Browse Abandonment Email Series for E-commerce and D2C Brands

Browse Abandonment Emails

Browse abandonment happens when your customers view products and leave the page without adding them to the cart. If your e-commerce business is facing browse abandonment and looking to boost sales by converting this lost stream of customers, this guide is for you.

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Why should you send Browse Abandonment emails?

If your aim is to convert visitors and prospects into buyers, browse abandonment emails are for you. These emails are triggered and sent to prospects that browse around your website or e-commerce store and leave without making a purchase.

To recover a bounced prospect, your browse abandonment email should contain relevant content. Browse abandonment emails are more generic than cart abandonment emails and have an open rate of <80.9%. They help you increase outreach and capitalize on your customer’s intent.

Strategy for crafting a Browse Abandonment email

When deciding what to put into your browse abandonment email, here’s what you should keep in mind –

· Gently nudge your customers

Use specific visuals to remind your customers of the items they were browsing so they are reminded of what they were initially looking at.

· Offer alternatives

If it didn’t make the cart, there’s a chance the customer was actually just looking around. Provide displays of other products as a cross-sell or up-sell in your store so prospects have a better idea of your offerings.

· Understand customer interest

Trigger browse abandonment flows when a customer has browsed and abandoned the same products 3-5 times. This means they are interested and have the possibility to convert.

· Lookup history

Not every abandoned browsing activity needs to be followed up with an email. If a customer has previously purchased items from your store, avoid pressuring them into another purchase as that may lead them to the unsubscribe button. Instead, offer promos or offers to persuade them.

Remember – your emails should remind, and create (a little bit of) urgency to direct your prospects back to your store. A few more tips –

  • Send emails based on prospect segments

  • Use data to show what’s popular

  • Related product recommendations

  • Reviews and testimonials

Giveaway: Ready-to-use Browse Abandonment email template

browse 1.png

Giveaway: Ready-to-use Browse Abandonment email 2 template

browse 2.png

Giveaway: Ready-to-use Browse Abandonment email 3 template

browse 3.png

How to use this Browse Abandonment email series for your e-commerce & D2C brands

As a part of the lifecycle email template and email series, we will share guides, best practices, and ideas behind implementing this for your e-commerce store. These templates and series are designed to help you achieve the maximum benefits of email marketing with minimum effort.

4 steps to lifecycle marketing for your e-commerce brand:

  1. To access these templates sign up with Mailmodo.
  2. Customize the template quickly in under 120 seconds.
  3. Add your sender email and domain
  4. Start sending AMP emails to your consumers and build brand loyalty and higher sales.

In case you are a Shopify user you can use Shopify store integration with Mailmodo to build on this email series.

Takeaways: Browse Abandonment email best practices


While personalization is a great way to grab user attention, specific personalization fits cart abandonment. For browse abandonment emails, stick to more generic CTAs and instead, personalize only through customer segmentation.

Being pushy

Browse abandonment emails should be ‘light’ in nature – not too pushy or sales-y, and not forceful. You aim to draw customers back to your store, not repel them.

Offer assistance

Your browse abandonment emails should contain support details so your customers can reach out in case of queries.

General focus not exclusive focus

The objective of sending a browse abandonment email is to win a lost prospect – so it doesn’t have to be through the product they were browsing. Focusing on a specific product or visual through your email could put a prospect off – instead, focus on a variety of products in your store.

Increase conversions and grow revenue with interactive Browse Abandonment email series

Browse abandonment emails help e-commerce brands to provide customers reminders, create brand recall and recover potential sales. You can improve the conversion of this series by sending interactive browse abandonment emails with Mailmodo.

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