7 Best AI Marketing Companies for an Exceptional ROI

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AI marketing companies can be a game-changer for businesses wanting to implement AI in marketing and supercharge their business operations and revenues. These agencies help you outsource AI marketing activities to automate manual work and quickly scale up your marketing operations. This article will cover the best AI marketing companies to help you pick the right one.

What do AI marketing companies do?

AI marketing companies can be fruitful in your marketing operations in many ways:

  • Personalized marketing campaigns: With AI in marketing, it is possible to send personalized messages to each one of your customers or audiences so you can build a strong and close relationship with them. AI marketing companies use special ML algorithms to create personalized marketing campaigns that can get you results quickly and effortlessly.

  • Media analytics: A use case in AI marketing, media analytics can offer a lot of potential for businesses wanting to understand how consumers react, behave, and engage with their product or service. AI can help you through machine learning and computer vision to comprehend the behaviors and reactions of your customers.

  • Conversational AI: Another very popular AI marketing use case that helps you automate your conversations with your customers effectively, Conversational AI can help you personalize conversations humanly.

  • Predictive analytics: Predictive analytics, another very popular AI marketing trend, can be useful for getting comprehensive insights about your customers. When you sign up with any AI marketing company or agency, you can get predictions about user behavior and create marketing decisions based on those predictions.

  • Marketing automation: Marketing automation means automating marketing activities to save time and effort for your team. AI marketing companies can help you automate your marketing tasks like advertising, design, copywriting, etc. so that you can focus more on other business areas.

Best AI marketing companies

This list of AI marketing companies will help you invest and choose the right one for your business.

1. Affectiva for consumer insights and analytics

Affectiva is an AI marketing company that specializes in emotion recognition and AI. It has developed software that utilizes computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning techniques to analyze subtle facial and vocal expressions, enabling the identification and analysis of human emotions and cognitive states. The company aims to humanize technology and bridge the gap between humans and machines.


For marketing, Affectiva's Media Analytics solution allows businesses to gain insights into how consumers engage with their content, products, and services. By analyzing emotional responses, Affectiva helps understand customer preferences and behaviors.


Affectiva's Media Analytics division has achieved significant results in the industry. Currently, their Media Analytics solutions are utilized by 70 percent of the world's largest advertisers and 28 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies. These impressive figures demonstrate the effectiveness and value that Affectiva provides to media, entertainment, and market research companies.

2. Persado for copywriting and design

Persado is a company that offers AI-powered marketing solutions to improve customer engagement and drive business results. They utilize artificial intelligence to optimize marketing creative, including copywriting and design, to enhance brand engagement and revenue performance.


  • AI in Digital Marketing Creative: Persado demonstrates how artificial intelligence can supercharge digital marketing creativity. Persado's AI platform analyzes vast sample text, identifies patterns, and generates rules for optimized creative content.
  • AI-Driven Copywriting: Persado's AI-powered copywriting solutions offer an alternative to traditional copywriting approaches. By analyzing vast volumes of text, Persado's technology identifies patterns, word choices, syntax, and narrative themes that resonate with audiences.

Read more about AI copywriting tools that can easily generate short and long-form content for your business.


Persado worked with Vanguard, a leading investment management company, to boost their conversion rates using AI-driven language generation. By leveraging Persado's AI technology, Vanguard achieved a 15% increase in conversion rates, resulting in improved customer engagement and business performance.

3. Albert AI for paid advertising and digital marketing

Albert is an AI marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing and advertising. It offers autonomous AI capabilities to enhance and optimize paid advertising campaigns across various channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Bing. Albert operates as a cloud-based platform, integrating with a marketer's existing tech stack to analyze and orchestrate campaigns, allocate budgets, and optimize performance.


The primary goal of is to empower marketers by providing them with AI-driven tools that augment their tasks and decision-making process. Instead of replacing marketers, aims to collaborate with them, leveraging AI's capabilities to handle repetitive and analytical tasks and freeing marketers to focus on strategy and creativity.


Crabtree & Evelyn, the retail brand, partnered with Albert to address the challenge of attracting new customers while driving revenue and demonstrating a positive return on investment. Albert implemented a robust strategy for the brand's Facebook paid social program, focusing on testing and improving cost efficiency. The autonomous AI provided detailed insights and optimization, resulting in a 30% increase in return on ad spend in less than two months.

4. Appier for building traffic and marketing automation

Appier is an AI marketing company that provides solutions for various industries, including e-commerce, retail, finance, insurance, and more. It provides full-funnel marketing solutions to support marketing operations.


  • CrossX - Branding: CrossX is an AI-driven solution that helps maximize brand awareness and uncover users' needs. It helps you explore audience interests and intent, create eye-catching and interactive creatives, and ensure brand safety and viewability.
  • AIXON - Intelligent Data Augmentation Platform: AIXON is an AI solution that offers comprehensive audience intelligence, data enrichment, optimization of ad performance through AI prospecting, and personalized engagement based on predicted user behavior.
  • AIXPERT - Operations on autopilot: AIXPERT is an AI assistant by Appier that makes smart campaign decisions for you automatically. It leverages AI to optimize campaign operations and acquire valuable users automatically across channels.
  • Bot Bonnie- Conversational AI solution: Bot Bonnie is a no-code conversational marketing platform that uses instant messaging for brands to engage better and sell more.


Toyota Philippines partnered with Appier to drive increased traffic to its website during the COVID-19 pandemic. Toyota aimed to support its customers by providing virus advisories, virtual engagement options, car maintenance tips, and community support information. Appier helped Toyota define audience characteristics, target precise audience segments, and deliver ads through cross-screen targeting.

As a result, Toyota's website traffic tripled compared to before the campaign, successfully achieving the target of 44,073 visits per month. Appier's AI technology-enabled real-time monitoring and adjustment of strategies, contributing to the campaign's success.

5. Conversica for conversational marketing

Conversational Marketing, offered by Conversica, is a solution that aims to engage and interact with site visitors, leads, and customers through personalized conversations using AI-powered assistants. These assistants, Revenue Digital Assistants™, are designed to provide a human-like conversational experience and facilitate various stages of the customer journey.


  • Conversica's Conversational Marketing solution is part of their broader suite of AI-powered conversational solutions. Conversica offers Revenue Digital Assistants™ that handle conversations throughout the customer revenue lifecycle, including lead engagement, customer success, and account-based marketing.

  • Conversica provides Conversational Customer Success, focusing on personalized two-way conversations with customers to drive adoption, increase retention, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Hootsuite, a social media management tool, faced the challenge of effectively managing a high volume of leads. Hootsuite implemented Revenue Digital Assistants for Marketing and Sales by Conversica to address this issue. The results included:

  • A 10x conversion from content-sourced leads.
  • A 700% increase in engagement.
  • The addition of 108,000 hours of capacity.

These improvements helped Hootsuite build pipelines, convert opportunities, and optimize lead engagement and sales-readiness.

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6. Salesforce for CRM

The Marketing Cloud by Salesforce's marketing cloud is a digital marketing platform that provides solutions and tools to help businesses engage with their customers, build lasting relationships, and grow revenue. The platform leverages AI and data to enable personalized marketing campaigns and optimize customer experiences.


  • Data cloud for marketing: The solution provides real-time data unification across Salesforce and other sources, enabling personalized, cost-efficient, and scalable engagements across various channels.
  • Personalization: This feature enables businesses to deliver personalized and contextually relevant experiences across various channels in real time.
  • Engagement: This solution helps you increase conversion rates with relevant engagement across email, advertising, mobile, etc.
  • Account engagement: This helps your revenue teams to be more effective with account-based marketing and marketing automation.
  • Loyalty management: This helps you grow relationships by aligning marketing and loyalty around VIP customer experiences.
  • Intelligence: This solution helps optimize marketing performance and spending with omnichannel intelligence.


Formula 1 has partnered with Salesforce, a global customer relationship management (CRM) leader, to enhance fan engagement and sustainability efforts. Salesforce's technology, including Customer 360, will provide insights into the global fanbase, personalize experiences, and deepen engagement. The collaboration aims to strengthen the connection between Formula 1 and its fans while supporting sustainability goals.

7. Cognitiv AI for ad management and optimization

Cognitiv is an AI marketing company specializing in deep learning solutions for marketing and advertising. They offer a range of products and services aimed at helping marketers optimize their campaigns and drive better outcomes.


  • Deep learning for performance advertising: builds custom algorithms to deliver ads that are tailored to the preferences of current and potential customers.
  • NeuralMind™:'s NeuralMind platform predicts consumer behavior, increases conversions and enhances customer lifetime value.
  • Custom deep learning algorithms: A custom deep learning algorithm decides who to show an advertisement at the ideal moment, selecting the specific type, placement, and time that, in turn, increases the conversion rate.


LOLA, a feminine care brand, partnered with Cognitiv to increase brand awareness and drive sales in key retailers and online platforms. The objective was to reach women between 25-49 years old, increase brand reach, and identify new customer segments. They achieved exceptional results through geofenced ads serving in zip codes with LOLA stock at Walmart or Meijer stores. The campaign resulted in a 30% increase in sales, reaching 2.9k unique users and providing a 3.5x user ad exposure with unique creatives.


These best AI marketing companies can assist you in marketing automation with AI to supercharge your marketing efforts and get astonishing results. It is good to note that these AI marketing companies have custom pricing per your industry. You will be required to contact the company or agency for the same.

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Some of the most popular and top AI marketing tools include Salesforce, Copy AI, Jasper AI, Levity, Smartwriter AI, Phrasee etc.

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