20 Small Business Ecommerce Statistics for 2024

Sakshi Chandwani
BySakshi Chandwani

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With the rise of online shopping, small business owners have recognized the importance of establishing an online presence to reach a wider audience and increase sales. As we move forward, it is essential for small business owners to understand the latest small business Ecommerce statistics and trends to stay competitive in the market.

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How do we collect these statistics?

To provide you with accurate insights, we collect Ecommerce statistics from reputable sources such as Tidio and Optinmonster:

20 small business ecommerce statistics

Let's dive into the latest small business Ecommerce statistics. These numbers will shed light on the current trends and help small business owners make informed decisions to drive their online sales.

  1. According to SBA, there are over 8 million small businesses in the US in 2022. [Source: Tidio]
  2. About 85% of established small businesses have fewer than 20 employees. [Source: Tidio]
  3. Small businesses comprise over 47% of private sector employees in the US. [Source: Tidio]
  4. An average small business owner makes about $60,000 per year. [Source: Tidio]
  5. Approximately 45% of small businesses fail during the first five years. [Source: Tidio]
  6. According to a study, in the UK, small and medium businesses (SMB) selling products and services to other companies generated 19 percent of their revenue through Ecommerce before the coronavirus, while the share rose to 25 percent during the pandemic.[Source: Statista]
  7. On average, small businesses allocate only about 1% of their budget to marketing. When it comes to advertising, a good rule of thumb is to spend about 7% of your gross revenue on ads. [Source: Tidio]
  8. Around 71% of small businesses have a website. [Source: Tidio]
  9. About 43% of all cybersecurity attacks target small businesses. [Source: Tidio]
  10. In the US, COVID-19 had a negative impact on 66% of small businesses. [Source: Tidio]
  11. Over 15% of all small businesses operate in retail and online sales. [Source: Tidio]
  12. Business owners who are over 40 years old own 63% of small businesses in America. [Source: Tidio]
  13. At least six in ten small and midsize businesses in the United States prioritized Ecommerce and digital services, according to a 2022 survey. [Source: Statista]
  14. The Ecommerce industry is growing 23% year-over-year, yet 46% of American small businesses still don’t have a website. [Source: Wpforms]
  15. 68% of small businesses don’t have a structured or documented conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy. [Source: Wpforms]
  16. 46.5% of small to mid-sized businesses say that offering free shipping increases their profits. [Source: Wpforms]
  17. Almost one-third (27%) of American small businesses don’t have a website yet, but 86% of them want to build one in the coming years. [Source: Tidio]
  18. Around 46% of small to mid-sized businesses agree free shipping increases their chance at profits. [Source: Appmysite]
  19. The share of Ecommerce revenue of Small & Medium B2B (Business-to-Business) Companies across the globe also grew distinctively. For Example, the US scaled from 17% to 19% in the revenue share of small businesses and recorded a 31% increase in the Ecommerce share overall. [Source: Appmysite]
  20. 90 Million Small Businesses Use Facebook. [Source: Optinmonster]


With increasing consumer demand for convenient and personalized shopping experiences, it is crucial for small businesses to establish a strong online presence and leverage the power of Ecommerce. By adopting innovative strategies, optimizing user experience, and staying updated with the latest trends, small businesses can thrive in the competitive Ecommerce landscape. Whether it's embracing mobile commerce, harnessing the power of social media, or offering seamless checkout experiences, small business owners must prioritize digital transformation to stay ahead. So, if you're a small business owner looking to expand your reach and boost sales, now is the time to capitalize on the Ecommerce revolution.

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