Lifecycle Email Marketing for E-commerce and D2C Brands

ByAquibur Rahman


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Lifecycle email marketing can help you to increase revenues and brand loyalty for your eCommerce store. In this series of articles, we will discuss the impact of lifecycle emails and provide you with ready-to-use email templates and email series automation that you can simply plug and play to attract customers in each stage of the lifecycle.

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What is lifecycle email marketing for e-commerce?

Lifecycle emails are the emails that are sent to customers during the various stages from subscription to purchase. These emails rely on user behavior and interact with your brand to help you retain customers, improve engagement, and increase revenue.

Watch the product lifecycle, but more importantly, watch the market lifecycle. Philip Kotler

According to Venturebeat, 84% of marketers strongly believe that email marketing is one of the most effective tools for customer engagement. Most e-commerce brands face challenges with crafting lifecycle emails, prioritizing them, and testing them for optimum impact.

Lifecycle email customer segments

As an e-commerce brand, you need to consider the entirety of the customer lifecycle from the product browsing to the purchasing stage, when crafting emails. Your audience needs to be segmented into various groups so that you can target them optimally, with the right message.

Broadly, your customers can be broken down into –

  • New Customers: They are qualified leads and prospects that have entered your subscriber base;

  • Existing or Active Customers: They engage in actively purchasing products from your website or online store;

  • Lapsed Customers: These buyers are no longer active and do not engage with your store or products;

  • VIP Customers: These buyers stand out from other customers because of the large volume of sales they generate for you.

To convert each segment, you need to send relevant emails that speak to the customers depending on where they are in the buyer lifecycle or marketing curve.

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Why you should send lifecycle emails?

Lifecycle emails can help you to build brand awareness as well as boost sales. The major advantages of having an active lifecycle marketing plan n place for your eCommerce brand are as follows:

  • Increased conversion through various types of emails

  • Better brand awareness

  • Building of customer loyalty with solicited communication

  • Improved cart recovery rates and better win-back of lapsed customers.

Different types of lifecycle emails

This series on Lifecycle email marketing will show how you can implement sending impactful emails to increase your brand’s value, with easily actionable steps. But first, let’s look at the different types of lifecycle emails -

How to use this email giveaway series for your e-commerce brand?

Every day we will share one lifecycle email template and email series with you. We will also share guides, best practices, and ideas behind implementing these series for your eCommerce store. These templates and series are designed to help you achieve the maximum benefits of email marketing with minimum effort.

4 steps to lifecycle marketing for your e-commerce brand:

  • Sign up with Mailmodo to access these templates.

  • Customize the template quickly in under 120 seconds.

  • Add your sender email and domain

  • Start sending AMP emails to your consumers and build brand loyalty and higher sales.

In case you are a Shopify user you can use our Shopify store integration to build on it.

How can this help your e-commerce brand to grow and boost revenue?

Lifecycle emails are a great way for you to convert window shoppers and non-active subscribers into customers who make purchases.

Take this opportunity to provide friendly, relevant, and valuable information to help your users explore possibilities of building lasting relationships with your brand.

This series can help your e-commerce business set up lifecycle email marketing so that your brand can easily introduce itself to new leads, build trust, and engage with an active audience.

Once these are in motion, analyze and test data associated with these campaigns to see how effortlessly you can generate results and increase your brand’s outreach.

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Thanks for reading till the end. Here are 3 ways we can help you grow your business:


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