11 Efficient AI Research Tools for Marketers

Falak Preet Kaur
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The ones responsible for marketing or any research are familiar with the infinite tabs open and writing huge amounts of data while maintaining deadlines. To automate this process, AI research tools can be super effective. This article will cover the best AI research tools for marketers that can make your job easier.

11 Efficient AI Research Tools for Marketers H2 10 AI research tools H3

  1. Consensus H3
  2. Wevo H3
  3. Insight7 H3
  4. Ween H3 Become an email marketing expert in 90 mins H3
  5. ChatTube H3
  6. Tyles H3
  7. Plus AI H3
  8. YouScan H3
  9. FormX H3
  10. Poll The People H3
  11. Looppanel H2 Takeaway

11 AI research tools

These AI research tools can assist you in organizing your research, scraping data, structuring it, getting customer data, and creating actionable insights.

1. Consensus

Use case: for evidence-based answers

Consensus is a research tool that uses AI, natural language processing, and machine learning technology to analyze and evaluate web content. It reads scientific papers, extracts key findings, and presents them to users concisely.


The Consensus AI research tool is free to use. However, you can also try its premium features in its paid plan.

Plan Price
Free $0.00 /per Month
Premium $7.99 /per Month, billed annually
Enterprise Custom

2. Wevo

Use case: For user experience research

WEVO is an AI-powered platform that provides effortless user experience (UX) research and optimization for various digital experiences. It offers a range of testing options and uses cases to improve the performance and effectiveness of websites and customer experiences. Marketers can leverage this tool to optimize digital experiences for their customers.


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3. Insight7

Use case: Consumer research

Insight7 is an AI-powered customer insights repository that aims to help businesses and teams improve the quality and speed of their decision-making process. It provides a platform where users can upload various data types and utilizes AI technology to extract insights, themes, and sentiments from the data. It identifies relevant patterns and insights, enabling users to understand customer pain points, desires, and behaviors in seconds.


Pricing Plans Price
Starter Free
Pro $19/month
Business Custom

4. Ween

Use case: Data into actionable insights is one of the best AI marketing tools to revolutionize user research and analysis. It automates extracting valuable insights from qualitative data obtained through user interviews. The platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze interviews, identify patterns, and extract actionable insights about pain points, habits, and usability issues.


Plan Description Price
Pro Per month, per contributor $99
Enterprise Custom Custom

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5. ChatTube

Use case: Research with YouTube

ChatTube is a versatile tool that allows users to chat with any YouTube video using AI-generated conversations. It enhances the learning and entertainment experience by providing instant and accurate responses to users' questions. The AI chatbot analyzes the video content and generates personalized discussions based on the subject and themes of the video.


Free to use.

6. Tyles

Use case: Organize your research

Tyles is an AI-powered research tool that aims to help users organize their research more efficiently and effectively. It functions as a modular note-taking tool that allows users to save information from various sources, such as web pages, apps, documents, and personal thoughts.


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7. Plus AI

Use case: Generate a market research report

Plus is an AI research tool that helps you generate a custom market research report powered by Plus AI. Providing a business name or industry can create a market research report tailored to your needs.

To obtain the market research report, you must provide information about the company or industry you are interested in learning more about. Plus, AI uses the latest AI technologies to create an easy-to-digest presentation or slide deck.


Free report generation.

8. YouScan

Use case: Social media research

YouScan is an AI-powered social media listening platform that offers industry-leading image recognition capabilities. It helps businesses analyze consumer opinions, discover actionable insights, and manage brand reputation. YouScan covers over 500,000 media sources and analyzes 500 million data points daily.


Pricing Plans Price
Starter $299/month
Unlimited Custom pricing

9. FormX

Use case: Extracts and structures data leverages AI technology to extract data from documents, reducing data entry costs and improving operational efficiency. It also provides the extracted data in structured formats like JSON or CSV, making it easily usable by other systems and streamlining workflow processes.


Pricing Plans Price
Free Trial Free
Starter $299/month/extractor
Enterprise Contact Sales

10. Poll The People

Use case: Conduct surveys

Poll The People is a market research platform that offers AI-powered tools to conduct surveys and gather insights. It is trusted by top brands worldwide and aims to provide 10x more effective surveys through ChatGPT-powered features. It provides faster insights, automated analysis, access to deep consumer understanding, and AI-powered accuracy and objectivity.


Pricing Plans Price
Lite $0/month
Plus $50/month
Premium $100/month
Enterprise Starting at $10,000/month

11. Looppanel

Use case: Analyzing customer interviews & building an insights repository

Looppanel is an AI-powered research analysis & repository product that makes it 5x faster to discover and share user insights. It acts like a research assistant: transcribing calls and extracting insights your customers shared. With Looppanel, you can auto-record Zoom, GMeet, or Teams calls, timestamp key moments, and generate shareable video clips for stakeholders. Most importantly, Looppanel has a Google-like search to find any topic, theme or quote across projects, without any tagging required.


Pricing Plans Price
Solo $30/month
Pro $350/month
Business $1000/month
Enterprise Custom Pricing


Market research can be a hassle. With the help of AI research tools, you can easily conduct market research, structure your research data, and create research reports and presentations. This can help you achieve your research better and faster.

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