5 B2B Email Marketing Examples You Need to See

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A survey by EMARKETER found that 50% of B2B marketers find email marketing the best way to reach out to people. Email marketing strategy is becoming increasingly essential with its growing popularity and ability to deliver high ROI. Therefore, it is essential to create email marketing campaigns that ensure your business stays in your clients' minds. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best B2B email marketing examples and discussed what makes them stand out.

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What is B2B email marketing?

In B2B email marketing, you use emails to promote your products and services to other businesses. It includes sending a series of emails to customers when they reach specific points in their journey. This approach helps you foster relationships with existing and potential customers, build brand awareness, and generate leads and sales.

Salient features of B2B email marketing

  1. Email strategy is directed towards nurturing existing relationships rather than acquisition.
  • Lead nurture through lead magnets and events

  • Sales qualified leads (SQL) nurture

  • Customer nurture for upselling

  1. It primarily aims at customer retention, increasing engagement, and driving upsell opportunities.

  2. Email newsletters play an important role by serving as major campaigns to engage and inform subscribers.

  3. Many B2B businesses use cold emails to acquire customers, but they are usually unsolicited and not recommended.

B2B vs B2C email marketing

Let’s take a look at the main differences between B2B and B2C email marketing.

Aspect B2B email marketing B2C email marketing
Target audience Decision-makers, stakeholders, and professionals Individual consumers
Sales Cycle It can be long when intricate decision-making is required or short when there is immediate value and easy adoption. Short
Content Business-focused and informative Product-focused and promotional
Personalization Focuses on industry interests; however, it can extend to cater to individual preferences Customized to individual preferences
Email frequency Low, targeted to specific stages of the funnel High, varied content to maintain interest

5 best B2B email marketing examples

Here are some of the best examples of B2B email marketing that you must check.

1. Welcome email marketing campaign

A welcome email is the first message sent to people when they sign up. These emails usually get a lot of attention and interaction since they’re sent right when someone connects with your brand. They have high open and engagement rates, which gives them a golden chance to create a connection. Through a welcome email, you can share more about your brand and guide the subscribers on what to do next.

Here’s what a typical welcome email sequence looks like:

An image of welcome series To learn more about welcome email series, check the resource below.

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How Slack uses welcome emails

Objective: Welcoming users and increasing activation

When do they trigger it? Immediately after someone signs up

Template used: An image of Slack welcome email Source: Slack

In the example above, Slack welcomes its new users as part of its onboarding process. The email includes a friendly welcome message, tips for getting started, and links to helpful resources. It aims to introduce new users to the platform, help them with the initial setup process, and enable them to use Slack effectively.

2. Event email marketing campaign

An event email marketing campaign includes a sequence of emails to inform email subscribers about an upcoming event and convince them to attend it. These emails enable a broad outreach and help to spread relevant information effectively.

Events help brands to generate leads in B2B marketing. If you’re conducting events, inform your audience to spark interest in them, leading to more ticket sales, sign-ups, and booth visits.

Here’s what a typical event registration email sequence looks like:

An image of webinar/ event registration

How Config uses event marketing emails

Objective: Increasing event attendees

When do they trigger it? Before the event to encourage receivers to register

Template used: 7.png

Source: Config

Take a look at the Config 2024 email. This invitation starts with a clear and concise headline, “See who’s speaking,” followed by a brief introduction. The main content includes a list of speakers, their names, titles, and CTA, prompting readers to learn more about the event and speakers. The design is clean and easy to navigate. Additionally, the tone is professional and informative.

3. Announcement email marketing campaign

An announcement email contains a company's message to customers to inform them about new products and upcoming events. This mode of communication aims to keep customers and subscribers informed and engaged. When writing announcement emails, write a clear subject line and a good introduction. Persuade readers why the email is important to them, and include a CTA.

How Figarc uses announcement emails

Objective: Informing customers about new feature updates and releases

When do they trigger it? When there are major product updates to share with customers

Template used:


Source: Figarc

This Figarc beta announcement email is a great example that features testimonials from its existing users. It starts with a personalized greeting thanking the subscribers for joining the Figarc club early. Next, it shares valuable information about the beta launch of Figarc and invites users to participate in the beta testing process. The email has a friendly, enthusiastic tone and a simple design with minimal visuals.

4. Survey email marketing campaign

A survey email helps you gather customer data and feedback by sending them surveys or questionnaires. They can be used to accumulate customer insights, enhance strategies, and nurture customer relationships by personalizing offers.

Survey emails are a great way to get genuine feedback from customers since people are eager to share their opinions. To write compelling survey emails, include attractive subject lines, supporting preview text, images, and a link to the survey.

Here’s what a typical survey/ feedback email sequence looks like:

An image of feedback email series

How Stack Overflow uses survey email

Objective: Getting insights and opinions and understanding audience preferences

When do they trigger it? When they need to conduct research

Template used:


Source: Stack Overflow

This email from Stack Overflow aims to get opinions from developers who use AI tools in their development workflow. It features a CTA inviting readers to fill out the developer survey. The absence of distracting elements makes it easy to read and take the desired action.

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5. Lead nurture email marketing campaign

Lead nurture emails are sent to leads gathered from various sources, aiming to foster relationships with them and convert them from being prospects to valued customers. It involves sending a number of emails over a period of time to offer valuable content, address pain points, highlight product benefits, and build trust with the leads.

Here’s what a typical lead nurture email sequence looks like:

An email of lead nurture To learn more about lead nurture email series, check the resource below.

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How Maze uses lead nurturing email

Objective: Building trust and credibility with potential customers

When do they trigger it? In the decision-making stage of buyer’s journey

Template used: 6.png

Source: Maze

This email highlights the overview of the New Research Landscape report, letting readers know what they can expect to find in the report. It has multiple CTAs to engage recipients and prompt them to take action. Also, it includes social proof and contact information, encouraging them to add Maze to their account, fostering ongoing engagement.


There is no magic formula for creating ideal B2B email marketing campaigns—planning strategically, creating engaging content, and understanding your target audience. By using these B2B email marketing examples as inspiration, you can improve the performance of your campaigns.

Getting B2B email marketing right takes time, but it’s worth it. Personalize and segment your messages, measure and optimize your campaigns based on performance data, review and refine your email list, try automation, and stay in tune with the best practices to improve your email marketing, drive conversions and better results.


The frequency of your email marketing campaign depends on different factors, such as subscriber preferences, engagement rates, and potential buyer’s journey. Ensure you find the right balance to engage your audience without bombarding them with too many promotional emails.

Email marketers must follow the below methods to segment the B2B email list: Segment your email list based on geographic location, buyer journey stage, and industry trends. Gather data from CRMs or email marketing channels to create segments. Try different segmentation strategies and monitor performance of email campaigns to find responsive segments. Personalize email content according to segments, address their pain points, and offer solutions.

Include social sharing buttons to encourage your subscribers to share your emails. Create new lead generation offers to convince a group of people to sign up. Promote your sign-up page on social media. Use social proof to let people know your emails are worth subscribing to.

Some content types that work well include case studies, thought leadership ( whitepapers and ebooks), industry news and trends, educational content, customer testimonials, webinar recordings, and how-to guides. Additionally, incorporating promotional emails strategically can help drive conversions and sales.

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