Free to Paid nurture

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What is free to paid nurture?

This series is to help you convert your free trial/ freemium users into paying customers.

🎯 The goal of this sequence

  • Get people to start using the product/service.

  • Create product stickiness.

  • Convert free users to paid users.

Recommended emails in this sequence: 7 or more emails depending on your product complexity.

Optimum flow time: Spans the entire free trial period

Emails in this sequence

Email #1: Welcome email

📩 Why this email

Welcome new users and confirm their subscription to your free trial/ freemium plan. This email will also decrease spam complaints and unsubscribes in the future as people are made aware that they have subscribed to your email list.

Best practices

  • Use a basic single-column layout for your welcome emails, and don't use any other complicated layout

  • Send the welcome email immediately, within the first hour. If you send it too late, they might have forgotten about you already

Email # 2: Getting started

📩 Why this email

Talk about the steps they should take next to set up their account or to start using the product. Explain what they can expect from your platform and how it works.

Best practice

Don't overwhelm them with all the info in a single email.

Email # 3: Offering

📩 Why this email

Showcase your unique features and what you can provide to your users. In this email, you can introduce the exclusive features only available in the paid plan to show them what they are missing out on. You can send multiple offering emails like this to showcase your product to the users.

💼 Expert tip

"Don't be afraid to email them. If they don't want your emails, they can unsubscribe. I email them almost daily during the trial, and our conversion rate from free trial to paid subscribers is ~15%."

-Bill Zimmerman, Spotlightr

Email # 4: Ask for feedback

📩 Why this email

Ask people about their experience using the product. Get their thoughts on how it can improve. Ask them about what updates/features they would like. Collect quantitative and qualitative feedback through emojis, NPS/CSAT, and text inputs.

💡 Recommendation

Make the experience as seamless as possible for your users. Instead of redirecting to your website, you can collect feedback via email with Mailmodo. Check out how it works.

Email # 5: Case study/testimonial

📩 Why this email

Show how people use some of your product’s premium features to solve their pain points. This provides social proof of your product or service's effectiveness to justify that your paid plans are worth it.

Email # 6: Reminder email (free trial ends)

📩 Why this email

Send them a reminder to notice that their free trial is coming to an end.

💼 Expert tip

"If they are actively using the product, try to understand why they don't want to convert by directly asking for their feedback. However, if they have stopped using your product mid-way during the free trial, ask them why and how you can improve the product."

-Vikash Koushik, Microsoft

Email # 7: Nudge to upgrade

Encourage them to switch to the paid plan to continue their progress and have an uninterrupted experience using your product.

⛔ Sequence exit

After completing the flow, send them to the product/feature adoption flow. However, if you identify people as churn risk, send them to the churn prevention flow.

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