AMP for Email Advantages and Benefits

Business communication forms the crux of a successful professional network. In the era of digitization, the said communication has become more competitive and sales-driven. At present, there are many methods for online business communication like social media, text messages and video ads.

Despite their presence, e-mails rule the market. The introduction of AMP for emails in March 2019 has only strengthened its position. It has brought new avenues for marketers to experiment with.

E-mail marketing ensures that you receive at least $38 for every single dollar invested. However, the secret of converting leads through emails lies in engaging content and user experience. AMP helps in bringing a dynamic element to an otherwise static mail.

What is AMP for email? -- Brief Introduction

AMP for email is a framework which utilizes HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build interactive emails. They also enable shorter loading time by creating lightweight emails. You can add a carousel, retrieve real-time content from endpoints and make your content more dynamic. This technology helps in providing a webpage like feel in an email message. Amp for email can let you include the following things --

  • Enable users to fill and submit a form in an email.
  • Allow users to respond to an event's invitation and RSVP.
  • Help users participate in online surveys within an email.

This technology creates multiple opportunities for email marketers. Let us discuss how beneficial it is for business and marketing.

Advantages of AMP for email

  1. Keeps Content Updated
    Email marketing may be successful but it can get repetitive. As and when there is a new update, you need to send a fresh e-mail to convey it. AMP enables the mail to get automatically updated with new information. It has a functionality that allows mail to get updated in real-time. It means that the mail content gets populated with live updates of the time when the subscriber opens the mail.

This is especially useful for e-commerce business. You can send a weekly newsletter which can get updated with new styles. This simple feature can simplify and optimize e-mail marketing campaigns in the following ways -

  • Lesser number of unread messages in the recipient's folder
  • Crisp and target-oriented approach for email marketing
  • Option to give your users a breathing space between emailers.
  1. Provide the Experience of a Web Browser Within an E-mail
    Before the introduction of AMP for emails, an email was restricted to static content. You could play around with the pictures, fonts and placement of text. But, providing an interactive experience was not possible.

Some organizations have already imbibed AMP in their campaigns to introduce innovative features. Pinterest allows its users to add pins to their boards from within the mail. They do not have to open a new tab and start exploring Pinterest separately. They can experience the web page right from their inbox. 3. Helps in Curating Better Marketing Strategies
As we have been discussing before, AMP for email has opened more avenues for marketers. E-mail marketing will no longer contain itself with designing static newsletters and driving traffic to a separate webpage.

A marketer has the option of including live surveys, send an event calendar or enable browsing of products in an email. An email is no longer an electronic form of a letter or a pamphlet. It contains the virtual elements that bring interaction inside an inbox. A subscriber will spend more time exploring an interactive email than a static one. An email marketer can convert leads by including check-out option, flight details and even event schedules for the entire day. 4. Helps in Increasing Sales
The core objective of any email marketing campaign is to find leads and make sales. Email marketing helps in keeping old customers connected and enticing potential customers. AMP for email can enhance this process immensely, especially for e-commerce businesses.

Instead of sending pictures of a new collection, you could include a check-out option in the email. The subscriber doesn't have to explore and complete the order in a new tab. They have the option of buying it right through their inbox; this quick functionality can compel customers to hit the "buy now" button.

The success of a sales strategy depends upon how quickly one can convert a lead. The longer a potential customer contemplates, the lesser are the chances of conversion. With AMP for email, you can reduce this time by giving them an option to finish the transaction then and there. 5. Secure Technology
AMP for email restricts the utilization of data from 3rd party providers. This makes them more secure from any kind of cyber threats. They also do not allow any ad which makes them even more secure and enable break-free viewing of your content.


AMP for email has paved way for functionalities that were earlier restricted to a web page. It brings the use and scope of emails to a notch higher. There are many sectors where AMP for email can be utilized like travel, hospitality, retail and even finance.

Oyo rooms use this technology to include the option of browsing through accommodation and flight alternatives within the email. Similarly, Doodle has already started using the scheduling option wherein the email recipients can select the day and respond to an invitation within an email.

This is the age of automation and dynamic elements. It was high time that emails were upgraded to become more nuanced. AMP for email is a big step towards bringing innovation to traditional emails and we are excited to experiment with this.

If you're still confused with the benefits that AMP can entail in an e-mail, do drop us a question.

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