Demo Booked Email Series

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This series is to be sent to leads who have booked a demo of your product/service to ensure that they attend the demo and convert into customers.

🎯 The goal of this sequence

Move SQLs down the sales funnel to turn from lead into a customer

Recommended emails in this sequence: 2 emails

Optimum flow time: 3 days

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Demo booked confirmation

📩 Why this email

Confirm the demo booking. In this email, you can also send a few blog posts that can help them with any issue they might be facing when using your product.

💼 Expert tip

"Send relevant video content about industry issues, which can help demonstrate how the product/service works and maybe solve any of their queries."

-Ronan Hickey,

Email # 2a: Post demo follow up

This email is usually not automated. Your sales reps can personalize it based on what happened in the demo and send it individually.

💼 Expert tip

"Ensure that you don’t send any marketing emails to the people who have booked a demo for at least 15 days because they are already being pursued by your sales team. The time period can vary based on the sales cycle."

-Siddharth Sharma

Email # 2b: Reschedule

📩 Why this email

Send this email to people who didn't attend the demo to allow them to rebook an appointment for the demo.

💡 Recommendation

Send them a Calendly invite that allows them to schedule an appointment for the demo at a time convenient for them within the email itself. Check out how you can do that.

⛔ Sequence exit

Based on user actions send them to onboarding, or cold nurture if they didn’t convert.

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