How to Lower Your Hubspot Spam Rate in 2024

Suryanarayan Pal
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A high spam rate can be discouraging news for email marketers. In theory, a high spam rate only happens with spammers who send high-volume emails to random people. But in reality, it can also happen with genuine email marketers who don’t intend to spam users.

So if you see a recent spike in your HubSpot spam rate, keep reading. This guide will discuss the reasons for your high HubSpot spam rate and how to reduce it effectively.

  • What are spam emails?

  • What is spam rate?

  • Reasons for high HubSpot spam rate

  • How do you reduce the HubSpot spam?

  • Go spam-free with Mailmodo

  • Takeaways

What are spam emails?

Have you received emails from a sender over and over again, even if you haven’t subscribed to their email list? Most probably, a spammer sent those emails.

So spam emails are emails sent in high volume to random people without their permission. These emails want to get a few leads here and there without putting in the effort to build an active email list.

So if you send irrelevant emails repeatedly, users will mark you spam, resulting in a high HubSpot spam rate.

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What is spam rate?

The number of people who marked your email as spam out of the total number of people who received that email is your spam rate. You should try keeping your spam rate below 0.1% or max 1%. Anything above that number will get you banned from most of the ESPs. And if you’ve used your domain to send emails, it would’ve gathered a bad domain reputation.

So spam rate increases when an increasing number of your emails end in the spam folder. But we know that you’re not a spammer and follow the right email cadence to send timely emails. So why your email tracking tools is showing your HubSpot spam rate as high?

It may be due to following spam practices unknowingly or issues caused by your ESP.

So let’s explore a few common reasons why your HubSpot spam rate is high.

Reasons for high HubSpot spam rate

Here’re a few common reasons why your HubSpot emails may end up in spam.

• Not having excellent deliverability rates

In research test done by Email Deliverability Report. This report found that 83.10% of emails sent from HubSpot reached users' inboxes, 12.99% of emails ended in spam folders, and 3.92% of emails went missing.

While that inbox placement rate is good, it can still be better. And if you send high-volume commercial emails (not in a spammy way), that 12.99% of emails may bring you huge business only if they end up in users’ inboxes. So this may be a hidden reason for your high HubSpot spam rate.

• Not receiving permission beforehand

No one would feel comfortable if someone invaded their privacy without their consent. So receiving permission from your customer before sending them emails is a must. If it is otherwise, surely users will mark you as spam, resulting in higher spam rates.

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• Not having a good sender’s reputation

As an email marketer, you need to know two types of reputations: IP reputation and domain reputation. If you have a bad IP reputation that may be caused due to a shared IP, more of your emails will end up in spam. Similarly, having a bad domain reputation will contribute to a high spam rate. So if Google Postmaster or any email tracking tools show you a low sender’s reputation, you know why your emails aren’t reaching your users’ inboxes.

• Not sending relevant content

Remember the definition of spam emails earlier in this guide? Spam emails are irrelevant emails sent to random people. So they may or may not contain the content users are interested in. So if you keep sending irrelevant emails, they’ll eventually get angry and mark you as spam.

How to reduce the HubSpot spam rate

Here are the steps you can take to reduce your HubSpot spam rate:

1. Take permission before sending emails

You can have a checkbox on the signup form allowing users to receive promotional emails for your company. This way, they’re willfully permitting you to send emails. So the chances of them marking you as spam reduces.

2. Maintain a great sender’s reputation

Maintaining a great sender’s reputation will get you a special reputation from inbox providers. So you can kick things off by switching your IP type. Shared IPs are heavily criticized since many spammers use them for free to spam. So switch to a dedicated IP to have complete control over its reputation. Also, try warming up your domain before using it to send them to your real users.

3. Send relevant content

To achieve this, you case your platform activity and see what particular users are interested in. If someone often visits your blog, try sending them an email with links to your best guides. If others interact with a specific tool of your software, send them an email with tips on using that tool in better ways. Just make sure you’re sending relevant content and quickly see your spam rate recover.

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Domain warmup is a practice of warming up your new domain by sending a small volume of emails. This helps inbox providers get to know your domain. They won’t assume you as a spammer who has set up a new domain just to send a high volume of spam emails.

But domain warmup can be tricky to execute if you haven’t done it before. That’s where our experts will help you guide you through the process to ensure that you have a good head start with your new domain.

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We want only genuine email marketers to use our product. So we ban users who spam with our shared IPs. So genuine users like you won’t have to suffer as a result.

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Finally, just holler at our customer success team if you have any issues. You can contact us for help via customer chat or by emailing at, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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Don’t discourage yourself if you’re seeing a temporary hike in your spam rate. Apply strategies from this guide and see a noticeable improvement in your spam rate.

But these tips are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more reasons that can cause emails to end in spam. Curious? Check out our guide 9 reasons why your emails land in spam and what you can do about it to know them all.

If you want a complete ESP well optimized to reduce spam and a team that’ll always be there throughout your journey, Mailmodo should be your tool of choice. Sign up today or book a demo with us to enjoy all the benefits.

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