifically tailored for stores dealing with many transactions, making it ideal for businesses with significant sales volume. The theme is optimized for parallax e-commerce, focusing on creating visually engaging and interactive shopping experiences through scrolling effects and layered images.

Pricing: $280


When choosing the right Shopify theme for your Shopify store, it is important to consider the theme's visual appeal, functionality, performance impact, mobile responsiveness, and speed. Additionally, selecting a theme that supports large inventory, is SEO friendly, user-friendly for non-technical users, and integrates well with third-party apps is essential. While premium themes offer more features and customization options, free themes can still be a great choice for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

Investing in the best Shopify theme will enhance the user experience, boost conversions, and help your store stand out. So, take your time to decide on the best theme that aligns with your needs and brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Factors include visual appeal, functionality, performance, mobile responsiveness, speed, SEO-friendliness, user-friendliness, third-party app integration, customer support, and documentation.

Premium themes often offer more features, support, and customization options, but the choice depends on specific business needs and budget constraints. Case studies can provide insights into successful stores using both types.

The right theme can significantly impact traffic by enhancing user experience, optimizing search engines, and improving overall site performance.

Critical features include customization options, responsiveness, compatibility with different devices, SEO optimization, and integration capabilities with apps and third-party tools.

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