15 Lucrative High-Ticket SaaS Affiliate Programs For Beginners

ByMohamed Natheem


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The SaaS industry is growing fast, and it is worth spending your time and effort as an affiliate marketer to earn more by promoting the products.

However, finding a high-paying affiliate program in the SaaS niche will be challenging, regardless of your level of expertise as an affiliate marketer.

That’s why we have curated a list of high-ticket SaaS affiliate programs you can join to scale your revenue.

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What is a high-ticket SaaS affiliate program?

A high-ticket affiliate program promotes products or services with huge returns or payouts. The company you partner with will provide you with a unique affiliate link you can use on your website. You will earn a commission each time a purchase is made using your affiliate link.

Using an affiliate marketing platform offered by the business, you may keep track of the number of referrals you made, the number of people who purchased products using your affiliate link, and the money you earned.

You have to put in a lot of effort to convince someone to purchase the product. So, pick up the product that has something unique to offer to your audience.

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What to look for in an affiliate program?

You can't pick up any affiliate program and promote it to your audience because that might not be relevant to them. Consider checking for these aspects before joining an affiliate program in the SaaS niche.

1. Relevancy of the product

The product you choose to promote should fit your niche. If you write a lot of articles about email marketing, it makes more sense to recommend the best email marketing platform to your readers.

Alternatively, if you write about marketing in general, you can promote automation tools, analytics tools, or anything related to the marketing industry.

2. Competitive commission

You should not spend your time, money, and efforts promoting a product that won't get you better returns/commissions. Pick a high ticket product that will get you more returns per sale.

Also, it doesn't mean you should skip low priced products. You should find a balance to cater to a wide range of audience.

3. Product/brand reputation

Your reputation will be at stake when you promote a poor product to your audience. Conduct a complete research about the quality and reputation of the product you wish to promote.

Look up consumer reviews of the product on review websites, and if you can, test the product out to see if it fits.

4. Promotional content

Some SaaS affiliate programs provide tools and resources, such as blogs, landing pages, banners, videos, email templates, etc., to help you start your marketing campaigns effortlessly. Having these assets in hand will help you get up and running faster.

15 high paying best SaaS affiliate programs to promote in 2024

Here's a list of some of the best SaaS affiliate programs that you can leverage to make money:

1. Mailmodo

Mailmodo is an email marketing platform that enables marketers to send app-like interactive emails with calendars, forms, shopping carts, and more inside an email.

AMP email is our forte and USP. Marketers love us as they get 3x ROI on every email sent. This explains why our free trial to paid conversion rate is 30%.

Read how one of our customers - Pixl increased their conversions by 137% with Mailmodo.

You can make up to 5000$ per referral with our affiliate program, which is one of the highest amounts you can earn being an affiliate in the SaaS sector.

Recurring commission rate: 20% for every referral

Promotional content: Available

Cookie life: 60 days

2. Thinkific

Thinkific is an online course creation platform that lets course creators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, or anyone who likes to share their knowledge can use their platform to create and publish online courses.

Thinkific already has huge customers like Later, Hootsuite, Keap, and much more. They are killing it with their user-centric features like an easy-to-use course creation platform, dedicated support, and course website templates, so it won't be that hard for you to promote their product.

By joining Thinkific's high-ticket SaaS affiliate program, you could earn up to $1,700 per referral.

Register here: Thinkific affiliate program

Recurring commission rate: 30% for every referral

Promotional content: Available

Cookie life: 90 days

3. Social Champ

Social Champ, a comprehensive social media management tool, empowers you to efficiently schedule your content across 10 major social media platforms, including Bluesky. Its feature-rich interface and sleek user dashboard enhance your productivity and effectiveness.

With Social Champ's affiliate program, you can earn commissions by introducing new customers. To start earning, simply join the program, share the content, and connect with potential customers.

Register here: Social Champ Affiliate Program

Recurring commission: 30% of the monthly invoice

Promotional content: Available

Cookie life: 30 days

Bonus: $50 bonus (if you can maintain FIVE new active referrals)

4. Kinsta

Kinsta is a Wordpress hosting provider that Wordpress enthusiasts use to speed up their websites and provide reliable experience to their website visitors.

They offer 99.9% uptime and 34 data centers to serve your website faster. And 24,400+ companies worldwide use their hosting service. Speed, security, and support are the three core pillars of their business.

You can earn up from 50$ to 500$ for each referral based on the subscription your customers choose.

Register here: Kinsta affiliate program

Recurring commission: 50 to 500$ per referral + 10% monthly

Promotional content: Available

Cookie life: 60 days

5. Shopify

You all know Shopify. If not, here's an intro of them. Shopify lets you create your online ecommerce store to sell and ship products you love.

Millions of businesses in over 175 countries use Shopify to sell their products online. Shopify integrates with 6,000+ apps to provide you a holistic ecommerce experience.

Shopify's affiliate program is one of high ticket programs that affiliates can register to earn more passive income.

Register here: Shopify affiliate program

Recurring commission rate: 200% of the monthly plan

Promotional content: Available

Cookie life: 30 days

6. Brand24

Brand24 is a social media listening and analytics tool that allows businesses to monitor online reputation, track competitors, and engage with customers in real-time. 3800+ clients from over 150 countries use their services to find brand mentions and turn them into insights.

The company offers a partner program that enables individuals and businesses to earn commission by referring new customers to Brand24. As a partner, you can access marketing resources, dedicated support, and a commission structure that rewards your efforts.

Register here: Brand24 Partner Program

Recurring commission rate: up to 30%

Promotional content: Available

Cookie life: 90 days

7. Podia

Podia is a creator platform that helps creators to create websites to sell their digital products and build a raving community.

Over 150,000+ creators sell courses, e-books, webinars, consultations, and more using Podia. You can earn up to $267 a month by partnering as an affiliate.

Register here: Podia affiliate program

Recurring commission rate: 30%

Promotional content: Available

Product review: Podia review

Cookie life: 30 days

8. Hotjar

Hotjar is a behavior analytics platform that helps you understand user behavior on your website.

With Hotjar's analytics and feedback tools, you can improve your site's performance and optimize conversion rates.

Over 900,000 websites in 180+ countries use Hotjar to provide better online experience for their users.

By signing up for Hotjar's SaaS affiliate program, you will have an opportunity to earn around 1000$ per referral every year.

Register here: Hotjar affiliate program

Recurring commission rate: 25% for every referral

Promotional content: Available

9. LeadSquared

LeadSquared is a complete marketing automation and CRM software for businesses. Since their inception in 2011, they have gained revenue by 100% YoY. And they just raised $153 million in Series C funding.

And for the past year, their brand search has increased by 126%. The only limitation in joining their affiliate program is that you have to be a LeadSquared customer.

Register here: LeadSquared affiliate program

Recurring commission rate: 15%

Promotional content: Available

10. Kajabi

Kajabi is a SaaS business management platform that allows entrepreneurs, coaches, and tutors to monetize their services through coaching programs and online courses.

They offer a complete course creation and growth platform to help creators create, market, and sell their digital assets. Kajabi has nine partner tiers with exciting rewards each time you level up.

Register here: Kajabi affiliate program

Recurring commission rate: 30%

Promotional content: Available

11. Gusto

Gusto is a SaaS payroll, benefits, and human resource management platform that helps 200,000 businesses to manage their payroll.

Gusto offers bonuses and incentives for their affiliate partners every month as a part of their SaaS affiliate program. And Gusto is loved by accountants worldwide, so if your audience is accountants and HR professionals, it would be easy to market to them.

Register here: Gusto affiliate program

Recurring commission: $100+ per sale or $50+ per lead

Promotional content: Available

Cookie life: 120 days

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12. Supermetrics

Supermetrics helps marketers manage their data better. It helps marketers to move data from popular marketing tools such as Facebook, Google Ads, and HubSpot to their favorite platforms like Google Sheets, Data Studio, Excel, etc.

Their growth has been incredible since a Series B funding ($46M) from Highland Europe. They have around 500,000+ users and generate 40M euros in ARR.

By partnering as an affiliate, you get to promote a product that's in high demand and loved by people in the marketing industry.

Register here: Supermetrics affiliate program

Recurring commission rate: 20%

Promotional content: Available

Cookie life: 90 days

13. EngageBay

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support software designed for small businesses and startups. With EngageBay, you can automate most of your tasks through a visual workflow builder. You can also add landing pages, signup forms, 2-way email sync, and more.

EngageBay is designed especially for small businesses, with highly affordable pricing and an easy-to-use interface. Around 50,000 SMBs and startups around the world use EnageBay to grow their business.

EngageBay’s affiliate program offers a 30% recurring revenue for each new signup. This means that you can earn hundreds of dollars per referral every year.

Register here: EngageBay affiliate program

Commission rate: 30% for every new referral

Promotional content: Available

14. Jotform

Jotform is a dynamic form builder with more than 20 million users that allows you to collect and manage data effortlessly. Among its most useful features are an intuitive design interface, thousands of templates, advanced options like conditional logic, and a handy analytics tool.

The Jotform Affiliate Program offers a one-year 30% commission for every new subscriber you refer. This means you can earn up to hundreds of dollars per month as Jotform has use cases for everyone from bloggers to businesses.

Register here: Jotform affiliate program

Commission rate: 30% for every new referral

Cookie life: 60 days

Promotional content: Available

Capsulink is an ultimate URL shortener and link management platform. It offers advanced features to optimize and track your links effortlessly. With Capsulink, you can build deeper relationships with your audience by supercharging your links with dynamic link routing destinations according to their geographic location, language, device and time.

Affiliates enjoy a generous 25% recurring commission for up to 12 months per referral. A 30-day cookie window ensures credit for conversions. Capsulink provides dedicated support, transparent reporting, and flexible payout options.

Register here: Capsulink affiliate program

Recurring commission: 25% for up to 12 months

Cookie life: 30 days

Promotional content: Available

It's up to you

With a plethora of affiliate programs available, we have hand-picked these high-ticket SaaS affiliate programs that will yield better returns for your effort and time. Start with a good-selling, high-return product or service if you are truly passionate about moving forward.

Not sure how to promote a product with affiliate marketing? Read our guide on affiliate marketing for beginners to get started.

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