How to Create Interactive Market Research Forms with Mailmodo

ByNeelabja Adkuloo


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Market research requires rigorous surveys. Suppose you spend hours compiling an online market research survey via a paid online survey maker tool and embed it in an email sent to your subscribers' list. You were eager to find out the results, to see if there is a profitable market in the cities you are currently operating in, whether the target age group has a purchase intent or not, or to detect some other market parameters. But you end up with a measly number of responses!

Where did you go wrong? The answer is simple - multiple redirects and non-responsive survey forms killed the customer experience.

While an HTML email does the job of sending the message, it fails to work like an interactive and smart AMP email. Read how you can improve and get ~3X more response rate using interactive AMP emails with Mailmodo.

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What are the pain points in using HTML emails for market research?

1. Insufficient data due to low response rates

HTML email doesn't allow you to conduct market research surveys inside the customer inbox. They either take you to a web page where a survey form appears or bring you to a form where you have to register to access the form. Also, there is no way to distinguish a genuine survey form from spam, and the customers might even get frustrated with these redirects.

If your subscribers don't even open the survey pages or leave mid-way, how are you supposed to get the market research done?

You might think of CTAs as an answer to this question, but the anchor text CTAs lead to instance changes, and the customers are brought out of their inboxes. So, your CTAs no longer work!

Further, suppose you are a company where the customers cease responding to your emails or unsubscribe because they have already bought what they wanted. In that case, it is extremely normal for your customers to unsubscribe from your mailing list right after they have achieved their goal and moved on.

2. Lack of personalization right inside the inbox

Personalized emails deliver exceptional higher transaction rates. So, your one-size-fits-all marketing efforts no longer pay. However, HTML emails achieve an average open rate of 5.9% and an abysmal click rate of only 0.2% even if you personalize the message and subject line!

So, for better market research, you need to deliver personalized customer experiences and collect feedback right inside their inboxes.

Sadly, there is no way to do so via traditional email.

3. An awful number of redirects

Market research done via HTML mail brings your customers to a different window, comes with multiple redirects, and might land your customers on non-responsive web pages as well.

While some of your loyal and more persistent customers might tolerate one or two redirects, they are going to leave the surveys incomplete and even unsubscribe from the list if they are redirected after every few questions.

Marketing ecosystems are flooded, and email is one of the most challenging channels to navigate. Multiple redirects ruin customer experience, and you can end up with unsuccessful surveys. This calls for a "redo" of the entire process with the guesswork still being there!

Or, you can opt for a more efficient way - rethink your market research!

Why should you rethink your market research process?

Market research is critical for your business as it helps you identify and reach your target audiences, Boost your profits via market-specific business decisions, Figure out advertising and marketing essentials, such as pricing, value propositions, taglines, etc.

Now, when you fail to conduct successful market research, you are in for Fewer responses to support decision making, Improper feedback can translate into huge monetary and reputation losses.

For example the classic example of a big blunder "New Coke".

In the late 70s, Coke was struggling with its sales and "thought" that a sweeter Coke would delight its customers. So, it rolled a sweeter Coke that was even sweeter than Pepsi and marketed it as the "New Coke".

While things were still right with this "new" introduction, Coke decided to stop selling the original flavor. The move earned a frown from millions of customers because it failed to conduct proper market research among the taste test subjects. Consequently, people favored Pepsi even more than the "New Coke", and the brand was subjected to huge losses.

A high response rate is essential for thorough market research. If your users leave midway because of the pain points in the HTML email discussed above, you will undoubtedly incur unprecedented losses, and you can do absolutely nothing about it.

The bottom line is: While HTML email fails to cater to the evolving needs of the highly competitive marketing landscape, email as a marketing channel still carries a lot of potential in terms of marketing, lead capture, and conversions. A good market research survey gathers valuable data and could help you get ahead in the competition, get better market insights, figure out trends, etc.

Hence, regardless of your business domain, you must leverage email marketing as a premier channel.

This calls for a rethinking of the traditional email marketing approach for thorough and data-driven market research.

But where to find such a versatile email marketing tool? The answer is - Mailmodo's interactive emails!

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What is the solution that Mailmodo has to offer?

Mailmodo offers interactive AMP emails with website-like functionalities and allows your audiences to respond to your market research right inside their inbox. You can send your surveys and market research questionnaires etc., in the email itself, and there are no redirects. You can send personalized emails, and every marketing pitch is available inside an email.

1. Higher response rate

With Mailmodo's AMP email, you can get 75% higher response rates for your market research emails. Hence, you have a reliable amount of data to draw inferences from and plan your marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Market research in the inbox

Mailmodo allows you to do market research right inside the inbox of the people in your mailing list. You can send surveys and questionnaires and compile small feedback forms via the drag-and-drop editor and collect valuable information from your audiences without making them go through an awful number of redirects.

3. Personalization beyond the subject lines

Mailmodo allows you to personalize your market research emails via segmented mailing lists and gather more relevant customer data by sending relevant emails and marketing pitches to specific people. Hence, you can deliver personalization beyond the subject line and header.

Mailmodo's AMP email marketing allows you to get better results and higher conversion rates from your surveys and other market research efforts. It allows you to focus on the entire customer journey and look beyond the clicks, which McKinsey defines as a must-have for new-generation inboxes.

Steps to conduct market research using Mailmodo

1. Register with Mailmodo

Signing up on Mailmodo.

2. Choose an interactive email template

Once signed in, choose from pre-existing interactive templates such as this one:

Mailmodo's template library is extremely rich and features engaging market research templates relevant to a wide range of industries.

3. Customize the template

After choosing an AMP email template, you can customize it with the simple drag-and-drop editor.

4. Add and customize your AMP form

Next, you have to add your AMP form and customize it to make your Market research form as interactive as you want.

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5. Send your campaign

Once you're done, you can start sending out your email campaigns.

Mailmodo: Targeting the Right People at Right Time

Leveraging Mailmodo's AMP email, you can tailor your marketing and messaging efforts to your customers' preferences. You can brace yourself up against the industry disruptions and deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. With smart functionalities that allow you to deliver a website-like experience inside an email, you can amplify your market research results and gather actionable insights from valuable customers from different segments.

Mailmodo is a powerful tool that allows you to use interactive email for multiple purposes apart from research, such as lead capture, employee onboarding, booking appointments, cold outreach, and proactive measures for customer and employee engagement.

Want to know more about Mailmodo AMP Email Marketing? Please reach out to us or book a demo session.

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