9 Best AI Tools for Customer Success to Help Fight Churn

Nidhi Parikh
ByNidhi Parikh

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AI tools for customer success can provide valuable customer insights, automate processes, and enhance team productivity. This article will explore the 9 best AI tools your team can use to create seamless workflows and provide a great customer experience.

How can AI help customer success?

With many businesses targeting multiple buyer segments, a CSM’s role has become more complex. You need to understand each segment's unique needs and create strategies to help them succeed.

In such a scenario, here are four ways AI can help customer success teams:

  • Automate manual tasks: Manual tasks like responding to common queries or finding customer insights from a lengthy spreadsheet can be time-consuming. AI tools automate most of these tasks.

  • Free up your team’s time for high-value activities: When your manual tasks get automated, your team can work on high-value activities like helping customers onboard successfully or analyzing the effectiveness of various strategies.

  • Set the stage for personalized experiences: AI tools provide analytical capabilities that gather insights from customer data. Based on the data, you can create personalized experiences for customers.

  • Get valuable insights into future trends: Predictive analytics is one of the strongest suits of AI tools. These analytics empower your team to be proactive with their strategies and responses.

9 best AI tools for customer success teams

Here are 9 best AI tools for customer success teams, along with their features, pricing, and our reviews:

1. – AI tool for transcribing and summarizing

Late to the meeting? Forgot important details discussed by your colleagues?

Enters the savior: Your AI meeting assistant that provides real-time automated notes and audio transcription. It also emails you a summary of the entire meeting with key information.

What we like best about the tool is it automatically captures slides in our meetings and inserts them in the notes. This provides context around what was being discussed.

Key features:

  • Add comments, highlight key points, and assign action items in live transcripts.

  • Get automated meeting notes by connecting the tool with Microsoft or Google Calendar.

  • Provides an automated summary after every meeting so you don’t have to go through the entire transcript.

  • Search through any meeting to find the data you need.

Best for: All industry types that conduct regular meetings


Pricing Per Month
Free Trial
Pro $16.99 per user
Business $30 per user
Enterprise Custom

2. Salesforce Einstein – AI tool for customer insights

Do you have spreadsheets of data but no way to put that data to use?

Salesforce Einstein gathers data from the cloud or on-premise software to provide your CS team the insights it needs to help customers succeed with your product.

Key features:

  • The built-in connectors in the tool bring all your data to one platform to get you better insights.

  • AI-powered insights help you answer every business question with solid recommendations and predictions.

  • Intuitive dashboards provide a visual experience that helps tell a story with customer data.

Best for: Healthcare, SaaS, Ecommerce, Banking, Manufacturing, and industries that work with a lot of data.


Pricing Per Month
Free Trial
Different tools Variable pricing

3. Intercom – AI tool for customer engagement

As a CSM, you are always finding ways to engage your customers.

Intercom provides AI features to create powerful onboarding experiences and personalized engagements.

As a SaaS company, we love the in-product messaging flows we can set up in Intercom. Here’s an example.

Key features:

  • Set up onboarding workflows and announce new offers during critical stages.

  • Use first-party data to make every engagement personal.

  • Create multi-channel campaigns to engage your customers on platforms where they’re most active.

  • Set up automated workflows based on past records. For example, if customers get inactive after a few days, you can trigger automated emails.

Best for: SaaS companies because of their importance on onboarding and in-app messaging.


Pricing Per Month
Free Trial
Starter Starts from $74
Pro Custom
Premium Custom

4. ChatGPT — AI tool for creating content

I recently heard someone say, “Everyone is a content creator these days.”

And I can’t help but agree with this. Whether it’s drafting a client email or portraying an idea on Slack, we are all creating content. And so are CSMs.

ChatGPT can help CSMs automate a lot of their daily content-creation activities.

For example, here’s how ChatGPT generates an email for a quick customer invite to a conference.

Key features:

  • Create marketing content for upselling, cross-selling, onboarding, or reactivation campaigns.

  • Translate content to provide information to your customers in their primary language.

  • Summarize long bodies of text or find a particular data source.

  • Input your brand tones and style to create content that aligns with your brand.

  • Can integrate with knowledge guides to provide answers to more complex questions

Best for: All industries that create any form of content.


Pricing Per Month
Free Trial
Plus $20

5. MonkeyLearn – AI tool for sentiment analysis

Whether you want to understand how customers feel about specific product features or check your guides to ensure they are in the right tone, a sentiment analysis tool like MonkeyLearn can help you.

What we like best about the tool is you can use their free analyzer on the website to get a quick analysis.

Key features:

  • Build text classifiers to detect sentiment intent, urgency, and topic.

  • Gauge sentiment for different text formats like reviews, surveys, support tickets, social media, and emails.

  • Connect with visualization tools like Mode, Tableau, Looker, etc., to get insights

  • Integrate with customer support, productivity, and survey tools to import/export data.

Best for: SaaS, ecommerce, and healthcare industries that are heavily dependent on reviews.


Pricing Per Month
Free Trial
Team $299
Business Custom

6. Userpilot – AI tool for onboarding

Want to provide a personalized onboarding experience? Or find a way to quicken the activation stage by drawing the user’s attention to relevant features?

Userpilot offers many AI features to achieve all that.

For example, you can use their AI-powered editor to create quality microcopy for your in-app messaging.

Key features:

  • Maximize engagement by adjusting the onboarding experience’s flow based on user personas.

  • Provide contextual hints and tips as users navigate through your app.

  • Identify and track goal achievement to optimize the onboarding for activation.

  • Promote self-feature discovery by providing contextual experiences.

Best for: SaaS companies because of their importance on onboarding and in-app messaging.


Pricing Per Month
Free Trial
Starter Starts from $299
Growth Custom
Enterprise Custom

7. ChurnZero – AI tool for predictive insights

What if you could proactively stop customers from leaving your business?

With an AI tool like ChurnZero, you can access the health scores of each customer. This gives you a fair idea of whether the customer would renew their subscription.

Based on that, you can create proactive strategies to increase retention.

Key features:

  • Get real-time alerts when customers get stuck during the onboarding process.

  • Gain insights on data like time spent in-app, logins, and event tracking to monitor the product usage of each customer.

  • Alert your customers with product add-ons that might interest them.

  • Get details on health scores to determine the customer issues you must work on to mitigate risk.

  • Identify appropriate cross-selling and up-selling initiatives by looking at license utilization and usage data.

Best for: Industries like SaaS and marketing agencies that deal with variable revenue models.


Pricing Per Month
Free Trial
Paid plan Available on request

8. Microsoft Copilot – AI tool for MS Office

Gone are the days when you had to surf 5 videos to find how to perform a calculation on thousands of rows in Excel.

With Microsoft Copilot, customer success teams can now write prompts to get many things done. For example, create presentations from docs, get main trends from data in Excel, summarize documents, etc.

The best part? The tool can draw information from existing documents to create a more relevant output.

Key features:

  • Works with all your daily apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams, and more.

  • Generate summaries, write, edit, and create first drafts in Word.

  • Suggest formulas, identify trends, give recommendations, and create powerful visualizations in Excel.

  • Create presentations from documents, adjust layouts, time animations, and reformat text in Powerpoint.

  • Summarize lengthy email threads, pull information from existing content, and reply with prompts in Outlook.

  • Organize key discussion points, create meeting agendas based on chat history, and get a summary of your meetings in Teams.

Best for: All industries that utilize MS Office.


Pricing Per Month
Free in MS Office Suite

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9. SmartTask – AI tool for task management

Do you work on a lot of recurring tasks? Or do you need to re-schedule dependent tasks often?

With SmartTask’s auto-scheduling feature, you can set dependencies between tasks. Once the dependent task is completed, the next task automatically starts. This is useful for your onboarding workflows or customer check-ins.

What we like best is their automated check-in feature that allows us to eliminate everyday meetings.

Key features:

  • Set recurring tasks to repeat daily, monthly, or weekly according to your requirements.

  • Define task dependencies to find and resolve any blockages proactively.

  • Get reminders of your critical tasks to stay updated.

  • Understand your team’s workload and make changes if necessary.

  • Create tasks from emails.

Best for: SaaS, Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and other industries that deal with many projects.


Pricing Per Month
Free Trial
Premium $11.98 per user
Business $15.98 per user
Enterprise Custom

Are there any limitations to AI customer success tools?

AI customer success tools can be a great investment if you want to automate manual tasks or accelerate certain parts of your workflows.

But we wouldn’t advise you to adopt an AI-heavy approach. The reasons are simple. Your customers expect a human touch that CSMs bring to the table, and relying on a tool completely can provide you with inaccurate results.

So, the best approach is to combine powers to create stellar customer experiences.

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Frequently asked questions

Customer Success Management (CSM) tools use advanced technology to provide customer insights and business expansion analytics on when to cross-sell and upsell. This helps your team create better customer experiences and drive customers to succeed with your product/service.

AI can make customer success teams’ life easier by enabling them to do more with fewer resources. But, AI can’t completely replace customer success teams as people demand the human touch and the ability to form relationships with businesses.

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