5 Special June Newsletter Ideas to Engage With Subscribers

ByFalak Preet Kaur


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June is a month filled with vibrant celebrations, historical events and embracing the spirit of Father’s Day. During this month, you can educate, entertain, or promote meaningful causes including Juneteenth and Pride month and celebrate fathers in a unique way. This article will cover the best June newsletter ideas to try this summer.

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Special days in June

June has a lot of special events and days that you can consider sending newsletters based on your niche/industry.

Event Date
Global Day of Parents 1 June
Republic Day of Italy 2 June
World Environment Day 5 June
Father’s Day 18 June (3rd Sunday)
Juneteenth 19 June
World Music Day 21 June
International Yoga Day 21 June
Pride month Throughout June

5 June newsletter ideas

June is a special month as there are many things to celebrate including the pride month, black history and your first hero, your father. Here are some great June newsletter ideas to consider:

1. Send a Father’s Day gift guide

Type: Campaign

Best for: B2C, D2C

Most people are skeptical about what to give their father on the special occasion. This is your chance to help your customers out by recommending appropriate products to gift their father. You can send a newsletter in which you can add a gift guide that links to your website if they want to buy it.\_9bNEmwYyoUyxWfEOAQo

Source: Beefree

2. Campaign around dad jokes

Type: Newsletter

Best for: B2C. D2C

When we talk about dads, we ultimately think about those adorable dad jokes. Whether you compile a collection of classic dad jokes, share humorous anecdotes from your readers, or even host a dad joke contest, this campaign is sure to create a fun and engaging experience for your audience. You can also share a discount coupon for your products in the newsletter and promote relevant products for Father’s Day.\_7AU5Qc2jh0rgJ-egFHqPU93bd07wkD0ZRgSljAbaRGzyICzR5eWFMPzVlY6WxbLFTJqQqxx3PdzopNBb6D\_22yIAl4

Source: Chamaileon

Here’s a Father’s Day template if you want to try out this similar idea.

3. Create fun quizzes/games

Type: Newsletter

Best for: B2C, D2C

Quizzes and games are a great way to engage with your audience. Father’s Day is the perfect time to do this. Share games that folks can send out to their Father’s and play along with them. Here are few quiz/game ideas for this type of newsletter:

  • Consider creating a "Father's Day Trivia" quiz that tests your audience's knowledge about famous dads, iconic movie fathers, or even facts about their own dads.

  • "Match the Dad Joke" game, where readers have to match the punchline to the correct dad joke.

  • You can incorporate a Roulette Wheel game with a reward to engage with your audience.

4. Celebrate Pride month

Type: Newsletter

Best for: B2C, D2C

June is the Pride month and it is a great time to inform the audience about the Pride history and also communicate how your brand/company supports the cause, be it including LGBTQ models, sharing inspiring stories of the LGBTQ community. You can also play around with colors to represent the community.

Here’s an example of a Pride month newsletter:\_3NuFhOeMzzjVQ4FfVKdp3EaIl8iUoLrqdHjpAcstpGC-Un716OJT4eoTyKPRP_kCvloKW3ZVWY8vpDD76RtnVGSm2McGPLHBQZbckDB7TvakQdBI

Source: Chamaileon

Want to create a pride month newsletter? Here’s a free template for you!

5. Honor African American community

Type: Newsletter

Best for: B2C, D2C

Juneteenth is a time to honor and celebrate the resilience and achievements of the African American community. Your newsletter can play a vital role in educating, inspiring, and fostering a sense of unity and support.For your June newsletter, make sure to add Juneteenth as a primary topic. Some ideas related to it can be:

  • Exploring Juneteenth's history

  • Highlighting black culture and achievements

  • Sharing Juneteenth events and celebrations

  • Promoting black-owned businesses

  • Educating about racial justice

Source: Selzy

Here’s a Black history month template that you can use for this event.


June can be an amazing time to connect, educate and inspire on many things including Pride and Juneteenth month, creating Father’s Day nostalgia and celebrating your first hero, your father. Here is a free marketing calendar by Mailmodo that you can use to plan out your marketing throughout the year.

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Frequently asked questions

In a July newsletter, you can campaign around Father's Day, Pride Month and Black History to aware and educate around important topics and create fun and engaging newsletters.

To make your newsletter fun and engaging, you can gamify the emails using interactive emails that can help the users interact with the elements inside the email.

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