10 Free and Paid AI for Marketing Courses to Upskill Your Career

ByFalak Preet Kaur


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Learning AI for marketing can help you stand out, boost productivity, save time, and cut costs. Understanding how to use AI tools can be an advantage your competitors wish they knew. If you want a good AI marketing course, we've got you covered.

We have picked up some great AI for resourceful marketing courses online, and some of them are absolutely free for you to learn.

Table of Contents

Top AI for marketing courses you must take

Learning AI for marketing can help you build an amazing career and outperform your competitors. Here's a list of all the great online courses with all your questions answered about them!

1. Coursera- Artificial Intelligence in Marketing (UVA)

Difficulty: Beginner

Skills covered: Business Model, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Customer Engagement

Cost: Free to enroll without certification. With certification: ₹4,844

Suitable for: Marketing professionals, Students

Duration: 10 hours

Course creator: University of Virginia

Format: Instructor-led

Offered by the University of Virginia, Artificial Intelligence in Marketing is a power-packed course mainly focusing on the following:

  • Three main factors – Algorithms, Networks, and Data – are responsible for enabling AI in marketing strategies.

  • Learn how businesses today have greater growth potential with AI and how to make the most of this exciting and emerging technology.

  • Deep dive into real-life examples of brands like Ford, Netflix, and the Washington Post using AI in innovative and creative ways.

"AI is altering the landscape of business in general and marketing in particular. This course gives a comprehensive overview of the application of AI in marketing. The content is interesting and engaging with real life business case study and examples. A must for anyone interested in marketing."

  • Tejaswi P (Learner at Coursera)

Check this course out here.

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2. Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute: Piloting AI for Marketers Series

Difficulty: Beginner

Duration: 8 hours

Skills covered: Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, SEO, Media Buying, Writing, Design, Forecasting conversions with AI

Cost: $499

Suitable for: Marketers wanting to upskill, professionals, and students

Creator: Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

Format: Pre-recorded videos

This comprehensive course helps you discover the following:

  • The potential of AI in marketing. From targeting the audience to content strategy, SEO, media buying, writing, design, and forecasting customer journeys, and hundreds of activities marketers perform every day that can be smartly automated.
  • The tactics to analyze AI vendors, launch projects, and take charge of your team to increase productivity and accelerate revenue.
  • Case studies of brands building smart marketing strategies with AI.

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As someone passionate about understanding and leveraging technology to reach #marketing goals, this course was a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts in this ever-evolving field. Now, I'm even more confident in my ability to utilize #artificialintelligence to achieve my goals for 2023 and beyond!

  • Dshanya Reese, Brand Marketing Manager at Watkins Insurance Group

Check this course out here.

3. LinkedIn- Machine Learning for Marketing: Essential Training

Difficulty: Intermediate

Duration: 55 minutes

Skills covered: Marketing Strategy, Machine Learning

Cost: ₹899

Suitable for: B2B, B2C Marketers

Creator: Jim Sterne and Madecraft

Format: Instructor-led

Machine Learning can be a solid skill that new-gen marketers can gain for better conducting better marketing decisions. This course from LinkedIn helps you:

  • Learn how to automate several marketing activities, including customer journeys, audience segmentation, personalization, pricing, and forecasting.

  • Understand technical, creative, and leadership aspects of AI in marketing and how machine learning can transform your selling process.

  • Deep dive into case studies that show the practical use of AI in action and baseline information you can use to build your campaigns.

Tip: You can take up a LinkedIn premium 1-month free trial and learn this course for free!

Check this course out here.

4. LinkedIn- Nano Tips for Using Generative AI Tools for Better Marketing Outcomes

Difficulty: Beginner

Duration: 22 minutes

Skills covered: Marketing Strategy, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI

Cost: LinkedIn Premium (Free Trial available)

Suitable for: Newbie and expert marketers

Creator: Joanna Yung

Format: Instructor-led

If you want to know how AI can be an asset to your workflow, this little course can help you gain insight into generative AI and its uses in marketing. In this course, you will learn the following:

  • How to make the most out of generative AI tools to supercharge your content and drive better results in marketing with tips.

  • How to generate and curate content for your socials, create visuals and videos, and elevate your designs.

  • How to upsurge your search rankings, drive organic traffic with AI-powered SEO tools, automate your tasks, and improve efficiency.

  • The tools and tricks on how to manage customer service and advertising.

"A quick and useful guide to anyone looking to understand the landscape of AI tools out there that can help you or your business."

  • Amrith Gopinath (Learner on LinkedIn)

Check this course out here.

5. My Great Learning- AI in Digital Marketing

Difficulty: Beginner

Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes

Skills covered: AI-Powered Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing

Cost: Free

Suitable for: Marketing Students and professionals

Creator: MyGreatLearning

Format: Self-paced video lectures

Digital Marketing is the essence of every online business, and AI can help your digital marketing to flourish even more. In this course, you're going to learn:

  • Understand how AI and Digital Marketing can work together and explore the practical approach of AI in Digital Marketing.

  • The various areas of business where AI can be utilized like deep learning, predictive analysis, translation, Natural Language processing, etc.

  • How companies use data to suggest products through personalization.

  • Use cases of brands using AI in their marketing strategies and how you can implement them in yours.

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Check this course out here.

6. Udemy- AI in Marketing

Difficulty: Beginner

Duration: 1h 30 min

Skills covered: Branding, Content creation, Social media, Content marketing, Copywriting, email, ChatGPT, Paid media,

Cost: ₹449

Suitable for: Social Media Marketers, Students, Small business owners

Creator: Victoria Rusnac

Format: Video Course

ChatGPT is an effective tool businesses can leverage to get things done quickly and efficiently. This course will help you learn the following:

  • AI marketing tools, branding, content marketing, design, paid media, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, website management, and marketing insights.

  • The skills to stay up-to-date with AI marketing trends and innovations and how to apply them in your marketing strategy.

  • How to introduce AI into marketing and create a plan that can help support your marketing efforts.

  • Comes with 100+ ChatGPT prompts for marketing-specific scenarios you can apply to your business.

"a very exhaustive review on AI tools for marketing and branding purposes. Ideal for any marketing newbies and entrepreneurs that want to leverage the latest tech to be more productive, more creative and faster in their tasks."_

  • Samuel D. (Learner at Udemy)

Check this course out here.

7. Udemy- Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing: 7 Courses in 1

Difficulty: Beginner

Duration: 20 hours

Skills covered: Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Competitive Analysis, Automation

Cost: ₹449

Suitable for: Newbies and Experts in Marketing

Another course on Udemy comprises 7 courses that take you through various marketing areas that can be cleverly automated. In addition, this series of courses will help you learn how AI can:

  • Create various content articles, let you know the power of digital advertising automation, and master writing digital marketing content using AI Tools and Technology.

  • Help you with funnel-hacking - a growth-hacking technique.

  • Help scale your marketing outreach by creating a perfect influencer marketing strategy.

  • Help you create video content that would previously take weeks or even months to produce and release.

  • Automate marketing tasks for better efficiency while saving a lot of money.

"Good instruction material which touched on AI topics related to digital marketers. A good introductory course to AI in digital marketing for marketers and other professions. Though it could be a bit more immersive. Learnt a lot which I will apply, thank you for the knowledge."

  • Andriana N.

Check this course out here.

8. Udemy- AI for Marketing (No-Code)

Difficulty: Beginner

Skills covered: Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Audience Segmentation and Clustering, Creating Chatbots, Psychographics

Cost: ₹649

Suitable for: Marketing professionals, Students

Duration: 9 hours

Creator: Arpit Khurana

Format: Video Lectures

What if we told you that harnessing the power of AI for marketing requires no coding? You can do a lot with AI without a single code knowledge. This course helps you learn how to gather and clean data, select an algorithm, and train, evaluate and deploy a model without code. You will learn the following:

  • How to predict sales, advertising campaign performance, media buying, market analysis, etc.

  • How to market to the right customer at the right time with powerful segmentation techniques with AI

  • How to personalize according to the user behavior and psychographics in real-time.

  • How to use NLP (Natural Language Processing) or sentiment analysis, competitive research, trend, and customer feedback analysis.

  • How to create chatbots that learn by themselves for customer success.

Check this course out here.

9. CXL- Become great at using advanced AI in Marketing

Difficulty: Intermediate

Skills covered: AI for Marketing, Conversion Rate, Optimization, CRO tools, Experimentation, A/B testing, Conversion Optimization

Cost: Access to the course with a 7-day trial for $1

Suitable for: Marketing professionals, Entrepreneurs

Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes

Creator: Guy Yalif

Format: Instructor-led

If you are already incorporating AI in your daily marketing tasks and want to level up, or you're exploring the idea of having AI as your partner for marketing, this course is right for you. In this, you will learn:

  • To understand which AI approach is right for your business concerning your organization's goals.

  • How to apply AI to your marketing funnel to deliver results you are accountable for.

  • The real-world use cases of machine learning engineers and how to better assess whether building in-house AI is better than using a vendor.

  • The practical applications of machine learning in the market today and the different personalization approaches are there in the market.

Check out this course here.

10. Youtube- Mastering the Latest AI Tools for Digital Marketers

Difficulty: Easy

Skills covered: email marketing, Marketing Strategy, UX, Predictive Analytics, Deep Personalization, Content Creation with AI

Cost: Free

Suitable for: Marketing professionals, Entrepreneurs

Duration: 5 hours

Created by: Multiple digital marketing experts

Format: Pre-recorded video

An amazing AI Marketing conference that involves digital marketing experts from multiple industries. In this masterclass, you can learn the following:

  • Numerous AI tools for digital marketing, how to talk to AI for marketing, and creating powerful marketing plans with AI.

  • Using AI with Mind Mapping to win clients.

  • How to create a solid Email marketing campaign with AI

  • Using OpenAI and SendPulse to unleash the potential of Chatbots in Marketing.

  • Making effective and strong content marketing strategies to boost conversions.

  • How to predict customer actions through predictive analytics with AI.

Check this course out here.

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This was a series of AI for marketing courses for you to take up this weekend and boost your marketing skills to the next level. This guide can help you get a summarized view of all the AI for marketing courses and pick the best one. It is a great time to upskill and understand more about AI because it will make your job much easier and save a lot of money, eventually contributing to improved productivity and efficiency.

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