How AMP for Email Creates Customer Journey Shortcuts

ByKasey Steinbrinck


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Here’s how email marketing usually works …

Send an email campaign with a call-to-action that you hope subscribers will click. That CTA button takes people to a piece of content with more calls-to-actions. If you’re lucky, they may fill out a form, take a survey, watch your video, sign up for a demo, or even make a purchase.

But every time you need someone to click another button or link, you risk losing them. What if you could cut to the chase and get right to the good stuff from inside your subscribers’ inboxes?

That’s one of the exciting promises of using AMP for Email. It can super-charge your email marketing and simplify the entire process of getting more conversions.

Think of these groundbreaking interactive email features as potential shortcuts on the customer journey.

Table of contents

AMP for email and the customer journey

The people you’re trying to reach are on a journey. Email marketing is an excellent tool for guiding people along the so-called “path to purchase.” It helps turn subscribers into leads before transforming customers into brand evangelists.

However, a recent survey from Email on Acid and Ascend2 found only 28% of marketers feel their customer journey mapping is “very successful.” The special report, Effective Customer Journey Mapping: Keys to Success, has many other insights for email marketers.

The customer journey is not a straight line as most marketing funnels would have us believe. In the world of the digital consumer, there are all sorts of twists and turns. Plus, the internet is full of distractions vying for the attention of your target audience.

The fewer roadblocks people encounter along their customer journey, the more likely they are to convert.

AMP for email has the potential to reduce a lot of friction, making it easier for your contacts to take action without needing to click through to a landing page. That’s because AMP for email enables dynamic, interactive content that includes much more than flashy design possibilities.

Here are a few examples:

eCommerce functionality

If an online store wants to promote a collection of products, marketers might create a landing page featuring those selections and email a segmented list that’s most likely to be interested.

With AMP for email, a personalized shopping experience can take place without the landing page. You can feature a selection of products within the email. Shoppers can then select their preferred, quantity, colour, size, etc. without ever visiting a product page.

AMP for Email even includes the ability to add items to a cart. Out of stock? No worries AMP emails for eCommerce can also update dynamically based on product availability. Once they’ve made selections, customers can even head directly to checkout to make a purchase as they’re redirected to a secure gateway, reducing the steps between the cart and checkout.

This eCommerce functionality is ideal for an abandoned cart email strategy. It can easily be used for reorders and renewals as well!

Book appointments, RSVP, and register for events

If your sales team is struggling to land appointments or convince contacts to sign-up for demos, AMP for Email could certainly help. The ability to book appointments from within emails is now possible thanks to this next phase in email’s evolution.

Appointment-booking functionality is ideal for all sorts of industries, including healthcare, finance, consulting, and more. AMP emails make the entire process more efficient.

You can also use AMP for Email for event marketing and accept RSVPs via email. This is a great way to boost webinar registrations. You could even try embedding a form within an email to collect pre-orders ahead of a product launch.

Use this webinar email automation flow to get more signups for your event.

Customer surveys and ratings

Your subscribers usually have to go to a specific web page to fill out a survey or leave a product rating and write a review on a recent purchase. AMP for Email changes that. Instead, you can build campaigns that embed the survey or rating functionality inside of the email.

That means you’re likely to get more survey responses and more reviews than if you forced people to navigate away from their inboxes. More feedback like that means you’ll have a better understanding of how to keep customers happy.

Start taking advantage of AMP for Email

If you want to be on the cutting edge of email marketing, you need to start exploring AMP for Email. Mailmodo is a platform that makes adopting this exciting option extra easy.

Features of this email marketing solution include a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor, so you don’t even need to learn AMPHTML to get started. Plus, Mailmodo comes with a visual journey builder so you can see how your interactive email automation flows.

View Mailmodo’s case studies and find out how brands are seeing significant success. And if you’re interested in learning more about customer journeys, check out Email Marketing and Customer Journey Mapping: The Complete Guide from the team at Email on Acid.

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