How to Write a Professional Thank You Email (+ Examples)

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Despite the fact that in today's world everything is automated, some things remain unchanged. It is about the elementary need to be grateful and receives thanks. It is a moral aspect that inspires, pushes to action, and adds enthusiasm on a level with financial reward.

If the email of thanks is to be characterized in general, it is one of the necessary steps of etiquette communication with the audience, partners, and colleagues. And this is a necessary step of email marketing.

Sending a thank you email is a polite way to professionally communicate that you appreciate the other person's effort, time, effort, and support. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the presentability of the letter. You must ensure that it is free of errors and typos. So, it will be a great idea to check proofreading with EssayTigers services. They will greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of your thank you letters.

Usually, there are many circumstances when professional etiquette requires writing an acknowledgment. Just a few apt phrases will be able to inspire your customers, encourage them, and give them a sense of their importance. Such letters may differ in purpose, for example:

  • Business corporate thanks;

  • Thanks to customers;

  • Thanks for partners;

  • Thanks to colleagues for their work;

  • Thanks-feedback, etc.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to write Thank You Emails that will effectively solve the tasks.

They will help to establish a connection with the audience, form a positive image, and increase loyalty from consumers, colleagues, and business partners.

If you are ready, then we will begin!

What is a thank you email?


What is a thank you email?

A thank you email is a professional email sent to express gratitude and thank customers, clients, or colleagues for their support, feedback, or business. It shows good email etiquette and can help in maintaining healthy relationships with them.

Why Is It Important for Business Structures To Be Able To Thank Customers?

And NewVoiceMedia's research shows clearly and clearly that most customers, even regular ones, change companies because they feel they are not valued. Therefore, it is worth stopping to thank the people who are the main drivers of the company's income and its prosperity. Every customer who placed even a minimum order has proven that he trusts you. And your task is to justify this trust and thank you for it. You can do it with the help of Thank You email. Here are some examples.

  1. Return the customer. If a person has ordered something and has not used the company's services for a long time, it is enough to simply send him a letter thanking him for the previously placed order.

  2. Keep the client. Even if a person constantly uses your offers, thank them by offering bonuses, discounts, or other nice gifts. It works in most cases.

  3. Attract new customers. To do this, you should constantly monitor the activity of people on your electronic offers, send news and thank them for reading your letters.

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Types of Thank You Letters by Destination

Let's figure out what is special about each of these thank-you emails.

Business corporate thanks

It is appropriate to send such letters to the team after the implementation of a new project, to emphasize the team members' activity, and to thank them for the results. Also, team members, in turn, can send such letters of gratitude to the boss after receiving promotions, bonuses, etc.

Thanks for customers

It can be a thank you email for a purchase, ordering a service, or even for being interested in the company's activities. After all, in the future, a potential client may become a permanent one.

Thanks for partners

This is one of the most important thanks. After all, every company aims to have long-term working relationships with partners, interest them in quality services, excellent service, successful cooperation, etc. If the client flow is unstable and depends on many factors, then partnership relations are the platform on which the company's activity is built and on the stability on which its success depends.

Thanks for colleagues

Even when working in the same team and having the opportunity to communicate directly with a person, you should not neglect the possibility to thank him for the work done in the form of an electronic thank you letter. This encourages more activity and will allow them to feel needed. It can be thanks to the general management, deputies, heads of departments, etc. The main thing is to assess the effectiveness of each employee's actions and emphasize this objectively.


It can be an email address to a partner or colleague after a presentation, exhibition, or meeting. Be sure to emphasize that their presence was important to you. Also, thank you notes should be sent after the interview to demonstrate the seriousness and responsibility of the recruiter.

There are also cases when even if you have not achieved what you want, you should still end your communication with a grateful email. For example, an interview, after which you were not hired. But in any case, it is worth thanking you for the opportunity to communicate and for a valuable and interesting experience.

And vice versa, if your company received a letter with a request for employment, but there is no vacancy, you should thank the person for the shown interest. Thank you feedback can also be sent to the former management as a manifestation of respect and gratitude for the knowledge and experience you have gained. Especially if they helped you get a new job.

How To Create Effective Thank You Email Content

First of all, the person receiving the thank you letter should feel that it is addressed to him. That is, it is not an automatic mailing according to a template. Make only a little effort to make the content of the thank you as individual as possible. The optimal size of the content of the letter is three paragraphs. If it is longer, then there is a possibility that either the addressee will get confused about what he wanted to convey, or the addressee will lose interest in reading to the end.

So, how to say "thank you" creatively and interestingly and thereby increase your customer audience, attract new partners and encourage colleagues. When composing any thank you email, remember that it should be something that will get people to respond. So follow these simple rules:

Clarity of the topic

The primary line of the letter is the subject, which determines whether the recipient will read the content or not. Therefore, do not try to experiment with the presentation of the topic, let it be simple and concise. To emphasize that this is an individual mailing and not a template, it is worth entering the name of the recipient in the subject line. That is, from this line, a person should understand what kind of letter he received.


There must be a greeting "Good afternoon!", "My regards!" in an official letter and "Hello!", "Hi!" - in the unofficial. If the name of the recipient is unknown, it is worth using the address "Sir, Madam!" or "Dear -a, -y!".


Describe what exactly you are grateful for this person. At the same time, maintain a polite, professional tone and be as sincere as possible. Don't veil what you want to say, otherwise, it may come across as insincere.


After creating the letter, read it again through the eyes of the recipient. Remove all unnecessary points that will distract from the main essence of the letter. Leave only what you, as a customer, would like to hear.

Technical points

Make sure you use readable fonts that are mobile-friendly. Especially important points can be highlighted in bold italics. Adhering to simple standards will help improve the readability of your letters. Remember that many users read mail on gadgets in a convenient place.


If it is a letter of thanks from the company, then it should be signed officially - with an electronic signature, for example. It is sufficient to sign other informal letters with the addressee's name. But the signature must be mandatory, anonymous appeals are, at the very least, disreputable, and at the most, they will cause mistrust in the addressee.

Additional data

If you are determined to continue cooperation with the recipient of the letter, you can add contact information for communication (phone numbers, work addresses, etc.).

Importantly! Before sending, read the letter carefully for any errors. Even a simple technical inaccuracy will make an unpleasant impression on the recipient and will not allow them to achieve the set goal. Give the addressee the opportunity to understand that you treated this letter seriously and responsibly.

The Importance of an E-Mail for the Addressee

By sending a thank you letter, you demonstrate your courtesy, and gratitude, and thereby establish useful connections. After all, the recipients can become:

  • existing clients;

  • potential clients;

  • partners (existing and probable);

  • colleagues

Each of these audiences plays a key role in shaping the success and prosperity of any company. By maintaining and increasing your client base, you demonstrate your power to your partners. And joint success, which is based on collective work, leads to the moral and financial satisfaction of employees.

As you can see, something as small as a thank you email is a key link in building relationships and an opportunity to strengthen them. Therefore, do not neglect the opportunity to use a thank you letter for your customers. This is a great marketing ploy to increase sales.

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Thank You for Emails Back

It's not just company executives who can send thank-you letters. Employees can also, thanks to this correspondence, increase their importance in the eyes of their superiors. At least there are several reasons for this:

  • by thanking the manager for support or a bonus, you show your gratitude and desire to work even harder;

  • thanking the organizer of the workshop, meeting, and presentation will allow him to feel that the event was useful;

  • even a thank you for gratitude will be a gesture of professional ethics. After all, if you were appreciated, then there is a reason to thank you for it.

What does it take to send a thank you letter? Sincere desire and a little of your time. Believe that it will pay off quickly and generously. After all, people appreciate a sincere attitude towards them and reciprocate.


To sum up, Thank You Email allows you to create a special connection with the recipient. Such mailings help retain existing users, stimulate sales, and also return former customers.

Feeling their importance, the person will be more disposed and interested in interacting with you.

Use our recommendations and you will learn how to create professional and effective Thank You Emails that will be read and used to solve tasks!

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