Interactive AMP Emails: Redefining The Future Of Email Marketing

ByNupur Mittal


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Email marketing is among the highest ROI-generating channels. But, with time, as other platforms innovated, emails remained static. It didn't evolve according to its potential to positively impact a business’s growth trajectory.

Even though emails worked with the traditional approach, there’s always a better way to stand out, and that better way is interactive emails.

Interactivity allows recipients to take action within emails that we traditionally associate with landing pages. This functionality has the potential to revolutionize the email ecosystem. Read on to know why.

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Why should you choose ineractive emails?

Interactive emails have a lot of benefits over traditional emails. Below, we list a few reasons why you should use interactive emails for your email marketing campaigns.

1. Bridge the gap between the web and emails

Even today, there’s a huge disconnect between email and the web. The lack of continuity between these two mediums interferes with the customer experience.

Interactive emails bridge that gap. The emails cut the need for landing pages as you’re allowing the recipients to take action within the email. From form submissions to cart recovery, everything can now happen with interactive emails powered with AMP.

Besides, if they decide to check out your website (Your email might be damn compelling!), they’ll land on a website with the same aesthetics. So, the experience doesn't break while shifting from one medium to another.

2. See your conversions go up and up

Traditional emails make people go from one page to another to complete an action. While this works, bringing the page to your user is something they might not be expecting.

With the emergence of interactivity, you can make your emails smarter and frictionless by bringing the landing page to the email. Combined with the relevant message and outstanding design, you can power up your email marketing ROI and conversions.

Let’s see some of the examples of how AMP boosts conversions:

Abandoned cart emails

Traya, an e-commerce brand, got a 15% increase in their conversion rate by using interactive AMP email carts within the email.

Easy collaboration inside the email

Google Docs allows you to reply to comments within emails. That's an AMP email at work. It makes collaboration easier by removing the one step to go to the Doc and reply. This resulted in an increase of the 500% comments rate for GDocs.

AMP email in action: Google Docs example

3. Creating an extension to apps

Applications dominate mobile devices as they offer an interactive experience within the apps, making users hooked to their platform. Think of all the interesting games that keep you glued to your mobile or social media apps that you can’t scroll. (Thinking about the time you spent on TikTok last night?)

Interactive emails are making some of the app functions available within the email.

For instance, you can reply to Google Docs comments within your email. With Mailmodo's Add to Calendar widget, recipients can add events to their calendars with a single click. No need to go to Google Calendar to add an event, but a single click would do the work for you.

Mailmodo's Add to Calendar widget in action

I wouldn’t say the interactive email ecosystem is at the winning stage yet, as it’s a long way to go, but it’s making progress.

4. From quizzes to Spin the Wheel: Improved CX

(A) Imagine this: You create a landing page with an interesting ‘Guess these Christmas movie to enter out year’s biggest giveaway’ quiz and send out the email. To play the quiz, users are redirected to the landing page.

(B) Imagine this: You create the same quiz, but instead of directing users to the landing page, you embed that quiz within the email and users can play it within the email itself.

B is the winner because customers want as little friction as possible to take action. AMP emails are the way to do that. Not only can you embed all sorts of games — polls, scavenger hunts, spin the wheel, but you bring a truly interactive gamified experience for your users.

It works because it entices the readers to engage with a fun email game making it stand apart from every other email that seems the same.

  • Send out a scratch card to your loyal and frequent customers to shower them with exclusive deals on your insurance premium plans.

  • Use spin the wheel and encourage your customers to claim a gift card.

Create and send AMP emails without coding in minutes


How do you implement interactive emails?

With the kind of functionalities interactive emails offer, it's easy to feel that they might be quite difficult to implement. Well, that's nto exactly true. Normally, interactive emails would require you to write lines and lines of HTML codes but Mailmodo makes it much easier. It allows you to create your own interactive emails without writing a single line of code. Here's how easy it is:

Choose an email template: Mailmodo has a growing library of readymade templates for you to choose from. The templates are divided into categories so it's easier for you to find the right one.

If you still don't find one that suits your exact need, you can create one from scratch using their easy-to-use no-code email builder.

Customize the template: Even if you've chosen a template from the template library, you still have the freedom to tweak everything about the template including the color scheme, font, size and interactive widgets in the template editor.

Edit the fallback HTML version: Check out the automatically created fallback HTML version and make the necessary edits if required.

Once you've gone through these steps, you have an interactive email ready to be sent. Mailmodo not only helps you to create these iteractive emails but also:

  • Provides whitelisting assistance

  • Configures your preferred SMTP

  • Allows you to add custom domain emails

  • Allows you to schedule email campaigns

  • Allows for analyzing your email campaigns

It also offers other email marketing features including A/B testing, customer journey builder and send time optimization.

Revolutionizing the email marketing

The future of email marketing is interactive.

Interactive emails are going to change how emails are perceived and used by brands. I have witnessed the power of AMP emails with Mailmodo, and I would say it’s one of the most innovative things that has happened to email marketing.

I have created many interactive emails using Mailmodo’s no-code editor and added different widgets such as polls, spin the wheel, forms, and even carousels. I would say this technology brings a landing page experience within the email.

Even though the adoption of AMP emails is not diversified, and even email client support is limited, this technology's power is no denying it. Every technology evolves over time, and AMP will too.

What should you do next?

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