How to Boost Event Registrations From Any Event Platform

Shreya Iyengar
ByShreya Iyengar

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TL;DR: The tactics discussed in this guide will be helpful if you use event management platforms like Hopin, Luma, Airmeet, Eventbrite, Bizzabo, Airtribe, Goldcast, and more.

Event marketing is the latest growth hack that every marketer seems to have discovered of late. And why not?

It helps educate your customers about the niche or topics you care about along with your product or brand. On the sides, you also get those MQLs in the form of event registrations.

However, conducting an event that has good registrations and decent attendance is a huge challenge faced by event marketers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get more event registrations and attendance using a simple event registration email flow.

Table of content

  • Why do you get low event registrations and attendance?
  • Who will this work for?
  • Setting up an event registration email flow using Mailmodo and Zapier
  • Setting up a post-event email automation drip
  • Conclusion

Why do you get low event registrations and attendance?

  • Form fills and redirects

One of the reasons why people don’t register for events is because of the unending form fills and countless redirects. This long process leads to drop-offs.

  • Out of sight, out of mind

The ones who do register often miss out on attending because it wasn’t on their calendars. They forget about the events they register for if time isn’t blocked out on their calendars.

Today, we are discussing an easy solution to this problem using a simple Zapier workflow and Mailmodo’s Add-to-Calendar widget.

Who will this work for?

There are many event platforms, and the solution suggested here works for almost all of these. If you use any of the following to host your events, this will help set up a seamless workflow. Check out the full list of event management platforms compatible with Zapier.

  • Hopin

  • Airmeet

  • Airtribe

  • Eventbrite

  • Bizzabo

  • Luma

  • Cvent

  • Whova

  • Goldcast

How to set up event registration email flow using Mailmodo and Zapier

1. Create an email template

Select an email template of your choice from various email templates available on Mailmodo, or create a custom template from scratch.

Create an email with your event’s banner, a brief introduction, and what the attendees can expect. Then, insert an AMP form on your email template asking for basic information.

AMP form inside email

This information is required from a user to register them on event platforms.

Event platform Detail required in the form
Hopin, Luma, Airtribe, Goldcast, Cvent, Whova First and last name
Airmeet First and last name, job title, organization, city and country

2. Integrate your event platform and Mailmodo with Zapier

Once a user fills up the email form, they should be added to the event platform.

For this, you will have to create a customized workflow called a Zap on Zapier, integrating your event platform with Maimodo. For example, here we’ll show you how to integrate using the event platform - Hopin.

How to create a customized Zap:

Step 1: Create a Trigger

Then, add Mailmodo Template Submission and fill in the details:

  • Choose your account

  • Name your Zap

  • Select the template you wish to export

Mailmodo template submission

Step 2: Create an action

Next, Select Hopin and create a redeem on it. Choose your account and sign in to connect Hopin with Zapier. Read more on how to set up Zapier for registrations here.

Step 2 on to integrate event platform

Step 3: Create confirmation email on Mailmodo and action on Zapier

Create an event confirmation email via Mailmodo, and add the “Add to Calendar '' widget in it to help users add the event directly to their calendar in one click.

You can use our ready-to-use add-to-calendar email template or create a custom template and add the widget.

Now, on Zapier, select action, choose your account, and trigger your journey to proceed. Read more on creating Zaps with Zapier here.

Journey trigger step

Once this setup is complete, your users can register on the event platform directly without getting redirected to their page and filling out their information again. If you don’t use Zapier, here are a few alternatives that can help you build a similar workflow:

  • Integromat

  • Pabbly

3. Send confirmation emails

  • Once the user is registered, Hopin will send them a confirmation email with an event login link.

  • They will also receive an email from your end with an add to calendar button, using which they can add the event to their calendar in a single click.

Your email can look something like this.

Email template with the add to calendar widget

Setting up a post-registration email automation drip

  • You can send an email thanking your users for registering for your event.

  • In your run-up to the event, you can send follow-up emails to engage your audience with quizzes, collect questions beforehand for the guests, ask for what they would like to learn from the event, questions they want to ask suggestions, etc.

  • You can also trigger reminder email campaigns from time to time to increase attendance. Here is a sample reminder email journey for an event.

  • Here’s an event registration sequence to help you set this up for your event.

post registration email automation drip

Email name When to send Why
1 Thank you email As soon as registers To acknowledge, add to calendar link
2 Reminder email 1 T minus 1-day Reminder, questions for the speaker
3 Reminder email 2 T minus 1-hour Reminder
4 Reminder email 3 When the event starts The event is live, join in
5 We are live When the event has started We are live

After the event, you can nurture your attendees using a post-event nurture series similar to this.

Inspired by this sequence? Book a demo with us and learn how to do this and more with Mailmodo.


We hope this simple workflow is easy to set up and drives more registrations and attendance to your next event!

If you need assistance setting up these integrations, Hit us up!

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