Post-Event Nurture Series

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Post-event is a great opportunity to nurture and convert prospects since they've already interacted with your brand recently. Nurture the attendees to try your offering.

🎯 The goal of this sequence

Depending on how problem aware to solution aware your users are, you can suggest any of the next steps:

  • Free trial

  • Demo call

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Future events

πŸ’Ό Expert tip

"If it is a low conversion intent webinar, it's best not to add a demo booking CTA in your post-webinar emails."

-Aishwarya Hariharan, Slintel

Recommended emails in this sequence: 4 emails

Optimum flow time: 1 week

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Event recording

πŸ“© Why this email

Share the webinar recording with your invitees (not just attendees). Suggest other relevant resources or upcoming webinars. Offer to stay in touch through newsletters or updates.

πŸ’Ό Expert tip

"Send different nurture sequences for attendees and non-attendees."

-Siddharth Sharma

Email # 2: Solve a pain point

πŸ“© Why this email

Position your product as a solution your audience needs. Explain how it can solve their pain point. Introduce relevant features.

πŸ’Ό Expert tip

"Divide your webinars into categories based on the topic, the stage in the funnel, the target audience, etc. You can use this information to nurture your audience accordingly. For example, with a webinar about a general topic, you aim to create awareness, educate people, etc. Whereas with a webinar for your target audience, you would aim to get them to convert by signing up or booking a demo."

-Siddharth Sharma

Email # 3: Reiterate benefit

πŸ“© Why this email

Emphasize the benefit or resolution of your product through social proof like case studies or testimonials.

πŸ’Ό Expert tip

"Give the subscriber an option to reduce the frequency of emails they get to reduce their inbox fatigue and the choice to opt-out in case they don’t want to receive emails from you anymore."

-Neha Pujari, Blazeclan

Email # 4: Nudge action

πŸ“© Why this email

Extend a limited-time offer or a discount to create a sense of urgency.

βœ… Best practice

The offer should be significant and exclusive to your subscribers so they'll feel like they're getting a good deal.

β›” Sequence exit

Based on user actions (or inaction), send them to the lead nurture, onboarding, or cold nurture series.

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