Browse Abandonment Emails: How To Create, Tips and Templates

ByAquibur Rahman


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Browse abandonment emails are super important for your e-commerce store as they let the user come back to your website again and purchase from you. Browse abandonment happens when customers view products but leave the page without adding them to the cart. So, if your e-commerce business faces this problem and you want the user to come back and visit you, this guide is for you.

This guide will discuss the reason behind the browse abandonment emails and effective templates that you can use to boost your sales.

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What are browse abandonment emails?

Browse abandonment email is a type of email that is sent to customers who have visited your website, browsed specific products or pages, but left without making a purchase. These emails are part of a strategy to re-engage potential customers and encourage them to return to the website to complete their purchase.

Your browse abandonment email should contain relevant content to recover a bounced prospect. These emails are more generic than cart abandonment emails and have an open rate of <80.9%. Thus, they help you increase outreach and capitalize on your customer's intent.

Why should you send browse abandonment emails?

If you aim to convert leads into buyers, browse abandonment emails are for you. These emails get triggered when users check out your site but don't complete the purchase. This is why you should consider crafting better browse abandonment emails for your customers:

  • Re-engaging the customer: These emails re-ignite the customer by sending them personalized emails based on their browsing history on the particular website.
  • Personalizing the experience: Browse abandonment emails allows you to personalize the emails based on the specific products or categories a user showed interest in. Personalized content tends to be more engaging and can increase the likelihood of conversion.
  • Improves conversion rates: By reminding potential customers about the products they viewed, you give them an easy way to return to your website and complete their purchase. This can lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Enhances customer relationship: When you send a browse abandonment email, you let the customer know that you are attentive to their needs. This enhances your brand's relationship with the customer.

How to craft a browse abandonment email

Your browser abandonment email is a key to higher conversion rates, so it's a good idea to craft it well beforehand so you don't lose the customer. When deciding what to put into your browse abandonment email, here's what you should keep in mind:

1. Gently nudge your customers

Browse abandonment emails are supposed to nudge the customer and gently remind them if they want to continue with the search and re-visit the product page on the website. Use specific and relevant visuals to remind your customers of their search abandonment and showcase the browsing items to elevate their interest once again.

2. Offer them alternatives

If customers don't add items to the cart, there's a chance that they were just window shopping. However, you can use this opportunity to encourage users to add items to the cart and checkout. This involves suggesting similar products or complementary to the ones a user viewed but did not purchase. This strategy aims to keep the potential customer engaged, provide additional options, and increase the likelihood of them finding something they want to buy.

For example, use cross-sells or up-sell campaigns to offer customers ideas of your offerings. Here's an example of a cross-sell email example by Barnes & Noble that creates a sense of urgency and provides product recommendations based on the customer's product abandonment:

Barnes & Noble

3. Understand customer interest

Browse abandonment emails can be much more annoying than abandoned cart emails as they demonstrate that the potential customer might be just looking around and have a lower purchase intent. In this case, you need to be smart and trigger browse abandonment flows when a customer has browsed and abandoned the same products 3-5 times. This means they are interested and can convert. Sending too many of these types of emails can also land you in the spam box.

4. Lookup history

Not every abandoned browsing activity needs to be followed up with an email. For example, if a customer has previously purchased items from your store, avoid pressuring them into another purchase, which may lead them to the unsubscribe button. Instead, offer promos or offers to persuade them to buy the product. Offering them free shipping or discounts is the best way to ignite interest among the customers.

Remember, your emails should remind and create (a little bit of) urgency to direct your prospects back to your store. Hence,

  • Send emails based on prospect segments.
  • Use data to show what's popular.
  • Add related product recommendations.
  • Include reviews and testimonials.

💡 Bonus tip: Use this browse abandonment email automation flow to send browse abandonment emails at the right time.

Free browse abandonment email templates

Looking for some inspiration for your next browse abandonment email? Here are some effective email templates you can get inspired from; scroll through and start sending yours:

#1 Remind them

Reminding them is the first step to crafting any type of search abandonment email. Check out this similar email template:

#2 Provide more information

You can also provide information about the product to ignite the user's interest in the product or the brand. Replicate this by using this abandonment email example:

#3 Create urgency

The best part about creating urgency is that you can create an urge to act faster or even immediately. Look at this example:

#4 Offer discounts

Who does not like discounts? When you offer discounts just based on what the user liked or scrolled through for a while, you make them like your brand even more. Here's a similar browse abandonment template idea:

#5 Recommend items

Offering product recommendations is another way to re-engage the potential customer by suggesting related products or giving a second look at the same product. Here's an email template for the same.

#6 Win them back

This win-back email template can come in handy when crafting an abandoned cart email or a browse abandonment email. Use this email template and win them back:

Browse Abandonment email best practices

Once you decide to create browse abandonment emails, here are some best practices you can follow to increase the purchase intent and improve your conversion rate:

✅ Use personalization

Personalization is a great way to grab users' attention, as customers feel emails are created specifically for them. For best results, use specific CTAs and subject lines, personalize images, and email copy using segmentation. Browse abandonment flow should ideally contain dynamic content that helps you send the browse abandonment campaign with the right product at the right time. This not only helps in boosting your conversion rate but also builds up a group of loyal customers.

✅ Don't be pushy or sales-y

Promotional emails once in a while are fine, but when you start sending them too frequently, you lose the customer's interest in your brand. Browse abandonment emails should be 'light' in nature – not too pushy or sales-y and not forceful. You aim to draw customers back to your store, not repel them. It's important to let the user know of the product abandonment in a way that's delightful and helpful to the user and not annoying.

✅ Offer contact details in the email

Customer service is quite a necessity, also when it comes to your browse abandon emails. Your browse abandonment emails should contain contact details so your customers can reach out in case of queries. This ensures loyalty towards your customers and is the best way to connect with your customers and get feedback. A social proof can also come in handy in case the user would like to contact you through social media.

✅ Offer options and suggestions

You take your potential customers' personal information or browsing activity to help them select the right product. The aim of sending a browse abandonment email is to win a lost prospect. So, add related or similar products along with the one users were browsing with a sense of urgency, for example, using phrases like "limited period of time" or "the clock is ticking". It will give them a broader range of options to choose from while also nudging them to buy immediately.

How to use this browse abandonment email series for your e-commerce & D2C brands

As a part of the lifecycle email template and email series, we will share guides, best practices, and ideas behind implementing this for your e-commerce store. These templates and series are designed to help you achieve the maximum benefits of email marketing with minimum effort.

4 steps to lifecycle marketing for your e-commerce brand:

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  4. Start sending AMP emails to your consumers and build brand loyalty and higher sales.

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Browse abandonment emails help e-commerce brands provide customers with reminders, create brand recall, and recover potential sales. If you have an e-commerce site, you can improve the conversion of this series by sending interactive browse abandonment emails with Mailmodo.

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