14 Best Company Newsletter Ideas to Engage Employees

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Company newsletters play an important role in internal communications. They also help organizations connect more deeply with their employees, clients and stakeholders. An engaging and informative newsletter can develop a sense of belonging, foster loyalty, and boost employee morale. However, coming up with new and engaging newsletter ideas can be challenging. This guide explores company newsletter ideas to keep employees engaged, informed and motivated.

What is a company newsletter?

A company newsletter is a newsletter that contains updates, important information and news related to a specific organization or company. These newsletters should deliver employees information that is relevant to them. A company newsletter is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your employees aligned on the major things happening in your company.

You can have different agendas behind every issue of your company newsletter, varying from collecting feedback to delivering important information to company-wide employees.

14 Best company newsletter ideas

We’ve collected some great company newsletter ideas for you to steal in 2023. Try them out today.

1. Birthdays and work anniversaries

Having a section dedicated to the employees who have had their birthdays recently gives a personal touch to your newsletters. It makes the company feel more like a big family.

A section dedicated to celebrating work anniversaries is also a great way to thank employees for sticking with your company. It makes it look like an achievement for which they are getting praised and gives a sense of pride and motivation to foster loyalty and dedication.

Here's a sample birthday email newsletter you can use to send birthday wishes to your employees.

2. Well-being tips and resources

Companies and employees both understand the importance of work-life balance now more than ever. For instance, EY offers a ‘Better You’ program that focuses on supporting the various needs of employees by offering them free resources. While designing such a program takes time and strategic planning, educating the employees on how to sustain work-life balance is rather easy.

You can have a newsletter dedicated to the wellness of your employees that offers them advice and tips on different issues they might be going through. This could include tips on resolving mental health issues, finding the right balance between work and personal life or healthily managing their finances. This propagates the idea that the company also cares for the employees’ well-being.

3. Achievement highlights

Highlighting the mini and mega achievements your employees achieve in newsletters circulating throughout the company is quite a tap on the shoulder. It’s like getting an award in front of the whole crowd. This could include newsletters containing promotions, the highest performing team/team member, etc. This has multi-faceted benefits.

The employees who get featured feel appreciated and automatically work harder to be rewarded with recognition again. Other employees also take it as motivation to work harder and take up new initiatives and responsibilities. This appreciation also fosters employee loyalty and helps leaders from all departments identify exceptional talents from the pool of employees. This also leads to a fairer work environment.

4. Policy changes and reinforcement

Policies and rules are important and form the framework of a company's day-to-day work. So all employees must be aware of them. When employees are onboarded, companies take special care to make them go through all the policy documents so their actions align with the company’s policies.

However, policies change over time and new policies are implemented. Communicating these changes to employees is a good idea. It’s one of the fastest ways to make everyone aware of the changes. The same can be implemented for reinforcing policies. Companies can reinforce important policies by sending them in the form of newsletters to reach even those employees who might have missed out on or forgotten about them.

5. Employee feedback collection

Just as customer feedback defines the quality of the products and services you offer them, employee feedback defines the quality of your company's work environment. It is rather difficult for leaders on a higher level to identify the intricate problems that the employees might be going through on a daily basis. Having an employee feedback newsletter allows you to identify the flaws in your system and fix them.

These newsletters can also contain the positive feedback previously received from employees, which would elevate the image of your company. You can also include past negative feedback to highlight how you’ve considered the feedback and made changes to better the employees' experience. This makes the employees feel heard and reflect that they are important to the company.


6. Fun activities and enjoyment

All work and no fun makes your employees dull. Your employees need a fair share of fun and enjoyment. You could have a newsletter that isn’t formal and lightens the stress for them. This newsletter could include jokes, funny stories, quizzes, puzzles, games, and more. You can also have contests where the employees can solve riddles or guess the names of the songs, movies, etc. and reply with their answers to get featured in the next issue of the newsletter.

You can also use AMP-powered interactive emails to allow your employees to interact with the newsletters you send them. For instance, with Mailmodo’s AMP emails, you can have a form within the email that displays a riddle and allows the employee to choose the right answer from the given set of options.


7. Hobbies and interests

Having a newsletter that cherishes and explores the different aspects of your employees is a good idea. You can have a newsletter that showcases your employees’ other talents outside of work. This can feature poems, stories or even artwork done by one of your employees. This gives them a platform to showcase their various talents and builds more confidence in them.

8. Internal job postings

Having a newsletter that talks about the different job opportunities in the company gives employees a chance to achieve their goals. It works as a constant reminder that there are higher positions available that they should ideally strive towards, motivating them to work harder and more efficiently.

It also highlights a clear path for the employee's career growth, making it easier for them to rise in rank. This also allows your employees to refer people they think would be best suited for an advertised role, thereby cutting down on the rigorous search that the HR department has to look for the perfect candidate.

9. Team highlights

Your company has various departments that work side by side to achieve the ultimate goal of the company. Highlighting the team's achievements and identifying the best-performing teams can foster a healthy sense of competition where every team would work hard to outperform other teams. This also fosters a sense of belonging and employees identify themselves as a proud team member and aspire to collaborate with their team members to make their team number one.

10. Industry news

It is important to keep your employees updated with the latest developments in the industry they are working in. This would even educate the employees who need access to valuable resources. Sharing news and updates about the industry will keep them well-informed and make their knowledge more refined. This includes news of recent developments, eliminating false information, industry trends and ideas and even news about your competitors, their performance and scaling.

11. Courses and training programs

Training and enrolling employees in courses helps employees become more efficient and offer more to the company. Companies can take the initiative to prepare a list of programs and courses that employees should take that would make them more marketable and grow faster in their careers.

12. Company achievements

You must inform your employees what they are working towards and how their hard work is paying off. Companies should have a newsletter where they can talk about their achievements and how well the company is doing. This would help employees better understand the company's aspirations and align their efforts towards the same goal.

This newsletter can also contain a section where the company thanks their employees for all the hard work that has helped the company achieve their milestones. This appreciation will create a deeper connection between the company and the employees and develop loyalty.

13. Introduction of new hires

Including new hires in newsletters helps the new employee feel included in the company from the beginning. It helps them get recognized and known by the different departments and older employees who can help the new ones settle in better. The newsletter can also include some tips for the new employees or a ‘who to contact when’ section so they know how things work around in the company.

14. Inspirational content

Employees do not have constant motivation and may suffer from occasional turbulence in their personal lives that affects their work efficiency. Often, these hurdles are mental and pieces of advice and inspiration can help them recover from these low points in their lives. Newsletters containing inspirational content and expert advice on dealing with such situations are an excellent way to help them recover and live a happy and fulfilling life.

How do you create a company newsletter?

The availability of online tools and resources has made the entire process of creating and sending newsletters quick and easy. An ideal solution to this would be finding a tool that allows you to create and send newsletters easily without wasting too much time.

Mailmodo, for instance, is an all-in-one email marketing platform that allows you to create and send interactive newsletters. You can choose from the various templates available in their template library, edit them according to your needs and start sending them manually or even automate them to be sent at regular intervals. You can check out our guide below, which talks in more detail about how you can create a newsletter.


A company newsletter can be a versatile tool to enhance communication and foster loyalty and a sense of belonging. In this guide, we’ve also talked about some of the best company newsletter ideas to help you engage with your employees better and keep them involved and updated. However, your newsletter must not just be a good thought. It has to be attractive, engaging and well optimized and tested. You must keep these things in mind before creating your company newsletter. Using an online platform like Mailmodo is always a good idea to cut down on the effort and maximize the results of your newsletter.

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The topics included in a company newsletter can be diverse but should always be relevant to your employees. For instance, it can include company highlights, employee spotlights, industry insights, etc.

Some of the benefits of sending a company newsletter are:

  • Improved communication
  • Better employee relations
  • Transparency
  • Easy impartation of knowledge
  • Better employee recognition
  • Promotion of company values

Usually, the human resource (HR) department, marketing team or head of communication takes charge of creating and sending company newsletters.

The easiest way to create and send a company newsletter is to choose a tool like Mailmodo that helps you create and send newsletters easily.

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