8 Best SEO Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2024

Mashkoor Alam
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Staying updated on new and trending topics is an essential aspect of keeping up with the rapidly evolving landscape of online marketing. A great way to do this is by subscribing to SEO newsletters. These resources will serve as step-by-step guides for helping you learn new tips and tricks about the world of SEO.

Subscribing to these newsletters can be the secret tool to improve your business’ SEO and stay in the loop about new things to try. This article will explore the benefits of subscribing to SEO newsletters and highlight the best SEO newsletters you should subscribe to.

Why should you subscribe to SEO newsletters?

Are you ready to level up your existing SEO strategies? Subscribing to SEO newsletters will help you leverage emerging strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Stay informed on SEO trends: SEO newsletters are a great way to keep yourself updated with new trends and advancements in SEO. This will help you understand what is new and what strategies are working as well as get all the information you need to make better decisions for your digital presence.

  • Networking: Subscribing to SEO newsletters can be a great way to connect with other users and businesses pursuing SEO. This network will help you share tips and tricks.

  • Access to expert opinions: SEO newsletters will allow you to learn from the best and get straightforward tips and advice from proven experts.

  • Real-life case studies: Some SEO newsletters highlight inspiring real-life case studies with learnings that you can apply to your own business

  • Discover new tools and resources: You can use SEO newsletters to learn about new tools and strategies to improve performance.

How to choose which SEO newsletter to follow

There are thousands of SEO newsletters on the internet but you don’t need to subscribe to each and every one of them. You should ideally start by subscribing yourself to two to three newsletters and increase or decrease the number of subscriptions based on your experience. Here are a few tips you should consider when subscribing to newsletters:

  • Subscribe to newsletters that talk about the SEO topics that interest you.

  • Make sure the frequency of the newsletter aligns with your reading habits.

  • Consider having a separate email address or folder to avoid cluttering your inbox.

  • Unsubscribe from newsletters if you are overwhelmed by the numbers or uninterested in the topics they cover.

  • Look for newsletters sent by people you follow and like the social media posts of.

8 Best SEO newsletters to subscribe to

These SEO newsletters are more than just subscriptions that sit in your inbox. They will provide you with the information you need to master the continually evolving landscape of SEO.

1. Moz Top 10

Author: Rand Fishkin, Dr. Pete Meyers and the Moz team

Frequency: Weekly

Description: The Moz Top 10 newsletter is a curated list of popular content that contain insightful commentary and valuable perspectives. It is a curated compilation that can keep you updated on new trends and add helpful context from experts.

2. Search Engine Land Daily

Author: Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman and the Search Engine Land team

Frequency: Daily

Description: The Search Engine Land Daily provides subscribers with insights about SEO and search marketing. It delivers the latest news and aims to keep readers informed in the rapidly evolving world of search.

3. Ahrefs’ Digest

Author: Aleh Barysevich, Tim Soulo and the Ahrefs team

Frequency: Weekly

Description: The Ahrefs’ Digest discusses the intricacies of SEO, content marketing, and link building. It provides in-depth articles and tutorials to empower readers with the knowledge needed to elevate SEO strategies.

4. Semrush Blog

Author: Fernando Angulo, Olga Andrienko and the Semrush team

Frequency: Weekly

Description: The Semrush blog can comprehensively understand SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and content marketing. It provides practical insights that can enhance your digital marketing efforts.

5. Backlinko’s SEO Newsletter

Author: Brian Dean

Frequency: Weekly

Description: Backlinko’s SEO newsletter will help you better understand SEO strategies and link building. They provide in-depth guides and actionable tips that are carefully curated to help you boost your website’s visibility and conversion.

6. The Yoast Newsletter

Author: Joost de Valk and the Yoast

Frequency: Weekly

Description: Looking for short and impactful insights? The Yoast newsletter provides subscribers with one actionable weekly SEO tip, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

7. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Newsletter

Author: Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose and the Content Marketing Institute team

Frequency: Weekly

Description: Content Marketing Institute newsletter provides news, insights, and practical tips to help you understand the connection between content marketing and SEO strategies.

8. SEO Roundtable Newsletter

Author: Barry Schwarts

Frequency: Weekly

Description: SEO Roundtable Newsletter lets you stay at the forefront of new SEO development. This newsletter provides insightful commentary from industry experts.

9. SEO Notebook

Author: Steve Toth

Frequency: Weekly

Description: SEO notebook is a curated resource of concise SEO tips. It highlights unconventional SEO strategies, actionable insights, and valuable tools that will help you boost your search rankings.

  1. 10. SEOFOMO

Author: Aleyda SolĂ­s

Frequency: Weekly

Description: The SEOFOMO newsletter provides subscribers with official Google updates, upcoming events, remote job opportunities, and exclusive giveaways. It is a vital resource for SEO enthusiasts trying to stay updated.

11. SEOForLunch

Author: Nick Leroy

Frequency: Weekly

Description: Endorsed by SEO professionals, this weekly newsletter provides subscribers commentary on new SEO topics, valuable content, and insights.

12. Let’s Talk Shop!

Author: Luke Carthy

Frequency: Monthly

Description: The Let's Talk Shop! Newsletter is a collection of innovative e-commerce SEO insights straight to your inbox. Subscribing to this newsletter will help you access quick solutions to common SEO challenges, step-by-step tutorials, and real-world case studies.

Final takeaway

Subscribing to SEO newsletters is a secret weapon that will serve as a strategic advantage for helping you navigate new trends and focus on continuous learning. Reading SEO newsletters on a regular basis will help you make better decisions, provide a significant competitive advantage in your industry and help you discover new tools and resources to make sure your SEO strategies remain innovative.

Subscribing to these newsletter is the key to helping your business stay at the forefront of new advancements, refine your skills and access new opportunities.


SEO newsletters provide curated, relevant content directly to your inbox. This saves time and ensures that your business receives the latest updates, expert insights, and practical tips in one place.

SEO newsletters cater to beginners and experienced professionals, providing structured learning opportunities for beginners and advanced strategies and industry insights for seasoned professionals.

SEO newsletters provide a focused and personalized experience by providing essential updates and information in bite-sized formats. They also promote community, connecting subscribers for shared insights and tips.

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