Must Know Email Marketing Conversion Rate Statistics For 2023

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Written by:Neelabja Adkuloo


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Email marketing conversation rate is the percentage of subscribers who take the action a company's email wants them to take. Metrics like email open rates and CTR are micro, and form submission are macro conversions. It is relevant for any organization as it shows the success of its email campaigns.

Email Marketing Conversion Rate Statistics Infographic

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Email marketing conversion rate over time

  • Email remains one of the few channels that drive higher ROI, with a conversion rate of 15.22% in 2021. Barilliance

  • Email conversion rate is the top KPI for best-in-class, with 41% of the marketers prioritizing it over other metrics. Inbox Insights 2022 by Mailjet

Email marketing conversion rate by industry

Here are the average email marketing conversion rates of different industries by Klaviyo:

Industry Email conversion rate
Apparel and accessories 0.08%
Automotive 0.06%
Electronics 0.05%
Food and beverages 0.19%
Hardware and home improvement 0.07%
Health and beauty 0.11%
Home and garden 0.06%
Jewelry 0.08%
Mass merchant 0.05%
Office supplies 0.08%
Specialty 0.09%
Sporting goods 0.06%
Toys and hobbies 0.09%

The table shows that food & beverages generate the highest conversion via email, followed by the Health and beauty industry.

Email marketing conversion rate by email type

Klaviyo’s email marketing benchmarks’22 reveals the following data for conversions for different email flows:

Name of the flow Email conversion rate
Welcome email flows 1.95%
Abandoned cart email flows 3.54%
Browse abandonment email flows 0.94%
Post-purchase email flows 0.43%

The study by Barilliance depicts that browse and cart abandonment tops the list of generating the highest conversions via email:

Name of the flow Email conversion rate
Browse Abandonment Emails 4.10%
Cart Abandonment Emails 18.54%

AMP emails and conversion rate

AMP for emails is a new framework that has the potential to increase the conversion rate for your email marketing campaigns drastically. Some of the notable we witness with our clients are discussed below:

  • Razorpay got a 257% increase in survey submission by including an AMP email survey within the email.

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5 ways to increase your email marketing conversion rate

Use these 5 strategies to generate higher conversion rates:

1. Test your subject line

If you want a 26.96% increase in your CTR like Skandium, you must test your subject line before and after sending the email. You can use email subject line testers to test before sending or do A/B testing after sending the email.

2. Add single CTA

Adding multiple CTAs in a single email isn’t a good idea as it can confuse the reader. So, using a single CTA that’s easy to recognize is a good practice.

But, if you need to add multiple CTAs, always make the primary CTA the most prominent. You can underline or use a different color to make this CTA stand out.

3. Identify the best time to send emails

The best sending time depends on the geolocation. The United States has 7.4% of all open happen between 10 AM to 11 AM. The best thing you can do is create segmented lists based on geography and send the optimal time of that geographical area.

4. Use personalization

Personalize every aspect of your email, including the subject line, body content, sending time, etc. This will make your email look more engaging and inviting to the reader. A study by Startup Bonsa reveals that personalized emails increase conversions by around 10%, on average.

5. Add interactivity to your emails

Interactive content in emails gives more conversions than passive content. So add videos, GIFs, forms, carts, interactive calculators, etc., with Mailmodo’s no-code, the easy-to-use template editor.

How Mailmodo boosts your email conversion rate

Here are the top ways Mailmodo will help you increase your conversion rates.

1. Create interactive emails

With our interactive components - AMP emails you can create a website-like experience within the email. With widgets like amp forms, carousels, calendars, shopping carts, and calculators, you can make a hassle-free experience for your users. The user won’t be redirected to a third browser. Instead, they’ll be able to take action within the email.

This reduces friction in the conversion funnel leading to higher conversion. Here’s an example of how you can get more demo bookings using AMP emails

2. Use advanced personalization features

With Mailmodo, personalizing an email becomes easier no matter if it’s the subject line, images, or the CTA. Our predefined personalization parameters will help you make your emails more human and engaging.

3. Automate your campaigns

Automated email sequences are the best way to generate more conversions and higher ROI. Mailmodo understands and prioritizes email automation to help its customers get the most out of their efforts.

From drip campaigns to triggered events and complicated lead nurturing journeys, you can create journeys that convert using our drag-and-drop journey builder.

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4. Get expert consultation to increase your conversions

You’ll get expert consultation from our deliverability, design, and copywriting team to help you drive more conversions with your email. Also, get access to bulk email service, 300+ email templates, no-code email editor, transactional email service, amp emails, and email automation with any plan.

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Email marketing is still the best channel to get insane conversion rates. And with the advent of AMP emails, you can achieve conversions like never before.

If you’re interested in knowing everything about conversion rates in a systemized fashion, check out our one-stop guide to conversion rate optimization in 2023. It’ll teach you everything about its importance, steps, mistakes, tools, strategies, etc., and more.

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