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What is Click Rate?

5 Tips to increase email click rate


5 Tips to Increase Click Rate in Email Marketing

Aparna Seshadri
ByAparna Seshadri

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You need to focus on the strategies to make the most of your digital marketing campaign. Of all the metrics that we used to measure the effectiveness of email marketing, Click Rate emerges as the winner and offers an insight into the navigation of your email list. This guide aims to increase your email marketing click rates by following these tips.

What is Click Rate?

The click rate, or Click through rate, is the percentage of people or subscribers who open your email. The formula that’s used to calculate the Click rate is as follows,

Click rate = (Number of clicks / Number of total emails delivered) X 100

When it comes to the click-through rate, it’s not general like the email open rate but the click-through rate can be divided into two types:

Total Click through rate : It measures the total number of clicks an email’s links receive. It is a measure of how much clicks it generates. However, a couple of things add noise to this measurement:

  • Emails opening on different devices

  • Repeated clicking of links

  • Employing firewalls check for malware.

  • Clickers clicking on links posted to social media

Unique Click through rate: It is a measure of number of unique clicks an email’s receives. By specifying unique link clicks, UCTR cuts out the noise and mentions TCTR fails to account for.

UCTR is the percentage of unique recipients who click on at least one link within your email, disregarding duplicate clicks from the same individual.

Why is maintaining click rate important for emails?

Maintaining an Email Click rate is an important metric as it helps measure the email campaign's effectiveness.

Let’s take a brief overview of the importance of maintaining an email Click-through-rate:

  • Click rate provides information about who was interested enough in your email content to click on a link. This indicates how all your emails resonated with the audience.

  • The value in your emails is loved by your audience only if it is relevant and high-quality content, as your Click Rate is high. This can help gauge whether your content meets the audience's needs and interests.

  • ESPs provide data analytics - Engagement metrics which include Click Rates. If your emails have a low engagement rate, ESPs might flag your emails as spam, which harms your email deliverability.

  • The goal of emails is to let recipients convert into customers or recipients. A higher Click Rate is a step towards higher conversion rates as more people interact with your content and potentially move forward in your sales funnel.

  • Click Rate can be useful in assessing what works best for your email campaign. With A/B testing, we can test different elements of your emails such as subject lines, email boy content, call to action, etc.

5 Tips to increase email click rate

Increasing your Click Rate involves optimizing various elements of your content and strategy.. Let’s take a look at some of the tips you can use.

Craft compelling subject lines

Email marketers must check that the content is relevant to their audience because that’s when you can generate higher clicks.

For instance, if you are an ESP like Mailmodo, you would email brands in the B2B, B2C, and D2C verticals. should add value and show them how you make their job easier.

Let’s take a look at the steps that help make your content actionable and easy to follow:

  • Make the most out of your subject lines. The subject line is the first thing recipients see in an email, and you must use it to get them hooked.

You can create better subject lines with Mailmodo's AI subject line generator. This helps to craft compelling email subject lines at 2X speed.

To get a grasp on what makes or breaks a subject line, read our guide 👇

  • Curated previews can significantly increase Click Rates by enhancing the user experience and providing valuable information to potential readers or viewers. This often includes attention-grabbing visuals such as images, videos, or thumbnails. These visuals can pique the user’s interest and entice them to click on the content to learn more. Selecting and highlighting the most interesting snippets, quotes, or visuals can give users a preview of what they can expect if they click through.

  • Crafting clear and action-oriented content CTAs is crucial for boosting Click Rates. Ensure your CTA communicates the specific action you want them to take. Single CTAs in email increase clicks by 371% and sales increase by 1617%. Adding multiple CTAs may often lead to confusion, making them stray from the intent of the email.

  • Curating relevant content helps improve email Click Rate rates. It’s a must that your email should engage with your target audience. If it's clear and straightforward, subscribers can benefit by clicking through and responding, especially if it's open-ended.

Make your email design actionable.

Since email is an intimate form of communication, you, as marketers, establish a relationship with your recipients. Thus, it’s important you need a valuable, relevant, compelling email design that makes you stand out from routine emails.

You can achieve this through a good email design if you want to be successful in email marketing.

  • Maintaining a clean email design ensures your message is clear and easy to understand. This lets recipients grapes the purpose of the email and the action you want them to take. This lets CTA stand out prominently, guiding recipients to take the desired action.

  • Responsive design for mobile devices is crucial for increasing email click rates(Click Rate). This ability of email designs to adapt to various screen sizes and devices ensures recipients have a positive viewing experience. This enhances user engagement and encourages them to click on links within the email.

Responsive email templates lead to higher Click Rates across all devices, including mobiles. Optimizing emails for mobile devices through responsive design ensures that the content is easy to read and interact with, thereby improving recipients' chances of clicking links/CTA.

  • A single column layout in email marketing just simplifies the presentation of information, thereby ensuring optimal readability on both desktop and mobile devices. This approach offers a focused and a streamlined experience for users, thereby reducing distractions and making it easier for them to engage with the intended content or actions.

  • Ensuring quick load times for email content is a crucial factor in increasing email-click through rates(Click Rates). Since, slow-loading emails can deter recipients from engaging with the content or clicking the CTAs. IT’s best to compress images with zero compromise on quality and use responsive designs to ensure quick loading on various devices.

Personalization and Targeting

Personalization and targeting are key strategies to enhance click-through rates by delivering relevant and engaging content that resonates with the recipient’s preferences and needs.

Here’s how you can leverage personalization and targeting to achieve an increase in Click Rates in email marketing:

  • With email segmentation, you go a step further than sending a generic email. Instead, you segment the users based on their traits and create emails that resonate with them.

Data is your treasure trove. Secure the Data first and segregate them depending on the types you want to have. With Mailmodo you can use different data types to create segmentation. As it allows you to create either dynamic segments or static segments.

Users who meet all the traits of a dynamic segment will be automatically added to the segment if you create one after creating it.Segmenting user data based on different segments not only helps you understand your target audience but also helps you deliver valuable content that resonates with them.

  • Using dynamic content to personalize your email helps improve email click-through rates(Click Rate) by delivering tailored and relevant content to each recipient.THis approach enhances engagement and encourages recipients to take desired actions, thereby increasing Click Rate.

You can tailor your email based on recipient data,preferences and behaviours. This

helps you deliver personalized offers, recommendations or information that aligns with

recipient interests. This helps you engage recipients with content that speaks directly to

their needs and motivation.

  • Sending behaviour-triggered emails is a powerful strategy to increase email click-through rates (Click Rate). These emails are automatically sent based on user actions or behaviours that makes them highly relevant and timely.

As triggered emails are those that are tailored to specific user actions which ensures whether your content is relevant to their interests or needs. As these emails align with user behaviour, they tend to have high open and clickthrough rates.

  • A key strategy to increase email Click Rate is tailoring email content based on subscriber preferences.Setting up of preference centers help reduce unsubscribe rate among other benefits. With preference center you can resolve these issues by allowing users to opt-out of certain email which in turn helps reduce email unsubscribe rate.

With Mailmodo, you can start creating preference centers by classifying emails in to different folders/categories for subscribers to choose from. Then you can send daily email updates, news or RSS feed based emails to your subscribers.

With Mailmodo setting up of preference centers is a breeze.

A/b testing and optimization

As an email marketer, your full focus lies in optimizing your email campaigns till you hit send. Of the best practices, A/B testing is one of the best and most fundamental optimization method.

When it comes to email, A/B testing refers to sending one variation of your campaign to a subset of your subscribers and a different variation to another subset.

A/B testing derives results that are data-backed with careful analysis that lets you make changes to your current campaigns and invest money where you are getting the best return.

You can start by collecting data and identify the problem. Using ESP’s analytics you could collect your email’s performance data.Hypotheses are the assumptions made on data sets to prove how a particular variation might perform better than the other.

By analysing A/B test results marketers can optimize emails based on real data, leading to higher engagement and Click Rates. Regular A/B testing fosters a culture of continuous improvement, refining email strategies over time.This helps provide insights into which segments respond better to specific content that helps enhance future targeting.

Experimenting with CTAs and button designs is a powerful strategy in email marketing to enhance click-through rates(Click Rate). As A/B testing them allows you to identify the most compelling CTA we can vary across campaigns.

As we know that the subject line and preheader are like two sides of the same coin. Make variations in different elements of your email, such as subject line, CTA button, images, preheader,text etc.,

The email preheader appears after the subject line in the inbox. Depending on one's email client and device, the text appears differently.

The email preheader will always be helpful , and here give a sneak peek into emails which help increase the email open rate and avoid letting email clients show the random text as a preheader.

With Mailmodo, you can add your preheader text to create your campaign without using code.

For example - you can create two personalized subject lines or use a button as CTA rather than a link. Doing so will help you determine which version seems to be engage with your audience.


In email marketing, the clickthrough rate emerges as a powerful barometer of engagement and resources. It transforms data points into insights that help email marketers make it more efficient. Every click brings us closer to conversion. Use the tips from our guide to refine your email campaigns


A good click rate depends on a host of factors such as ndustry, audience, and the nature of the email.Normally Click rates of 2-5% is considered to be good.

The click rate is the measure of the number of people who opened the email.The open rate, on the other hand, measures the percentage of recipients who opened the email.

Several factors can contribute to a low click rate in email campaigns. Among them are poor email design, unoptimized subject lines, irrelevant content, poorly placed or unclear calls to action (CTAs), and sending emails at the wrong time.

To improve your email click rates, consider the following strategies:

  1. Craft compelling subject lines and preheaders.
  2. Personalize content to match recipient interests.
  3. Use clear and attention-grabbing CTAs.
  4. Ensure emails are mobile-responsive.
  5. Test different email elements (e.g., images, CTAs, headlines).

These benchmarks vary by industry, so it's essential to research and compare your click rates to those within your specific sector. Various marketing research companies and email marketing platforms provide such data.

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